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First 8 Storys

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I hope you enjoy me delving into why I mostly do anal, why I only had 8 guys i slept with in a 10 year period then had a dry spell when I started onlyfans and now hookup with new guys regularly. I write about my hookups on sundays when applicable but below you can read about my first 8 guys i hooked up with before my dry spell. From my ex husband to my photographer to one night stands fresh out of high school. Enjoy :)

Throwback Story Time 1/8 - First Sex Was Anal
So ill trim this as much as I can but as far as details... I still recall well. I didnt have a license yet lets put it that way. Had boyfriends here and there but age and life was only hand stuff prior. Saw this guy maybe once a week and dated for about 3 months. I decided since im gonna drive soon its time.... i met this guy i really liked and he said he would wait if needed etc. i said nah let's get started doing stuff. Over the 3 months we did light oral but i knew prior kinda i had something called vaginismus. Pretty much anxiety based vagina tightening. When he tried to finger me it was a no go etc. I didnt really know wtf was up. I was new to all this. So we kinda said maybe just finger thing is weirding me out and maybe a penis would work better. He was normal size. I said sure lets get lube etc. So we had sex planned for a whole day and night we had alone at his house. So i showed up at his house and had a little thong and Victoria's Secret bra on. I was nervous as hell. Id been naked before around him but we really had only truly hung maybe like 7 times total. Remember... new to this. Nervous. So we joked and played in his kitchen kinda saying wow we are about to do this etc. are you ready? Im ready back and forth. I said ok well what now. He said lets get in our underwear. Mind you this is a nice ass house in Tampa on like 2 acres on a lake. So we strip down and end up somehow on the back patio. Im in my tiny thong and bra and he had boxers on. We joked around and he asked if i could bend over etc to him. I did it all goofy.(wasnt a porn actress yet lol). So he grabs me and puts me over his lap and starts rubbing and squeezing my ass and then starts rubbing my vagina over my underwear. It felt reallllyyy good. I felt so exposed so i asked to go inside. We ran back into his bedroom and i was so nervous. I didnt know what or even how positions work. So i kinda grabbed him and put him on the bed and pulled his boxers off and he was laying on the bed. I crawled up onto the bed while he was laying flat on his back and grabbed his dick and started sucking it. So i was at it for like 15 minutes and was to nervous to say anything and he finally kinda sits up and asks if im ready. I said sure i guess. So i pull my clothes off and then he grabs me and starts kissing etc rolling me into missionary. Eventually i was on back legs up and he starts poking at my pussy. No luck. After a few slow pushes of the tip in he grabbed lube. Didnt help. Once he finally pressed past the tip there was pain. This kinda went on for 10 minutes. I was like we gotta do something else...... so he sits up and legit just says.... wanna try anal? ....... ok so i had internet and used a finger before. I knew eventually id do anal. I figured maybe down the road with a long term boyfriend or college or whatever. Stupid and younnng remember? Lol If he woulda asked me prior i woulda said NO way... seemed like a major planning, painful, after normal sex kind of thing. Well.... vagina problems and i was horny as hell and he starts going on and on how supposedly it feels better and what should we do just ignore your vagina forever etc. i said sure but ive read lots of lube and go slow. He promised etc. so i said how do we do this? He said doggy style ok? In my head im like great i went from expecting romantic first time missionary to being mounted like a dog getting fucked in the ass. So i mount up doggy style. He gets behind me. Pokes. I feel the tip of his dick poking in kinda on and off. He was having up and down problems so i spun around sucked it for a second then spun back around. So he was pressing pretty hard and no luck. He says... can you spread your ass? So i say ok. Bury my face in the pillow and spread my ass. So he slips right in and ouch!!!! When he slipped it in he drove all the way in. So i yell pull out etc. so my asshole is hurting. I was not happy. We both kinda agreed we knew first try would be difficult etc. After aching pain im back to normal. So i say slow please suppppper slow. So he relubes and i get on my hands and knees... he comes up and gets it in about a 1/4 of the way and i say holdd it. Majorrr pressure. It felt WEIRD and very full. Like majorly intense but no feel good. So he starts in and out super slow and the pressure kinda eased after a minute or 2. We are about 15 minutes in. Was getting aggravating. No feel good. Just stressful but i was still aching for dick in general so just doing it was fullfilling lol. So he pulls it out again and jerks off for a few seconds so i say lets relube. So he goes in this time and presses in and out till he finally gets it all the way in. Cramp feeling etc. it wasnt as pressure feeling but very crampy feeling. So hes moving thrust every second or so. Slow paced but i was just being a trooper and letting him get his fun. He was moaning... etc. So over about 30 seconds it suddenly starts feeling super smooth..... no more pain or cramps and then as hes going in and out of my ass at a good pace he was grabbing and spreading and squeezing my ass and i could feel my cheeks spreading and him slamming deep as possible...... so then i felt like i wanted more... idk how to explain it..... i just said "faster" so he full spreads my ass and full on is fucking my ass super fast and i was like wowwwwww this is fucking amazing. I seriously felt like all my primal urges were being filled and having a guy just dominating my ass... the idea of dick in me... everything was so overwhelming and feeling sooo amazing. Went from "this sucks" to omfg this is the best thing ive ever experienced EVER times 10. So hes going to town. I give him credit it was his first time and actual fucking was like 3 minutes deep in... so he pulls my legs out and pushes me on my stomach while his dicks still in me... so im full on my stomach legs spread. He just starts fucking me so hard.... super faster and i felt weird... then boom i was cumming like crazy...he was still full going... after i was done i was like wow this is very invasive feeling now lol... so i trooped it up and said hurry up and and fucked me for like a minute and then cummed all in my ass. He rolled off and i was like wow.... that was INSANE! 50 things going through my head. Am i trashy? Is this slutty? Is this normal? Does vaginal feel this frecking good also? I obviously googled even more and i wasnt crazy and felt better i knew some girls who supposedly did anal only to preserve virginity.... which is dumb but it was a thing so.... Being younngg and stupid i was worried my bf would leave me if i could only do anal. I asked him if anal is ok until im ready and from what i recall he was totally fine with it. We just hungout and watched movies all night. He asked me like 4 hours later to go again... i was like dude hell no my asshole is SO SORE lol. Now you know how and why lol.


Throwback Story Time 2/8 - Prom and Beyond 
First off we were both 18. So lets be clear on that lol.
Well my first guy fizzled out after almost 6 months or a year of dating... i dont remember lol. I got asked to prom by a guy i had been texting and seeing at school some. We hung once at his house, met his parents at that prior. Gave him light dick rubs over his pants at our place of education but nothing else. Well the prom was wild. Generational? Location? Looking back im like damnnnnnn this was more intense than any night club or anything. Girls are sluts flat out... running around dancing with 10 different guys and its all heavy grinding dancing. So me and my guy do our dancing all that. We got dropped off by his familly with intent to limo back. Limo was WAYY cheaper if they didnt wait and pick us up etc. Making out and all the goods. So the limo picks us up... yes just us. We planned accordingly. We planned to go to a party that was maybe 5 minutes from the place and another 5 from our houses. We of course slipped a little bit of vodka and drank it in the limo once we got in. So we told the guy where we are going and he goes ok... then says its only a 5 minute drive do you want me to drive around some? I was like why? He goes well you paying for the limo to use it for only 5 minutes? Need anything from the store? So we actually had texts to get smokes, gatoraides etc so we said yeah why not. Didnt realize the guy was both a perv and obviously a good limo driver. He was doing it for "us" to do what people do at prom i guess LOL. Creepy kinda thinking back on it. So we are drinking vodka be both had and ended up at the story pretty not ok. Werent obliterated. So we end up getting out stuff and get back in the limo and close the thing and my date starts grinding making out etc on me. We had discussed prior no sex. I was fresh broke up and wasnt ready for that can only do anal talk LOL. Weird times. So he says you wanna do other stuff? i said sure like what? He says blowjob? Ive sucked my exes dick like 50 times but only his ever so I said sure why not. I was buzzing. So we start unbuckling his pants. I end up on my knees. He pulls out this very average dick. I just jumped right at it and started sucking his dick for like maybe 1 a minute ride and noticed we are like maybe 2 minutes from the party. I take a break and roll down the window and say hey can you drive around some more our friends arent at the party yet. He goes yeah absolutely. Rolls back up. Im like wow that was easy. So i grab his dick and start sucking it as best I can. Within about 30 seconds with no warning he tenses up grabs my head and starts slamming my head down on his dick. I start chokking and when i finally pull my head up im chokking spit up cum all over his pants and suit. Then my dumbass starts apologizing etc. Luckliy had enough napkins and everything to semi clean up. So we ended up at the party. Had a great time for 2 hours and took us home. Onto the next part about my second guy ive ever had sex with. The same guy of course. So prom means end of the year and college. He wasnt sure where he was going until like 3 weeks before. So I start giving him blowjobs every day behind the gym. Yes this is real lol. For like 2 months we are "dating" and he never really asks for sex and I mentioned i wanted to wait etc. I just didnt know how another guy would react with only anal etc. So im sucking this guy off almost every single day for 2 months. In his car after school, on the weekends etc. I got so used to sucking dick I could seriously suck him off in like 5 minutes or less and I quickly learned how to swallow every time. He eventually says well lets have sex. I said well you plan to stay right? Not going to Miami for college? He claims hes staying at a local college and asks if we can have sex. So I lay out all the info on anal and tight vagina problems etc and he gets excited and said hes totally fine doing anal etc. So we make a date. We do anal at his house one evening during a movie. Slow missionary. He cums all in my ass etc. Is distant the next few days. I even was a desperate teenage idiot and sent him... can I come blow you? texts and hes like oh sorry im busy at my friends etc. Fucker texts me like 6 days later finally says hey sorry apparently i got into Miami and will be leaving in a couple weeks I dont think its a good idea to see each other anymore. I was and wasnt sad at the same time. That age and life and it was a short lived thing. I was so excited being graduated I kinda delayed things only a few weeks thinking if we end up dating are we gonna take to the next level etc. That same day I got dumped my friend told me she was going into real estate. I started my classes that next Monday online and started looking for an "adult job". My frequency of sex due to the ages of guys i dated dropped off dramatically. Sex drive is half by 21 LOL. Writing about all this sparked my memory majorly. Maybe Ill do a timeline eventually of my past as well. Seems I somehow trended this direction already.


Throwback Story Time 3/8 - First One Night Stand
So heres the deal. I remember up until nowish. Some of my flings i dont 100% recall when exactly but ill hone in on an age to keep it semi chronological to just make things flow. The number 3 in the title will represent the guys number of the 8 i have slept with before my dry spell that started in 2019.
Well... after my getting dumped by the short term guy i had become a real estate agent and started working at a hospital. I already had a friends house listing within a few weeks. I worked for a small broker in St Pete. Had a flexible hospital job making $12 an hour at 18. So I was feeling on top of the world but also lost. I knew I was gonna crank and do what I had to do to make it big. So i felt no time for guys and that all guys are assholes. Well i was at a mutual friend party just like always even when in school juat slightly different crowd. Met a guy and got his number. Kissed that night etc. Well he invited me over to smoke(mary jane) i went over smoked and 100% planned to have sex with him. I wanted that "fling" after the way the last guys had been. So we hung in his basement/downstairs thing and hardly talked. He was a rich kid. Boring as hell. Etc. we start getting into it. Making out etc. i end up on my knees sucking his dick. He eventually pulled me off his average sized dick and mounted me doggy style and I asked if he had a condom. He said no. He said can i fuck you in the ass? I said... umm maybe... i just remember telling him i had never done it before. I straight up lied. No idea why. This was 10ish years ago. Whatever lol. So he says ill go slow. Even though my first bf ass fucked me weekly i just remember it took a while of slow pushing and taking in and out because it kinda hurt etc. I just know it was more of a chore. He cummed all in my ass after like maybe 2 minutes of slow in and out. We hung out for like an hour more after and im like i gotta go lol. So i left. I felt kinda slutty after. Semi embarassed even though we text after but never saw him again after that. That was my first kinda one night stand fling thing. It was that short and fast. After that... i legit felt kinda bad about myself some what when it came to male attention. Because of my last boyfriend and then doing this slutty deed. I went on dates but never passed kissing over the next year.
My throwbacks are bit fuzzy in my memory but im keeping it chronological. People requested these more than almost anything.


Throwback Story Time 4/8 Short Term Boyfriend
Ok lets fast forward from my last full one night stand at 18 and a halfish. I was 19 or 20. I know i was under 21 but i remember it being a YEAR since i last had sex. Met an older guy. I think he was 27 at the time. Over the course of that year i did off and on "dates" and may have been a point i half sucked a guys dick i met when me and my friends hung with my guys but nothing exciting. Well I met this guy through my hospital job. Dated about 3 months. I think classic couple dates... kissing to oral to eventually vaginal sex. I never mentioned anal honestly cause i was thinking irrationally in my head maybe thats what scarred guys off? LOL. At this point we started having regular sex weeklyish and then i started staying over at his house like A LOT. Like 5-6 days a week. Quickly maybe 2 months in. Well one night he had been drinking and we end up having sex and he said... i WANT ANAL. I know girls arent into it but i demand it in the relationship. I just remember it being such a relief. I felt like i was in the closet wanting anal and that it might be weird and maybe if i gave regular sex a try id like it more.... well i said.... ok fine... ill do it for you..... LOL. So he pulled his medium sized dick out of my pussy mid sex and started cramming it at my asshole. Little bit of pain but i was to nervous to tell him to go slow. Eventually im just alll glory doggy style getting fucked in the ass and it felt so amazing... i actually remember trying to play it down that i didnt cum immediately. He was buzzing so it was just wild slamming home anal for 10 minutes. I cummed twice i swear. I felt so amazing after and satisfied. It was weird. i got off with oral and kinda with regular sex but felt empty/missing something and i know it was me wanting anal but i just ignored it. 19 or 20... what do you expect. So i never thought to google much but after that i dove in and found... Im not alone. Some girls just prefer anal. Its rare but it exists. So I kept the trickery up and acted like it was a treat but really wanted it a lot. So over the course of the next month or so he began to show some crazy tendencies and we were more attached through sex. My sex drive at that time was super super high and the new factor of having true freedom as an adult to go stay with him so much led to nothing truly weird or new sexually but just constant sex. We would watch tv and i would just get on my knees and suck his dick until he would eventually pluck me up... doggy style my pussy and then Id hope he would fuck me in the ass. Still a tad shy but things change as you get older and eventually towards the end we kinda routined... he liked vaginal so I really think for the last 2 or 3 weeks we did the exact same thing and made jokes about our routine..... I suck his dick during the show.... he puts me doggy style oral... then pussy then he takes the condom off and puts it in my ass to cum. I never had a huge dick yet and his was on the shorter side of average so the warm up into my anal was generally easy and super quick and didnt leave me sore. He back to back cummed in my ass every day for those last few weeks. I was actually quitting my job since i got an offer from a girl i met at the beach randomly to work along side her in the commercial real estate industry on that team. Actually I was 20 because the guy i was seeing started being controlling saying i couldnt go out with my friends... expected me to come have sex even if i was busy, couldnt take the new job etc so i legit just stopped answering his calls one day when he was acting pyscho... he called and stopped by my apartment a few times but i dodged him and hit him with a text... "you know your controlling ways arent right... sorry have a nice life" I started like 2 weeks after that and then only a month later I turned 21 and actually had my 2nd ever one night stand before my marriage(yes i was married and divorced when i was younng lol)


Throwback Story Time 5/8* - Sucking Dicks & My First Big Dick
I sucked about 7 or 8 guys dicks in a 2-3 month period. One of my girl friends of many years was recently single. She had moved into a condo downtown and invited me to live with her... cheap rent... great location. We went out to local bars maybe 2 blocks away. She had turned 21 a few months ago and I just turned 21... I asked yall prior if i should count dick suckings as sex... most said no. We had a major slut phase. We used to joke about hope we can suck some guys dicks etc. It was almost every weekend straight for those 2-3 months. She usually would have sex with the guys more but I was hesitant knowingly going out to hookup and then having sex... I felt sucking dick was a moral free pass. I kinda asked her how she knows who to have sex with. She just goes... well if hes got a big dick or he offers oral or you just feel like it. I kinda laughed and although size didnt concern me much since the other guys i had sucked off were all small to average with a semi big one here and there and i had never had a big one I got curious. It would generally be us meeting 2 or 3 guys and bringing them back to the condo to all hangout. Beer pong, patio drinking or just hanging and kissing on the couch but we always gave ourselves 1 hour max of guys being there without saying something. Either they would lead or my friend would sometimes just blurt out "you guys have been here an hour.. lets all go to our rooms". Id lead mine into my room, knees etc suck them off and then usually end up awakwardly hanging or drinking in the living room till my friend was done. So one of the the last weekends.... sucked another guys dick kinda in the living room while she sucked this other guy off in the sitting room.... could clearly see each other etc. My first experience like that for sure LOL. So the next weekend.... I meeet a guy at our usual bar. He has a friend... my friend said shes down to bring them to the condo... well we drink and have a good ole time... i end up making out with my guy... lap dance grinding on his lap over in the corner on this couch and I noticed it was... large feeling. I end up by my friend and kinda said hey it feels HUGE... she goes damn girl... your should go let him use that on you. I just wanted affirmation. I was so nervous. From classic modern jokes and porn ..... was i gonna die or was i gonna love this giant thing like never before? No idea... so nervous. Kinda hand hold guided him to my room.... ended up quickly on my knees... when i pulled his pants down this huge thing just flopped out. I grabbed it and it felt heavy... squishy but firm and was just so long feeling. I guestimate it was 7.5 like the bodybuilders but thinner. I quickly start trying to put it in my mouth and i can hardly get half in but as a motivated early 20s nervous girl I tried my hardest to pornstar suck that thing. Before I know it hes kinda pulling me up and starts pulling my clothes off.... it was all so natural. Normally guys Im sucking their dicks they say nothing or ask for sex and i just say no. This guy took charge. I felt beyond overpowered and helpless. He slowly pushed me naked onto the bed on my back. Full missionary and held my legs back as he aimed his dick into my pussy and slowly started easing it in. Felt more stretched than ever before and really too a minute or so of slow pushing to get it half way in. It was sooo full filling. Hadnt had good vaginal sex like this yet. I do atribute it to the alcohol and the vibe and the new and maybe his big dick but idk lol. After a few minutes hes full slamming my pussy and it felt good but not great... I wanted it my ass and was hoping he would say something and most guys eventually do... then he goes ... are you ok with doggy style? I said yep... I said... need lube? he goes no...... your super wet already do you? I like choked being so embarrassed and said no i meant for my ass....he goes... oh... OHHHHHH. You down for anal? I said yeah. He goes hell yes for sure. I go grab lube... come back. Starts lathering his dick up and before I know it im looking back at him with half his dick already pressed into my ass. It was amazing feeling mentally but was a bit overwhelming and full feeling. After a few minutes of half in and out he ends up all the way in and is fucking my ass so hard. It felt good but not comfortable LOL. I learned real quick practice would have helped. So he maybe lasted 30 seconds after full fucking me and I feel him pull his dick out which was a relief it was starting to hurt and start moaning and jerking off and i feel cum shooting all over my ass. He runs off to the bathroom... i lay there until hes done.... clean off etc. We end up clothed back in the living room and i remember it was late as hell. I realized i had sobered up and i didnt even really like the guy. I just saw the big dick and went for it and it wasnt worth it at all. Sex was meh and now i had a headache but he couldnt leave because my friend was apparently fucking his friend because we could hear them. Make things worse... my friend finishes comes out and is like... can they stay the night please???? I was like he can but not sleeping in my bed. So i told him i had to be up super early for work and cant be interrupted. I remember he was like thats fine and had some girl pick him up. I felt kinda bad but it is what it is LOL. Yes i get the end isnt good for a "sex story" but i fill in what happened... sometimes the bad happens also during these. Hope you enjoyed.


Throwback Story Time 6/8* - The Husband
So... met the perfect guy. My future ex-husband LOL. This story is about the 6th man i had sex with and that was the guy i was married to for 3 yeears. I was attracted to him, motivated, likes gunns, 4 yeears older than me. Met through a friend of a friend at a party in my friends yard. Well... we hit it off..... I wont go into specific sex stuff cause this ones a tad different. Well.... on paper he was perfect. Was super into anal etc. We dated for about 6 months then boom popped the question. My commercial real estate biz was taking off like no tomorrow. I became a full 1/4 partner of this group and business was crazy. Im far from shallow and far from giving a fuck what anyone thinks... hence why i say whatever i want and show pics of my asshole on the internet. Just dont care. I had a false sense of ego for the first time... power couple. We shotgunn wedding it quick. I was 21 about 22. Well....we saw the moon... his business was booming and I actually had bought a townhouse right before we married and never moved into it... rented it out instead and moved in with him to his nice 500k house. So we lived there maybe 1 yeear i think and it was like we really couldnt get sick of each other because we saw each other like 3 hours a day 6 days a week LOL. Sex and hang time. It was fun playing working house wife. We would seriously sext non stop. Nothing else lol. If i got home after him... which was half the time we would shower together and do oral or pussy... idk why that was our system.... if i got home first... lingerie and anal. We had sex about 5 days a week pretty consistent and kinky stuff on the weekends. So 2-3 days a week it became a game... we would sometimes do the romance or slow sex and we would joke about... got stuff to do so fast anal etc so i would go doggy style on the couch when his car pulls up.... spread my asshole for him... say nothing he would just walk up behind me unzip his pants drop them with his shirt on and slowly ease into my ass and just fuck me till he cummed all in my ass and then pulled his pants up and we would just say... see you for dinner LOL. My sex drive was SUPER high back then..... but it wasnt love. Well... I can look back chronologically but im not 100% sure when exactly the IG, our changes etc happened. After the first year sometime in 2016 our little sexual adventure had come to a boredem phase just a bit so he started taking pics of me naked and with clothes etc... we traveled Florida A TON. So he mentioned instagram. So we started a page. He took the pics and I posted them etc. It blew up like crazy. Btw most of the guns back then were mine. Some of you have been around long enough to remember id post "not mine" on my pages.... they were usually his if i said that LOL. Page was booming and then about 6 monthsish or so we decided to sell the house and move to my townhouse while we built or bought a house. So we move into my townhouse and the photos continued for about a year on instagram. I wanna say about then it was breaking into 2018. Thats how my instagram and this was born. We started a bikini business, I was always into guns... i actually had more than him. Our finances were 100% seperate. Instagram blew up. We kinda both put off buying a house together for longer than expected etc. So we started gearing down the bikini biz and he wasnt happy. He wanted to do pictures etc... it was his hobby but it was taking way to much time. At that point we had talks about how it simply wasnt gonna work out between us and its purely phsyical and we were totally different people. Long story short. Divorced 100% ok.... we even divorced and I put my ass out for him while he hunted for a house in Pheonix. We are 100% on good terms and never were on bad terms. We split. Our finances were 100% separate so that was super easy. No regrets about it. Then a few months later I moved to another townhouse closer to the beach where im still at now. My ex husbands friend was a gay man that was a photographer i had known and had him start doing pictures for me... only did like once a month just to keep the page alive. Some of yall might remember in 2019 i posted once a month. I know i wanted to do something with the instagram and i have other avenues of business so wasnt to worried about it. i didnt want more accounting, inventory etc than my day jobs already entailed. Then the onlyfans trend happened and my ex husband actually said i should do it a few months prior via text. We communicate to this day. Now... only every few months... first divorced once a week. Hes still a friend. Seriously its weird but i still trust him 100%. We had zero fights or anything. We just were not meant for each other. I talked to my photographer and asked if he was open to a solid schedule shoot system if it blew up.....he said yes. We prepared a game plan. I know i wanted indoor and outdoor photos separate. I made some cover mock ups. Did 3 shoots with him. I started patreon/onlyfans in September 2019. Now you know the whole story lol. Spolier alert... my last 2 throwback stories will be about the one night stand after my divorce and then the last guy i had sex with(who yall already know well) before my 2 yeear dry spell. Hope you enjoyed this on. Wasnt as "sexy" but felt this story was due. Keep in mine my years and stuff may be off a tad. I dont remember what 6 months or exact year i did this or that etc. I just try to give a general idea over that 3 yeear span.


Throwback Story Time 7/8 - The Rebound
Needed a rebound. It was about 2 weeks after my ex husband moved out of my townhouse. Me and like 3 of my friends went out with full intent of them getting me laid.... luckily stayed the night at my one wild friends condo I had hooked up in a past event i wrote about here before. Long story short these taller muscular latin or hispanic... idk their ethnicity were hanging with us at a local beach bar. It was shots and shots and drinking intensely at i think maybe 7pm everyone was super LIT. We invite these 2 guys back to our condo to drink and hangout. One of them was very attractive. We were at the condo drinking and my memory is a bit fuzzy but we left with 4 girls i dont remember if it was 3 of us or 4. Anyway.... my friend was poking and kinda bugging his friend that i was freshly divorced and to make a heavy move.... they were kinda placing the bug in his ear to fuck me etc. Within a short period of time it was quickly dick rubbing and standing with my ass against his cock etc. My other friends were enjoying the other guys company as well. We all were drinking and playing games etc...eventually when everyone went around into the kitchen i was near my room i was staying in with him... so i just grabbed his shirt and pulled him into my room. Making out intensely and this was one of my more aggressive stunts... I just kinda sat him on the bed and dropped to my knees and started working at his belt.... he was like DAMNNN didnt expect this so fast. So a big cock flops out. Uncircumsized... was a first for me LOL. Was 7 inches and super meaty. So i start sucking on it best i can... little bit big and awkward... wasnt used to the uncircumsized thing lol. So this was all within maybe 1-2 minutes... i was struggling with the dick size so i just stood up lol... he stands up to starts taking my shirt off.... then sucks on my titties for a little bit then lays me on the bed at the corner and starts pulling at my pants... i start working them off and as Im doing that hes pulling his pants off and i see him already fumbling a condom LOL. Im fully naked on the edge with my legs fully spread while he kind squats down and straddles the bed corner with his knees and lines his dick up and starts easing it into my pussy... well it fucking HURT. Took like a minut of slow pulsing half way in.. the condom was dry and no lube. Then finally still painful but is kinda full pulsing and pumping all the way in and it was feeling good then boom my door swings open... one of my dumbass friends didnt get the memo. We kinda try to cover and she screams and says sorry!!!!..... so the mood is kinda lost. I we were both heart attack status like wooooo. It startled us bad. So i flip up on my knees for doggy style.... he eases back up and starts pushing his dick in again and my pussy is already sore and its burning and kinda lubed and feels good some what... i just troop it out for like 5 minutes this guy is just beating my pussy up slamming it home and its hitting my cerrvix and im maybe 5 seconds from calling it quits then suddenly the mood, me getting wet or something happened and it started feeling orgasmicly good.... It was smooth and full and still slamming my cerrvix and feeling stretched with just enough pain it was a turn on.... then i start cumming like the point it got to tight and squeezed his dick out... he said... im about to cum just in time and then i remember this vividly....he says "get on your knees Im gonna cum all over that face".... so i flipped around and slid off the corner of the bed... tipped my head back and opened wide and i remember just a warm feeling and it was more cum than i had ever experienced.... he was full jacking himself off all over my eyes, mouth, chin, hair and frecking EVERYWHERE. Normally im not one to take facials from strangers... its a bit messy lol....So then.... I go... fuckkkkkk.... theres no bathroom in here. Its across the hall. He is panicking at that point... i know my makeup is completely fucked and its in my hair etc.... Girlfriends will help get you laid, cover for you and do a million things but the comfort level of walking out with cum all over you is a level i wouldnt or most girls try not to cross lol. So I fumbled a t shirt to wipe the bulk off my face but its on my forehead and in my eyes etc.... so we get a plan... him go out first and gauge the sitatuion and pull everyone to the kitchen. He just walks out and says.... he we need the bathroom yall mind if she passes when yall in the kitchen? They just said ok sure... then i walked out. He was a gentlemen. He helped clean me up lol. So... keep in mind this was quick this all happened... it was hardly 9. They all ended up hanging till like 1am with us drinking and talking etc. Just had a grand ole time. He even gave me a kiss goodnight. I didnt call him though lol.


Throwback Story Time 8/8 - My Male Actor
Sadly the throwbacks have come to a close... the 8 guys I slept with before my dry spell....... So.... I started my onlyfans in 2019 Septemberish.... well... i was new to it. I just started doing nudes... money was rolling in actually from this new onlyfans veture so I had to work logistics of photos shotos etc... it was inefficeint. Didnt really plan ahead.. had a shitty camera, my photographer was kinda rusty on batch editing etc. Getting my footing. Seeing and asking you all what you liked etc. Well.... my photographer was sick.... maybe the vid? LOL it was early January and he had a friend he had known a while. My current actor. Well hes an actor, photographer, etc. Hes more of the type of person to travel and go biking or hiking for 2 weeks etc. Major adventurer. Week long fishing trips etc. My photographer also said hey... yall should "hang" also. So we did some minor stuff and made it a date.... He took pics of me cell phone style and it was nerve wrecking. I just started doing nudes for the first time... then in front of a stranger who i was on a date kinda with? LOL. Well anyway.. we hit it off just having fun over the course of a week or 2. Eventually... he fucked me in the ass.... then we planned a trip together... to the other coast. He took pictures of me... anal in the hotel room for the 2nd time.... noticed our personailities were different and saw him more as a friend. He had been asking if i wanted to travel with him etc.. I was like... no thanks LOL. So we end up doing that kayak set... im sure yall remember wayyy back. It went well... but we had a talk and pretty much he was about to go to California for a few months. With covid and all that shit he just decided to stay and was up in the woods in northern california etc. He came back a few times for months at a time but was gone here and there.... we hung once with me and my photographer actually... we all had drinks and no boy/girl or sex happened.... So fast forward to about February of 2021..... He was apparently back... for good. Got an awesome job in a kinda of rural town in Ocala Florida. Well... I had been considering Boy/Girl content and I trusted him so i reached out... he said absolutely. Hes now my primary paid actor. I of course want to add new guys but you have no idea how hard it is. Guys can be creeps, filming with a stranger is not safe generally, people who are qualified are about 1 in a million. Its not about "looking good" but sometimes a specific "look" is needed, certain dynamic, someone with an onlyfans etc. Its just easier to stick with him for now. With Boy/Girl.... Guys only got one shot usually LOL. So that means we try to do a cock related shoot and my ass related in the same day etc. There is a lot of dynamics. So.... this wasnt as sex related but wanted that info out there. My actor and me are purely professional and hes more like a really good friend. He did fuck me in the ass twice and I blew him a couple times over about a month period before we called it quits 2 years ago. After that... with my onlyfans and covid and life getting so immensely busy..... i really wasnt the one nigtht stand type and didnt want a boyfriend so i just stayed off the dating situation until my stories started in May when I got back into it.

I hope you enjoyed my recap storys. These were wrote obviously years after they happened. 

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