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Sample Story


2021 Part 1

Welcome! My Stories are and were written generally on the Sunday mornings after my encounters. You may notice some mix ups and missing storys. These were originally written on my Free OF and transferred over. Just ignore and move along. My stories are real and I do not exaggerate but I do emphasize the more exciting parts. Just remember these stories only have so much information. I rarely mentioned the extents i go to for both sexual safety, personal safety and the occasional dead end dates. All of these are about my personnal sex life and in no way reflect what I do and am comfortable doing on camera for my VIP Onlyfans. Enjoy the ride.

Story Time - Instagram Guy
So ive known this guy from instagram. Few years back me and a few friends went to a fort myers jeep event. Met another group from Clearwater. I followed them etc. Saw the same guy again when their group was at the beach but he had a GF at the time. This was probably 6 months ago or more. I had communicated with him a few times via IG nothing more than a few sentences. So we had chit chatted over the past month and 2 weeks ago he said hey would you wanna hang again. I said yeah if im available let me know. Is it a group event? He said no i just meant me and you. Well him and his GF broke up a little while back i guess so i said hell yeah. I asked him if he had a problem hanging with an onlyfans girl. Of course said no lol. So he said lets hang Friday. Well I ironically said Friday happens to be my only not busy day lol. He asked beach picnic or what? I said have you been seen my IG posts? He said yes. I said have you seen what im looking for? He said yes but i dont wanna be rude. So i broke the gates and just flat out said seriously "how about i suck your dick while we watch netflix?" He accepted. So we made plans. I picked up some wings and beer and threw on some comfy clothes and told him im wearing what's comfortable im not doing the whole lingerie thing. He shows up. We joked back and forth and we kinda just got into the onlyfans topic, how it works etc. We ate and ended up full cuddle on the couch and the storms rolled in like 5pm. Watched some weird genome documentary. He started doing the grinding while cuddling. Reached back... started jerking him through his pants. He was trying to be nice and said "we dont have to do anything sexual if you dont want". I said heck yes we do lol. Remember i was dead serious. I wanted you to come over so i could suck your dick. So i hoped off the couch and hoped on me knees and said seriously sit up and pull your dick out... i know you are hard. He obliged and sat up and unzipped his pants as i helped him pull them off. And he sat down. Since I constantly get requests for size info... im gonna say i cant eye measure good but it was "medium" size... so i just straight up asked him... you have a really nice looking dick... how many inches is it. He laughed and said are you serious..... i said yeah you know what I do for a living... He laughed and said right at 6 inches. I said ok..... cool... can you humor me? He said.... maybe....
I asked him if Since i kinda do porn and need a little practice can I try a different type of blowjob. Made him nervous and said... maybe...
I said im not gonna fully put in my mouth. Just handjob and lick for a while. He said I guess that's fine whatever you do should be great. So i started licking his balls while i jerked him. Liked up and down his dick. Tongue swirling on the tip. I started sliding my open mouth up and down on the side of his dick. He stayed rock hard for 20 straight minutes. I handed him the remote while both his balls were in my mouth and said do you wanna put something on(didn't come out as clear) and had to take his balls out of my mouth to say im about about to start really sucking your dick till you cum if you want to put something less stupid on the tv or turn it off lol. He said ohhhhhh... yeah ill turn it to a documentary. Idk what he put on cause he turned the volume off. So i grabbed his dick and started sucking and jerking him at the same time.... he kinda mumbled(he was having a good time) and he said I know you are into back door stuff would you be down for that? I took his dick out of my mouth and said... "oh so you have been lurking on my instagram more than you let on lol.... we both kinda laughed and he said yeah.... i said did you read the part where i dont put the ass out the first night? He laughed and said yes. I told him.... seriously its just my moral line i had to lay down somewhere. I cant have a new dude fucking me in the ass on one night stands every week. I gotta know them from internet or real life first for a few weeks... feel comfortable there and then cross that first hangout session before putting out my ass. Dudes either bail or get weird after the first date.
Of course though... i dont mind sucking dick on the first date. Thats actually kinda my goal. Lol. He looked kinda nervous when i said all that so i said "i can stop if you want" he said no no no lol.
So I grabbed it and started sucking and jerking him till eventually the usual tense up and and i could feel his cum filling up my throat. Orgasm. Boom done. I swallowed and I looked at the clock and said wow... i just sucked your dick for 45 minutes. He said yep lol. My neck and knees were all cramped up. By this time i think it was close to sunset. So he said honestly can I return the favor? Oral? Back rub etc.... welp... that lit me up. I said hell yeah ill take a back rub. So we watched war dogs while i got an hour long back rub. By 9:30 or so he was about to leave. He said "seriously i know i read your IG stuff but would you want to hang again? at the beach or something? I would want to hang again" i said... look man you are cool and i want to hang again but im super busy so my time spent i like to hang with my friends and stuff... maybe beach and hookup after but not looking to just hang at the beach. You seemed like you wanted anal... how about next time?..... per usual the guy lit up lol... he said yes if you are down for a netflix and chill style again i am... i just didnt want to be rude.... i said listen.... i promise its what Im after... no jokes nada. You are super nice but lets play it like this......ill be your personal porn star for an hour next time. You come up with some theme or something you want to do... you can come over next time. Ill be wearing whatever you want. You can fuck me in the ass and then leave when you are done. He frecking lit up even more.... hes like "seriously that sounds like something ive always dreamed of" lol... i walked him to the door and quick kiss and he left. Hes been texting me ideas for next time.
Seriously it will be so fun for me also. Being able to have absolutely no mental hang ups. Knowing its planned this guy will be coming over to use my ass and then go about his business. Lol
Anyway hope you enjoyed my hoeing around story from my weekend. Remember i might ramble some but its because Im not a professional writer and of course leave some details out or add to much somewhere i shouldnt but i try to make it bring my experience into context. Im a single female who opened up up casual sex life due to my adult porn job. I honestly know some girls who legit hooked up with a new guy every week full sex.... they had well over 100 guys under their belt by 20. Im at 12 still lol.

Aug 22nd

Instagram Guy Took Pictures of Me

So my new instagram guy....i think i found a good consistent dick every few weeks and the photos turned out.... fun for a first try.... so he is 100% not shy like my past few guys.... which i liked. He got down to business quick. He said hes always been into anal so if i was still down for anal he could take pics before or something. I told him honestly Im looking to get fucked. Lets just play it by ear and could figure out after how to take some pics for my onlyfans. He didnt take the lead which is good on the photos thing. I said listen is 7. Good for you this evening(Thursday)? He said yes perfect. I asked him what he wanted me to wear And said can you just open the door naked... hes always wanted a girl to do that. I said yep.... easy for me lol. He asked if i was ok if he legit showed up... fucked me in the ass.... took some pics and left. I said yes thats kinda what we have been talking about all week.... so to make you feel better i wrote him a text “i will answer the door butt naked.... bring you into my living room and immediately get on me knees. You can bend me over and do whatever you want to me as long as you livk my ass first. After you cum you can take some pics and it will take maybe 5 minutes to coordinate something and then leave. I have work early so will probably go to bed immediately after”... he said ok then we are on the same page. 7pm...knock knock. I had been naked for like 30 minutes. I answer the door he says hello and gives me a kiss and said are you ready. Im like yeah seriously pull it out i want it in my mouth(im not a dirty talker so i felt so weird). He starts unbuttoning his pants as i climb down to my knees. He was already hard as a rock so i grab it and start deep throating it as much as I can.(remember he told me it was 6 inches) lol. So I sucked on it for about 5 minutes and then i asked him if he was still cool taking pics in a bit. He said yeah thats the plan. So he grabs my arm and pulls Me up and kinda neck grabs me and puts me on the couch doggy style grabs my ass and starts rubbing and squeezing my ass and then spreads my ass and starts licking my asshole. I was enjoying myself thoroughly now 😁. After a few minutes he stops and says want me to take pics? I was like umm ... normal nudes probably wont be to exciting how about you fuck me in the ass and then take pics? Hes like.... uh do you mean to gape your ass? I was like yeah... he goes omg thats awesome. I kinda chuckled and asked why that was so exciting and he said ive done anal with a few GFs but none would ever let me gape them or even take pics its been my fantasy forever. Not gonna lie.... made me feel good lol. So i said thats what happens when you fuck a girl that does porn lol. So he pulls his pants and shirt off totally and gets up on my asshole why im still in doggy style and says are you ready? I said well.... I can go without lube but it does make it easier if thats cool with you. He said for sure fine with me. I had a bottle under the couch so i told him to grab it. He lubed himself and my ass up and he starts poking maybe an inch into my ass. He said are you good? I felt like a total slut since this is like the 3rd time Ive said this in the past few months to a new guy.... i said im good.... just slowly press till you are in im a pro. So he does.... he’s probably the smallest guy ive had since i started dating again... honestly more like 5 inches and pretty thin so it slid in super easy. He gets fucking my ass faster and faster over a few minute period. He suddenly pulls his dick out and is spreading my ass. He says wow thats so sexy... can i take pics now or after?... i said yeah grab my phone in the kitchen. He runs and grabs it. Pulls the camera up and i spread my ass. He snaps a few pics of my ass gapiing... the pictures you can obviously see in the he says flip over on your back... i did..... i tried to spread my ass but all the movement.... so he says I need to keep going on your ass again..... so i pulled my legs up... he mounted his knees on the couch and started hitting my ass so deep it was amazing.... after about 30 seconds he said are you ready.... i said yep... he pulls out... backs up and I spread my ass... he takes a few more....then comes back and holds my feet together back in the air and puts it in and slams my ass really hard for 4-5 thrusts and pulls out again... snaps some photos again.... then comes back and starts fucking me missionary and hands me the phone. So im sitting there swiping through the pics while hes going to town on my ass.... i feel a tense up and boom... he pulls out last second and cums in between my legs on my couch lol. He apologized for not getting me off and I said dude that felt amazing im more than happy. So we both hit separate bathrooms... cleaned up. Met back at the front of my house and talked about the photos.... i said im happy with them.... he said i feel super weird but should I leave? I was like honestly id normally say stay for a few but im super tired lol. He asked if this dynamic was cool and if i would be open to hooking up every week or so no strings.... i said weirdly that’s exactly what Im looking for. I was like i know you have read and followed my IG as long as things dont get weird ... we can keep it strictly sex but the reality is Im hooking up with other people and work with guys in the industry if that doesnt weird you out and sometimes Im busy so I might not even be able to hookup but once a month sometimes. He said i promise im 100% cool with it. We kissed. He left. End of the story. Hopefully he doesnt become a weirdo and want more or make things weird.



Sep 5th - A Hoe Friend Got Me Laid
- My friends bodybuilder friend fucked me in front of everyone

So this was a few firsts for me.... fucking crazy but not to crazy but super crazy lol.
Been chatting with an old friend thats local. I see her at friends houses sometimes. Shes no stranger and known she is kind of a swinger. She was nicely putting it a slut many years ago. We started chatting on FB. Then text. Told her about my divorce and then failed few dates and now i just decided to casual hookup and have fun. "Have fun" in girl talk means no strings attached just party and not get tied down. Aka hoeing it up single lol. So she says.... i have a guy I hang with every few weeks I really trust thats got some hot friends if you would want to do something. Absolutely.... blah blah i wont bore you... we had plans saturday(yesterday... im writing this the "next morning".
The plan was a pool day her and her guy and his friend. She asked me the night prior if I was into swinging at all. I told her mehhh not sure if thats my thing yet. She said is it cool if I hooked up with my guy out in the open? I said yeah... thats cool. Would be interesting.... she said yeah we tend to get wild and cant control ourselves sometimes. So i asked her if your guys friend is a swinger... she said nope... hes just a nice good looking guy i told a pretty girl would be there and no expectation hanging at the pool. So... morning rolls around about noon.... mind you i hadnt seen a pic) we are at her huge house with a pool and massive yard(her rents got money). I say hello to her and her guy and walk outside. So hes tall and massively muscular and good looking. Ive never hooked up with a guy who has the body builder look. I mean super ripped and huge. 6'3 and 240lbs and 33 years old.... got that info at some point from him lol) Damnnnn he was good looking. So the guy is super nice. Talked for like an hour. Only saw my friend and her guy like once they were setting up the tv and snacks and had to hit the store etc.
So my friend and her guy get back. We go inside and hit 2-3 shots... cheers all that. Hung for an hour or so inside. It was 2ish. So we make mixed drinks and all head for the pool. So she pulls her clothes off and she was hilariously rocking a black G string. Im like wtf girl i woulda worn mine if i had known. I had my normal thicker thong on.
She made a joke that foreshadowed for sure and said "dont need worry to hide anything when everyones gonna see it later anyway". Shes a swinger i know that i just hope i dont get pressured into weird stuff. Its wayyy more common than you would think. Nothing wrong with it. Im just straight lol.
So we all were playing in the pool drinking talking etc then we split across the pool. I was talking and kissing with my guy in the corner and she was pretty much kissing and rubbing her guy on his swimsuit on the other end up the pool. So i said fuck it ill flip around. Pushed my ass against his dick..... it was huge and hard. SCORE lol!!! So i was grinding my ass up and down on his dick for a solid minute. My friend literally just says "damn girlllll".' They were both staring at me lol. So im embarrassed. I might slut it up with guys but few people have ever even seen me kiss before (in person)lol.
So me my guy and the girl all agree on more drinks. We go inside. Got drinks. As we walk out she pulls me aside and says hey it wont make you uncomfortable If i fuck my guy in the pool later will it? I was like hell no you do you. I assumed later as in when me and my guy were in the house. Far enough to maybe see but separate areas... so she went back to her guy in the pool. I sat with my guy on the patio chairs about 30 feet away max. 20 minutes later my guy starts nodding.... i turn around. My friend is bent over getting fucked in the pool right there..... so we are kinda sitting in silence and I said to my guy... are you a swinger were you expecting this? He said absolutely not my buddy just mentioned him and her have sex in the open sometimes and have threesomes and stuff thats it. I was like ok. I said we should probably give them space... so we slowly get up and walk for the door and we hear her yell "hey where you going" My guy says we were gonna give yall some privacy..... she goes no just stick around its fun to be watched. We literally just laughed and said... sure ok lol. So then she says... actually can you refill my drink? I said ok.... so i walk towards them while shes getting full on plowed from behind and she hands me her drink. Moaning eyes rolling back etc lol. Was weird but kinda sexy. Never seen someone have sex before ever let alone that close. So i made her a drink brought it to her. They just kept at it for 10 minutes or so while we sat on the patio. Once they finished they were butt naked and just swimming around. Then she goes.... you guys can use the steps now.... at this point.... id normally be like no thanks thats way to intense but this sexy ass guy with a huge dick and once in a lifetime chance i said fuck it. I said "are you ready to skinny dip at least" he said lets do it. We get butt naked. Hop in the pool. My friend and her guy just kinda watched as me and my guy kisses and i was grabbing his dick and jerking him. The tables had turned lol! He was joking and said this is awesome but we dont have to do any more if you arent comfortable. I said no go sit on the stairs. Mind you my friend and her friend are kinda cheering us on and are like 10feet away in the pool. So my guy sits down on the top step. Hes only in 2 inches of water so I see his huge dick fully erect. I hop on my knees on the lower stairs and grab his dick and attempt to put it in my mouth. No luck. It was big. Had to adjust my jaw and I started slamming it in my mouth the few inches i could fit and my friend was going wild saying you go girl etc. im like damn this is so slutty but its fun lol. I was licking up and down his shaft but trying to jerk him and the chlorine etc just wasnt working. So now my minds rushing... chlorine and anal... not doable... im super fertile at the moment(i have a chart thing)so... about that time he literally man handles and just picks me up and lays me face down bent over the edge of the pool on the stairs. Kinda goes to mount me and im like no no no. "You dont have a condom?" So my friend literally just yells... i got you! ...of course she does.... lol. So she jumps out of the pool runs inside comes out. Hands to my guy and she hops back in the pool. Im face down with all my glory up in the air. He starts poking at my pussy. No luck. Chlorine water makes it to dry. So im like god damnnit we need lube. She screams... "i got you".... we all start fucking dieing laughing. She runs inside and comes back out. Hands it to him. He lubes up. Starts pushing it slowly half in and out. I was not having a good time. I guess lack of practice. After a few rough minutes he starts pumping me 100% fully in. He puts his hands down on the pool deck mounted pretty much all the way on me and i mean is slamming my pussy so hard. Im loving it but it was seriously overwhelming. And after 2 minutes was like stop stop i need a break lol. He was asking if i was ok etc.... my friend was like girl you look like you are in heaven. I said yeah its heaven but it hurts. The front of my hips were killing me from hitting it in and out my hips were slamming the pool edge. So i said.... i could use a water... she yealls " i got you!" We all die laughing again while im resting and jerking my guy while he stands there. So she gives me water. Then i said "IM ready" i layed on my back on the edge missionary legs back. He gets on his knees puts it in.... starts pumping me all the way. He was so big literally and his dick was big it was roughing me up pretty bad. So my friend literally gets up runs over and gets a towel and folds it puts it under my head and was sitting there naked behind my head. Shes like i can move if it makes you uncomfortable. I said no.... im hurting. So this guy is slamming my pussy so hard and his size im not used to it felt so good but it was straight beating me down. Good pain but damn was it in intense. I got up on my elbows to help with the angle. She moves cross legged behind me to hold me up a little bit. This would have normally been weird as fuck but i needed the support system lol. So she was just rubbing my hair while this guy is still going at my pussy. Still aches but it was feeling amazing for a solid 2-3 minutes. He starts slamming super super fast. It was raw so i was grabbing my friends hands he was fucking me so hard and i could feel and hear him cumming. He finally pulls out and takes the condom off.
I was like wow.... that was awesome and overwhelming at the same time. She was still holding me... i was soooo beat feeling. I was just laying there worn out in her lap and she was feeding me water like a boxer lol. Only lasted maybe 10 minutes of actual fucking but my hips from the ground, my pussy and elbows were sooo sore. We all hung for quite a few hours longer. Talked about how that was fun and we should make it a monthly thing. I was like absolutely im down. We were obviously on sex topics and it came out i prefer anal and why i didnt request it because of the chlorine etc. my friend said omg you like anal? It hurts for me to much but can we please watch you do anal? I was like hell yeah as long as my guys down. He said yes i love anal lol. So we came to the agreement me and my guy said not comfortable swinging or swapping or anything but we all plan for me and this guy to do anal in front of them and possibly a few other people on the patio deck. We kissed about 8pm. And everyone left since she had work early the next morning. Welp thats the end of my long story. It was an amazing time and the luck was just there that i found a guy with a huge dick. The last run in with a big dick didnt go well. This one was fun. Now im all bruised up and sore. Softer ground and anal next time…



Sep 12th - Camp Fire Hookup
-I sucked off a guy at a party

This is short but good. Long story short i had posted on IG about bringing a tinder date to my friends party. He bailed anyway. My gal friend ive know for like 20 years. She lives out an hour north of me in a rural town with her husband. 5 acres etc. We have separate friend groups since we live pretty far apart. Just a bunch of cool party people. Got most on facebook but none of their numbers kind of thing. Its normal for new people to come for sure. So i showed up like 4ish I think. The husbands younger brother was there stayingz He was from out of town(Virginia) Attractive but youunh. Was only 24. Im 27. Not usually my game. So we got some hanging and bonding time in since we were the early ones there and helped put up tables and chairs and just general setting up. People started to show and i knew half as usual. Apparently the brother in law didnt know anyone and he was a bit shy. They have a huge barn with a tiny fire pit and through some woods around this walk way a few hundred feet further they do the huge bon fire burn pit. So its rolling around 8 or so and people are buzzing and out on the main bon fire pit. I kinda wrote him off limits until my friend walks up and says... so.... you and my brother in law... whats up. I laughed and said i figured that would be off limits. She said hell know me and my husband have been joking wondering when yall would hook up. I told her i was only flinging it right now etc. She kinda already knew. So she waves the husband over.... and says please tell her its cool if she hooks up with your brother.... he turns and said pleassseee do. His GF just dumped him of 5 yeeers 2 weeks ago. You just hanging out with him has been a blessing alone. So we back and forthed and they said a one night hookup even just a kiss would help tremendously. So.... it was game on. It was about 9 by then and most everyone was buzzing. I walked out.... big fire... chairs far apart. I walked up to him in his chair and there was no chair.... so I said im just gonna sit in your lap. Flopped down. There was about 10 of us out there. I probably got an hour more chatting with him and the group. I felt him get hard probably 5 times on and off. So.... it starts sprinkling.... everyone immediately complains and says awwee damn... and starts getting up and walking back up to the main house. I didnt get up. He asks.... are we not gonna go up to the barn? I said absolutely not.... the kiss started right there. Maybe 30 seconds later the rain picked up even more so i hoped up and told him to get up and i moved the chair back 30 feet or so under a tree. I told him to sit back down. I walked up and got on my knees. He was definitely stunned but also knew what i was doing. I started pulling at his pants. He got nervous and said .... right here???? I said yeah its raining and we are over here in the shadows and can see if anyone comes up. He says ok i guess... i start unbuckling his pants and we get his pants semi down.... he pulls his dick out. So im on my knees with his dick pointing right at me(it was average btw) lolz i start jerking him off for a minute. Then i finally grab it and start sucking on the tip. He was a happy human for sure. Did the whole hang slamming dick sucking for 2-3 minutes then i asked him if he was going to be able to cum. He said yeah if you jerk it and suck the tip. So i did the classic one hand jerk motion while sucking it. I felt him tense up but couldnt come so i started attempting a deep throat. Rain had subsided so i pulled it out of the back of my throat and said how close. He said 30 seconds. I said good looks like people are kinda about to head this way. I had a little bit of a buzz so I committed and remembered breath through the nose and stuffed his dick all the way down my throat and was slamming the back of my throat as hard as i could until he grabbed my head and kinda held my head down and he jizzed all down my throat. So much so i didnt even need to swallow. It was gone lol. So he stands up tosses his pants on. Im getting my bearings still. I grab my whiskey to wash down the taste. He cracks another beer and he just says wow i did not expect that. After we joked back and forth about 10 people started walking back down a few minutes later. The open and very hilarious girl just yells are yall done yet? So me and him start chuckling and said what do you mean. She goes dont yall even try to lie like 3 of us walked down here and saw you sucking his dick. I was like oh fuck he wasnt a good lookout i guess... so the whole group laughed and said no yall do your fucking thing... have fun we just didnt want to interrupt lol. So im sure the whole house knew at that point. Everyone just laughed it off and said how stuff like this happens no biggie. After a few hours of burning the bon fire and beers it came to be known EVERYONE knew what was going on when it was happening. My friends husband said thanks etc and im like i didnt suck his dick as a favor lol. Supposedly hes here for another week and they want to do a beach thing and visit my house next weekend. Anyway. I got home like 12:30 which is wicked late for me.



Sept 27th - I Got Fucked by A 40 year old
- First guy over 33 ive ever slept with

Ive really had a busy month. Normally I see the same guy a few times but after the Sarasota guy broke apart I had the bodybuilder guy fuck me and hes just been busy BUT Im actually seeing him Saturday... just us. No watching this time. Same situation ive been sexting him for weeks and I told him he can come over and bend me over and fuck me in the ass and leave. He said hes down. lol. So my friends husbands brotther was fun also but he lives out of state. Since honestly I have no consistent anymore since my IG guy is always all over the place I have been on tinder. Talking to this 27 year old guy and this 40 year old guy. I was skiddish about the age but we light sexted and got to know each other and I decided to take a shot. I was like.... beach date is safe so i can always bail if he had fake pics and i thought 40 just wasnt for me. It was a BIG jump for sure so i was crazy nervous but as you all know from IG I met him at the beach after i shot content with my main actor. We clicked really fast. Hes libertarian, hates traveling outside Florida often, same food etc. So we end up playing in the crystal blue water. Kiss on the beach etc. BTW it was pretty seperate... we walk far to be alone so not some crowded beach with PDA lol As the day went on we ended up in the water again. He kinda grabbed me for a lap sit. Well i grabbed back on a lower region rub. It was big. Not huge but def above average. (I know you all care about these things lol). Well that was the end of that day quick. Dryed off... he has obligations etc i mentioned on IG. We parted ways but ended up communicating a plan to hang the next morning(Sunday). He legit text and said... I hope this doesnt make you think im old but would you be down to take a day trip to Crystal River and town hop and sight see. Leave at like 9am. I was like HELL NO that aint an old thing. Thats my jam for real. Im an early riser and like the day drink and be home by 7 and asleep by 10 lol. Well back and forth plans. Next morning arrives. He picks me up. We start on our 2 hour journey. You can google maps it. Clearwater to Crystal River lol. We stop to eat in a little town after 30 minutes. Jokes flying etc. Having a good time. Was worried 2nd hang session his age might concern me but nope. He looks 40 and acts 40 but also energetic if that makes sense. In good shape etc. So he kinda pokes and asks if i was serious about just hooking up. I kinda back storyed him on life(minus the porn job lol). Told him now im just casual. I rarely did one night stands etc but kinda opened up. He was like Oh im sorry did you just want only sex? I feel stupid im taking you on this wild day date. I said no no i like having fun. If i dont click with someone enough to hang with for a day i wont sleep with them lol. He kinda joked on the way there about oh dang with this long ass drive we wont have time to do anything today LOL. So i joked and said well i can entertain you while you drive. Classic deer in headlights look i get every time i say something sexual initially to guys i swear LOL. He just said "yeah cool whatever you are comfortable with". Kinda leaned over the center console and gave him an upper leg rub. I could see in his pants his dick got hard. Shot right down his leg. Was kinda funny. So I started stroking his dick over his pants for probably like 30 minutes while we just talked. So we start getting close so awkward conversation began. ETC. We arrived at our destination. Had food, drinks etc Was probably noon by then. We conversed and hopped in his truck and we decided to put a little liquor in a yeti cup and head back south to Homosassa springs area. We found a swimming hole area. They are big blue springs rivers. We went with our yeti and a towel and were playing major gropping while swimming. We ended up on this dirt side wall along the spring away from everyone and i kinda backed my ass up standing up (both under water) and he starts full on spreading my ass cheeks. So i said if we werent in the water id let you put it in my ass. He just goes... put in your ass? Like anal? You like anal?.... I was like yeah you didnt get when we have been texting the past week how I mentioned backdoor fun a and insinuated like 5 times about liking anal? He just goes OHHHH i thought you just meant doggy style. He just freezes up and says Ive never done anal. I was like no way. So went from over charged sexual gropping to him telling me how he was married for 15 yeaars and got divorced a year ago(which I knew prior) and how im actually the first girl thats touched his dick since his ex wife etc. He was like sorry if it seems like you are a rebound. I said hell no... you know im looking for casual so its perfect if i was. I was like so is anal something you want to do? He said hes been dieing to do it forever. So I joked and said well i wasnt kidding If we werent in the water I let you fuck me in the ass. He joked and said well lets get out lol. I said ok lets do that. I was thinking like us get in the truck and go home and have sex. Well we get to the truck... which was quiete a hike and he says come over here to the driver side... well we are against a woods like in a corner no where near any other vehicles or cross roads. Grabs me and starts kissing me etc. He opens up his truck door and starts trying to turn me around. I was like what are you doing? He goes oops i thought you meant you wanted to have sex... i was like ohhh i meant at home.... but.... hmm... i guess no ones around whatever fuck it i guess. So I say hold on. grabbed myself another drink real quick and said pull your pants down. So i started jerking him off while we passed the drink back and forth. I had my jean shorts on so I turned around and bent over and used his seat to hold myself and pulled my shorts down to legit just under my ass cheeks and said go VERY VERY slow. So I was standing bent over into the drivers seat. So he starts trying to push it in. The water on our skin etc changes things. So I use my head as a prop on the side of the seat and reach back and full ass spread for him. He adds a little spit and then boom hes in like half way. Little pain. Dry after being wet etc... anal can be tough lol. So i said stop and stay still DONT MOVE LOL. Took like 20 seconds before my ass could get used to it. So i say in and out the first half of your dick only. Your dicks big. So i was breathing heavy to be able to take it. Felt very full and overwhelming from a big dry dick lol. So i eventually let off my my ass spreading and he starts slow pumping 75% of the way for like a minute. At this point its hot. My asshole for the first time ever(i blame being in the damn water) was not adjusting well to his slightly above average dick. He was like does it feel good? i was like kinda... the water or something was have prunned my asshole an we have no lube so just keep going. Cum whenever you feel you can but pull out lol. So about a minute goes by and he was still steady pacing so i was like ok i gotta pull the pornstar game out to help him cum. This is fun but the stars just didnt align today for me to get fucked in the ass on the side of a truck in the woods i guess. I prop my head on the seat and spread my ass with both hands and look back at him and start saying go as deep as you can. He was moaning a little at this point. So i turned it up a bit and was looking back saying "fuck my tight asshole and then cum all over my ass" Im shy. Ive had major hold backs in vocal aspects for sure. So at this point hes fucking me hard and im feeling the soreness already but its started feeling amazing one he was I mean full fast as humanly possible slamming his dick from tip all the way to balls into my ass. I look forward close my eyes and am just enjoying it beyond anything then boom he pulls out i hear him moan... he was cumming. Not sure where though. LOL. So after I could hear he was done i tightened my ass up and pulled my jeans up and turned around and saw he came on the ground. I was like you coulda came on me... he was like i was so overwhelmed how good it felt I couldnt think i just came wherever i could lol. I said "was that fun?" He said omfg that was seriously the best sex ive ever had. This was a dream come true. I said good. Sounds like you really liked anal LOL. We laughed and hoped in the truck. Hour and a half trip back we joked back and forth and talked about anal and how i told him i really mostly do anal, why etc.
As we got closer I joked and said round 2? He laughed and said honestly the whole 40 thing... thats were age does matter. I really couldnt go again for a couple more hours. I was like im joking with the whole situation it was rough so im on butt rest for a few days. He said well sorry for cumming so quick... he maybe lasted 3 minutes of actual fucking. I was like no thank god it was rough so im glad but how about we give it another shot this week? This time with lube and you can shoot for 10 minutes? He was like seriously? I dont want to just use you for sex. I said seriously I like you, you really like my ass LOL... and from what you say you work a lot during the week and so do I? How about I swing in at like 6 or 7 for a glass of wine and anal? He was like omfg yes. Are you available at 7 Thursday? I said perfect. Normally eagerness would be a turn off but Im eager for the dick and i want someone to be eager for my ass and i HATE games. Thats one thing idk if it was his age or just him as a person but the games up front thing is awesome. So as of now Im gonna let this 40 year old guy fuck me in the ass again Thursday evening.... at 7pm LOL. With all this jumping around id really like if this worked out to be a consistent casual thing. Once a week dick would be great. But seems to much seeing it becomes emotional.... to little we break touch and lose communication with people.



Oct 3rd - 2 Guys in Nashville in The Same Day
- The first guy popped quick so I called another guy to finish the job

Ill make the beginning short. I went to Nashville Thursday. Hoped on Tinder Thurs night and Friday morning and had communicated with 4-5 guys. Narrowed it down to 2. A local cowboy and a guy from a conference in a hotel near by. I liked the cowboy more and he was available Friday night. It was a quick communication I normally talk to people for weeks before seeing in person so this was a first for me. Cowboy guy was the "biggest" ive been with ever i think. He was a legit farm guy. 250lbs 6'3 probably. Literally wore a cowboy hat LOL. So we chit chat and I sent him a frontal nude and we end up i think 7 or 8ish down on broadway for drinks. Slamming shots and beers etc till maybe 10:30 or so. He was like Im so worn out... I was too and i said honestly Im going to bed but let me be clear Id like to see you tomorrow. He invited me from noon to 8pm on broadway for his big friend group thing. I declined but said hey afterwards you should swing by to hang and watch a movie or something if you want. Lets play it by ear. We kissed and parted ways. So the next morning he said would still like to see me after 8 and I kinda gave him the yeah just hit me up i should be around.... I wanted an out in case my new date was amazing or something. So the guy from the convention I had chatted with was like yeah im down for day drinking today so I made plans with him early early to meeet for drinks at 1pm or so. He told me he had a dinner thing at 8 or whatever. I was thinking oh wow how perfect is that timing LOL. With no intent to fuck 2 dudes in one day. Thats slutty as hell LOL. So im sealing the deal and putting off the I want to get fucked vibe...I sent them both seperately a bunch of more slutty nudes at the same time LOL. Slutty again I know. So me and the convention guy end up meeeting down on broadway and immediately start slamming shots. Im not a huge drinker but really wanted druunk sex honestly. Sometimes im just in the mood for that. Rare though. So hes super aggressvive in a good way. 6 foot slim guy. Takes charge. We laugh. He was generally fun. We are both buzzing hard after a couple hours. It was around 3:30 or 4 and our probably 3rd bar hes gropping me when no one was around. Grabbing my ass and tiny titties under my shirt. The dude had some balls but i was into it. We were standing on these balcony things and he was kinda cuddling me from the back sideways and no one could see so i reached back and was rubbing his dick through his pants. Was actually the most fun part of my trip weirdly. So after the touching started he started mentioning the nudes and said lets go to my hotel room to see all that in person. My hotel was 30 seconds so I said lets go. The elevator going up and as we get into the room the druunk kissing started. Ended up doing the clothing tearing off rolling on the bed etc. So we were both butt naked kissing laying on the bed and he said do you have a condom? I was like yes I do. So i hop up go and grab it. When I get back he goes do you want to put it on with your mouth? In my head im like WTF? But i was druunk so I said YESSSSS LOL. I realized idk how to do that so Im like.... how the hell would I do that. So he sits on the side of the bed and I get on my knees and he says ill show you and explains for like 10 seconds. So I put it on his dick and lightly use my teeth to slowly push and slide it down a bit then pull my mouth back a litte then further then pull back. Eventually I got it on him lol. So I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP...... he legit grabs me and picks me off the ground and places me doggle style on the side of bed while hes standing on the ground and says.... "which hole do you want me to fuck first". I kinda laughed and he said whats so funny have you never done anal before? I laughed even hard and said "dude im a pro at anal so just lay down and Ill handle things. So I grab him and push and shove him down. Hes laying down on his back with his average dick hard as a rock. I run and grab my lube and I haul ass back over and jump on him. Slather some lube on his condom covered dick and then faceing him on my knees start easing his dick into my ass. It was about 15 seconds until got it about half way in. He wasnt thrusting or anything... So the bed was sinking so i got on my feet squatted down with it still in my ass... i hit that 30 second point where started feeling amazing and gliding in and out easy and I started bouncing up and down on it and maybe a whole 45 seconds total in my slamming my asshole down on his dick and he starts MAJORLY tensing and moaning... im like.... did you just cum? He starts apologizing and saying he was druunk. I kinda laughed and I said no biggie it happens LOL. So he starts saying he will give me mind blowing oral etc. I was like sure let me shower. So i walk into the bathroom... was in there maybe 30 seconds.... i hear a boom.... that fuckhead legit bolted. I stick my head out of the door and he was GONE. I legit just laughed. He was the biggest game talker ever and then this happens. By this time its like 6. So the first thing I do is walk over to my phone. See if he texted. Nothing. BUT. The cowboy had texted 30 minutes earlier. I text back. He planned to come over about 8. It was 6 by this time. He asked if we were going out etc. I said hell no. Hotel time lol. So he mentioned going home to get cleaned up... he needed a shower etc. I said nooo.... Lets just shower together. I think I caught him off gaurd. He said OK sure lol. So I gave him room number etc he ends up showing up about 8ish with spicy chicken tenders and wine. I was clothed so we ate chicken tenders and I said its shower time! So he goes oh you were serious??? I was like yeah we had a great time last night and I just wanted to pick up where we left off. So we both get naked and end up awkwardly showering together. Little titty and dick grabbing with soap etc. He didnt get hard though. So we get out dry off. Start kissing etc. He said I can tell you have been drinking a little are you fine with this? I was like honestly im lightly buzzed and yes.... but lets get you a buzz. I told him to go sit in the chair. So he sits down naked and I bring him a glass of wine and I hand him the TV remote. I said watch whatever you want while Im busy doing something. He laughed and said busy doing what? As i was putting my hair in a pony tail. I drop to my knees butt naked and grab his soft dick and start sucking it. It instantly starts getting hard in my mouth and i was like ohhhh its getting bigger.... bigger and bigger and seemed like it never stopped LOL. I was slamming it in my mouth fast and hard for a few minutes and started licking under his nuts all the way up to the tip of his dick. When his nuts where in my mouth i could feel his dick was laying all the way to my hair line across my face. It was huge. Slut guesstimate was 7-8 inches. I didnt ask though. So I stand up and start sitting in his lap grinding my ass on his dick for a couple minutes while we laughed and drank wine. So I guess I turn on super slut mode lately now that Im more comfortable and then I said "what hole do you want to stick your big dick in? You can do whatever you want to me." He said "let me fuck your pussy first then Ill put it in your ass" I got up and said "Im gonna grab a condom, how do you want to fuck me? Your big dick, your choice of position" LOL. I handed him the condom and he starts putting it on and says lay face down on the edge of the bed. So I layed face down on the corner of the bed with my legs kinda off the bed. So he walks right up and his legs on the outside of mine him standing but leaning over holding the bed with one hand starts wiggling it in my pussy. Within a few seconds he gets going. Hes slamming my pussy nonstop for like 5 minutes. I dont do vaginal to much as you know so soreness starts kicking in....I was like im starting to ache do you want to put it in my ass? So he pulls out... Slowly starts easing his dick in my ass... condom and stuff werent working well so I told him where the lube was. He lubed up and i was still face down same position and reached back and spread my ass. Took him 3 seconds of half way in and out. Started gliding and i was in heaven. Normally full depth while spreading my ass is overwhelming but I was pulling my ass apart and he was slamming so deep and it just kept feeling amazing. After about 5 minutes solid He was breathing super heavy and I said you want me on top? He said yeah... so we headed over back to the chair i was blowing him in. He sat down and i faced away and kinda bent my knees to stand but also sit on his dick. Well It slid right in instantly... i started bouncing up and down on it. He was fully spreading my ass and moaning as i kept slapping my ass all the way down on his big dick. Then I hear him moan and say can I cum on your face? I said yeah whatever you want ill do. I said when? He goes now now now! So I pull all way up until his dick pops out of my ass spin around superfast to my knees like a damn ninja and lower myself on my knees to where his dick is horizontal i slide the condom off and start jerking him off as fast and hard as I can. I was jerking him super fast and he started cumming all over my face and hair. He was sooooo happy and so was I. I said ok shower for sure for me again LOL. I fucked the soul out of this cowboy. He looked dead but with the biggest smile. I said come shower with me in a few minutes. So he did. I said my asshole is obliterated and he goes... let me see. So i bent over in the shower and he was spreading my ass and im not joking goes "damn you gapee nice" I laughed and Im like yeah Ive been told LOL. We so hung and actually watching random movies and just talked till like 10 or so. Kissed and he eventually left. The big dick and condom thing left my ass much more sore than normal.



Oct 10th - 40 Year Old Came by for an Hour
- He came over for only 15 minutes to fuck me and then he left

Last weekend was wild in Nashville. Being unavailable for 2 weeks ive had the 40 year old blowing up my phone and the bodybuilder has been bugging me to hang finally. So I was super super busy and had no plans initially since Saturday and Sunday Im working. Shooting B/G with my main actor since he leaves for California for like 2 months next week. So I told the bodybuilder guy next weekend. I went over all the.... its not a date just come fuck me. Hes down. We said legit netflix and chill this coming saturday night. So anyway the 40 year old guy i really like. Hes very understanding... so far and I have an event with friends Friday at 6ish so I said theres a window friday afternoon before I leave. We have been hardcore sexting talking about how hes going to get off work come straight over, fuck me in my foyer with our clothes on and then we both leave. Just a little sexy "scenario" we planned out. So.. Friday rolls around. Im like hmmm... we didnt discuss which hole etc. He knows im into anal. Honestly sex is powerful and any girl will tell you that is a fun part. So I put a butt plug in( my blue one that you all know lol) and wore a super short slutty black dress with heals. So... rolls around 5ish and we are texting hes close. So I have my purse on and everything. I see him at my door and open it. He says hello I hope you are doing well etc. Kissed all the goods. He goes so are you still in a super hurry are you down for this? I was like yep.... how about you bend me over and fuck me... im not wearing anything under this dress. So he kinda grabs my arm and spins me towards the front door... bends me over and i put my hands up on the door like im about to get frisked. He starts spreading my ass and then he goes OHHHH. He was like wow Ive never had a girl wear one of these for me. I was like nooo way really? He said yeah this is like an ultimate life long fantasy of mine. I was like hmmm next time we can do a day date and ill wear one for you. He was beyond thrilled about that idea. So he continues rubbing my ass.... and starts pulling his pants down... i said do you have a condom? He goes no.... I said good thing i have plenty. Right in my purse ive been carrying like 3. lol. He said wow... slutty... then goes woops sorry i was joking. I was like yeah you arent llieing lol. So I was tempted to try to put it on with my mouth using my new found skill but decided nope ill let him do all the work. He puts it on and starts bending me over a little more. I can feel his condom covered good sized dick hitting my clit. The big dick thing is absolutely always thrilling when Im super horny or one night stand etc... but big dicks are a lot of work so for quickies and stuff its not always ideal. So he starts poking at my pussy. It took forever. I wasnt wet enough yet for it so he kept poking the tip in and out. I said just take your time. Im not used to vaginal and the condom doesnt help lol. He kept pulling it out spreading my ass. I could tell the excitement of the butt plug. I also know with heels and how to arch my back its an attractive angle... i do porn for a living and see the end product differences of heels, correct poses etc. In short.. i know visually what turns men on now since i do it for a living LOL. After a few minutes he gets going in and our. Dry and rough but kinda felt good. Slow but consistent full in and out. He spends a good few minutes and as I get wetter it gets easier, smoother and gets cranking towards the end. Still my hands are on the door up high standing and he was slamming my pussy so hard I could of course feel him tense up and slam as deep as he possibly could. He pulls his dick out, I walk him over to the trash so he can throw it away. I grabbed my soap in my kitchen and cover our hands and we wash our hands. I said how did that work out? As good as expected? He said yeah im just amazed a girl like you is down for this kind of thing. I said... its simple... im busy... i also need sex. He just said... fair. We walk to the front of the door and he said you sure had a lot of condoms. I said I sure do. Remember Im not girlfriend material right now. Expect slutty behavior from a slut. He laughed and said "I really dont care if you are seeing other guys the least bit. Im fully aware of our dynamic but feel free to be open with me and ill certainly be open with you". I said ok fine... I said remember how i was in Nashville? I fucked 2 guys in one day. Separate times. He just goes... ohhh wow. Thats intense. You do you. Then no lie he goes... "thats why I liked the butt plug thing... ive always wanted to DP a girl." I gasped and just was caught off gaurd since he has been very... conservative prior... He goes oh damn im sorry i hope i didnt freak you out. I was like no no no Im fine. Just caught me off gaurd lol!!! We both laughed etc. I said well Idk about DP yet. ive had a threesome with 2 guys before so maybe we can discuss something. He goes honestly if you are comfortable with it maybe we can plan something out.... I dont want to put any pressure on you about it. I said lets talk later I gotta go to my event. He says ok cool! was fun. Kiss blah blah. I walk out of my front door and lock it... he turns and goes... dont you still have your butt plug in? I laughed and said yeah..... Then unlocked my truck and hoped in. Well i planned to take it out once i got to my event i just wanted to mess with him LOL. So thats all she wrote.... That was friday night. As of Saturday we have chit chatted about the whole threesome thing Im not super comfortable with yet with him but he has a big friend group going camping in 2 weeks(ginnie springs... google it... its wild as hell) and that one of his buddies going would be about it... if we decided last minute but he wouldnt say anything. Just play it as it goes and Im gonna wear a butt plug for him on the river in my bikini. This will be my first public butt plug trip directly around people who might see. Should be wild as hell. Its a druunk giant party. Google will elaborate LOL. Bodybuilder this weekend for quick netflix and chill.

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