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Sample Story


2022 Part 2 

Story Time – Rich Guy Anal

Life changes quick. I expected to be 3 months or more busy weekdays and content saturdays etc... Well I tamed the issues the company had quicker and now settled myself a nice early 7ish to 6pm+ mon-weds and then thursday and friday work from home as needed. 1 to 12 hour days. I can actually use my fridays now for shooting content leaving my friday night and saturdays generally back open. I pretty much cut it with my FWB. Ive decided that wasnt for me. Him, FWB situations as a whole are just meh. I figured ill keep it some what last minute still and just kinda go with the flow making plans only a few days out for any guys i meeet through tinder etc. Im single and busy and sexting guys all week and the build up etc. Spontaneity isnt there with planned stuff and FWB. If i wanted consistency id get a boyfriend. I know its weird and slutty but girls do like feeling like a whore sometimes and not having to be with the same guy. Ive enjoyed this phase and want to continue it. I like not knowing whos dick ill be sucking on saturdays. The FWB thing is just like dating but for sex. So the Rich Guy i had talked to and kinda mentioned my life and schedule changes etc... he was busy when i was... but we finally got plans aligned. The small dick thing is weirdly a challenge for me I was looking forward to. We had communicated all this past month by text how I liked him and wanted him to fuck me in the ass etc. He said hes never done it before etc. So we finally made plans for his house again for a maybe saturday…. And we would do car stuff, anal and drink all night. Friday night confirmed a time and I show up Saturday about 2pm.I got there and about 2 minutes since i got there in the garage I kinda spun around and bent over a little and grinded my ass on his crotch standing up and said… wanna do something fun?? He kinda mumbled yeah and started gropping my chest and kissing my neck while I grinded my ass on his dick(yes I could feel it lol) then we kinda walk over to this couch near the bar in the garage and I hop on it doggy style and he instantly grabs my ass and then reaches around starts unbuttoning my pants… super bold……. Pulls my pants down legit not even slid down my ass cheeks and I feel him spread my ass and dive in and start licking my asshole… startled me a bit. Just dove right in lol. So im moaning with my face buryed into the back of the couch loving every second of getting my ass licked and he just keeps on going. Probably 10 minutes go by and I kinda looked back at him and said well are you ready to fuck me in the ass? He said yeah im ready and stood up and unbuckled his pants and I said… just make sure you go really slow. He said do we need lube? I said no……(honestly I wanted to give it a try just from spit since his dick was smaller)… he lines it up and I feel it pressed against my asshole and it legit just slips right it… no pain. I feel him pulse fucking me and I said you can slam it home after about 30 seconds and he said…. I am. Oh shit. Made me embarrassed because the guy was slamming my asshole but its small I thought it was only like 2 inches and then I realized with my ass cheeks… 4 inches of cock….. 2 inches is about it. So I tucked down and had my ass straight up kinda and put my head on the bottom of the couch and reached back with both hands and spread my ass and then I could feel his pelvis hitting and he was then slamming it home. All 4 and a half inches were in and out and it felt awesome. 0 discomfort and all good feeling. He kept fucking me for a solid 5 minutes and then eventually I felt him pull out and start jerking it and was cumming all over my ass cheek. I collapsed on my side and just laid there while he ran and got a towel. It was awesome. Almost relaxing. He came back… we cleaned up and ended up sitting and drinking wine on his couch for about an hour or so and eventually I left ending with a kiss. Im writing this Sunday morning and Ill tell you… my asshole isn’t sore and that’s fine with me lol. That’s all she wrote. Was a good time and I plan to see him again. Its entertainment going over there. I get to hang with cars, a car guy and get anal that doesn’t leave me sore the next day and doesn’t require to much work to handle during either lol. So anyway… guys…. Small dicks don’t dissuade most ladies.



Story Time – Swinger Friends House – 2 Guys & Me

*Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline & My VIP OF Schedule can be seen on my homepage. >>>
*Disclaimer. What I do in my personal life and porn life is very different so do not mix my sex life with what my content is about on my VIP Onlyfans. My Storys are real. Yes the girl who blows guys, and uses 9 inch dildos on her asshole on camera actually has sex in real life. Surprise Surprise lol. Im aware of risks and take precautions accordingly. I actively and happily hookup with people because I simply like sex but have no time or desire to settle down right at this time in my life. Be fully aware I write on Sundays about my previous weeks sexual adventures and I do no exaggerate but I do emphasize the good parts. I dont talk about the failed tinder dates or hanging at my friends and flirting with a guy who turned me down etc. Enjoy it for what it is. My storys about getting dick in some way shape or form. On the weeks I dont get dick I do a Ramble Series which is sometimes updates on my life, random topics etc.

Well another crazy ass time with my swinger friend. She invited me over for a pool day Saturday to help me get laid. She informed me that her guy she has been seeing is coming over and bringing a friend. The day prior she texted and said… “apparently they wanna bring their other friend if that’s fine” We joked how better odds one will be hot etc. lol So I show up late like 1pmish I think. Her guy and the 2 friends were smokin. Dark skinned Italian… clean shaved buzz cut hair and jacked. Big muscles, tall etc. One that drove had a new escalade out front. So I shake hands… meeeet everyone etc. We all hit it off. They are funny and we are drinking in the kitchen and we end up outside. Me and my friend both have white G string bikinis on. We are all swimming. Music playing etc. Good times were rolling for an about 2 hours and my friend and her guy kinda had paired off and were making out on and off and I look over and shes sitting on top of him with her top off… she comes over when I was facing away and pulls my top from the back and it pops right of when I was standing in the pool talking to the 2 guys. I was super embarrassed but said whatever… she grabs my chest from behind and says to the guys… wonder which one of you will get lucky enough to tap this. They kinda laughed a little embarrassed and im super embarrassed. My friend was pretty lit and she ends up getting on the pool deck on her knees and hands with her ass facing her guy who is in the patio chair 20 feet away and pulls her bikini down and starts spreading her ass and looking back at him etc and she says come here Abigale and hop on the edge and show those men what you got….. I was like nah im good… just awkward. So she kinda crawls to her guy.. after a few minutes grabs him and says ok we going to do some things…. Hinting sex. They vanish and its just me and the 2 guys talking like normal in the pool and im kinda near the stairs and I kinda made a joke about one of them stairing at my tits and he said….. just wondering how they feel. I kinda joked and said well come feel them… he starts walking over and said ill take that offer and as he reaches up and starts rubbing my chest his friend laughs and says well damn I got shorted and I joked and said you can too!! So he floats over and they are both rubbing my chest and lightly squeezing and his friend said… well now we gotta feel the ass. Im not kidding… it was super fluid. I seriously did not expect this situation. I figured later maybe I would end up with one guy or something but this happened so quick. Went from everyone having a good time, conversation to 2 guys gropping me lol. So I said sure and he kinda slid behind me and I could feel unde the water him like poking my ass weirdly lol then the guy in front of me is rubbing my chest still kisses me. Total surprise. So I was like… fuck it ill just go with it and we start making out and hes got his hands on my arms and the other guy is behind me kinda been grabbing my butt so I kinda stick my ass out and literally push back on him and reach back with both hands and pull his hips toward me. So I got my ass poked out and he starts grinding on my ass. I could feel his cock through his shorts in between my ass cheeks. So I spin around and start kissing the other guy and grinding my ass on the first guys dick… then the guy im kissing backs up to the stairs and sits on the edge and I did not know where or how this was gonna go so I just follow him and hold the other guys hand and pull him with me and the guy not kidding as he sits down on the edge starts unvelcroing his swim shorts and wips his dick out LOL. I really was just so confused on where this was headed. I was attracted to both of them heavily but being in the water… at my friends etc. These guys were strangers I just met a couple hours prior etc.
So I just kinda eased over and reached out and grabbed and start pulling on it and it got hard and it was big. Big big. Another record. It was nice looking also. All veiny and huge and im just full hand stroking his cock and the other guy is behind me grinding and stuff and he eventually kinda grabs me and picks me up and starts pulling down my G string and it was just awkward and I just stopped and said… we all know whats going on… wanna dry off and go inside… they both laughed and said yeah… so we get out of the pool… grab towels and go into her living room off the patio…. I said… sit down on the couch to both of them… then sit down and both whip their cocks out. Huge cock guy was hard and the other was average. So I sit on my knees in between their knees and reach over and start stroking both their cocks at the same time and then lean over and start sucking on the big one still 2 handed stroking each cock at the same time and then I switch and work on the average sized dick for a minute…. Then the big dick guy kinda tugged my arm and said… hop on. I just wasn’t feeling it so I said no Ill just suck you guys off but one of you can lick my ass for the time being. I didn’t elaborate to them why but honestly the pool water does things to my holes that makes sex uncomfortable and I wasn’t wanting to do anal at the moment etc. So the average size guy said Ill lick your ass… so he hops up and gets behind me and I repositioned from on my knees sitting to up doggy style in between the big cock guys legs. I feel the other guy instantly start licking my ass and pussy back and forth it felt awesome then I grabbed the huge cock and started full hand stroking his dick while sucking the top ¼ up and down. I was slurping and licking all over the top of his cock for maybe 2 minutes and the dude grabs my head ad starts slamming it down on his dick I started chokking and couldn’t tell if from his cock or cum… so I slapped his hand pulled my head off and cum just spewed all over his cock and stomach and balls and I kept stroking his cock and he just kept cumming and cumming. So much cum lol. Then eventually he stops and it was everywhere. All over my hands mouth etc. He kinda hops up and I said ok your turn sit down to the guy that had been lick my ass. So I wipe the cum off with my towel and grab his cock and start slurping on it. I could get more than half of his cock down my throat. Slobbering and jerking him super fast. Id pull it out and jerk him super fast then rapidly slam his cock down my throat super fast. So about a few minutes in the big cock guy kinda went over to the kitchen and is making a drink and I hear my friend come out…. Say… where Abigale and so and so…. He points over at me and we can clearly see each other and I have his cock in my mouth and kinda laugh and she goes… wow you whore! You look like you are having fun. She turns to the big cock guy and says wow that sucks… you got left out. We all kinda chuckle…. He says… no I already finished…. She turns her head and goes OMG! You EXTRA Whore! So we all laugh and she says ok lets go outside…. She yells at her main guy in the back and says come outside when you are done so the big cock guy and her go outside and Im still working on this guys dick. Sucking him and jerking for about 5 more minutes and he just says… honestly I wont be able to cum. I think the pool water numbed me. So we quit and then kinda made it outside. Hungout for a few more hours and all laughed etc. I ended up telling my friend the whole story of what went down while everyone listened. She of course brought up and laughed and said to them…. Wow just blowjobs. Maybe next time you can see why shes the anal queen. We laughed etc. So I got both their numbers and they both legit were like… hey if you wanna swing by one of our places sometime and we can do this again lemme know. I said I absolutely will. They left at like 8 I think. I actually stayed the night at her house cause me and her and her guy kept drinking till 11 or so.



Story Time – The 2 Guys

*Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline can be seen on my homepage. >>>
Disclaimer - This is purely written content only and does not reflect what I do in my professional porn life on my VIP Onlyfans. Enjoy :)

Yep I did it. Kinda during the hurricane fiasco and earlier that week my like 4 texts back and forth with the big dick guy from 2 weekends ago dropped off. I had 0 communication prior on what to expect which could have ended badly but thank god it turned out perfect. Saturday at like 11am the big dick guy legit texted me and said me & blank are chilling at my house if you want to come. I kinda poked and said anyone else or just yall? He said no just me and him we were gonna go swimming later. I just said… sure give me an hour and I can head over. So I did all my preparation, shower etc. I debated on it for a few what to wear and text my swinger friend and told her the deal. She said… well it seems pretty obvious to everyone why you are going over there so wear your sluttiest thing you want. Go nuts. I knew I was getting them to ass fuck me so I said fuck it and wore a black lacy bra and my black open butt lingerie you have seen in photos before under a white sun dress.
So I got the address etc and text them when I was on the way. The big dick guy opens the door. His friend was on the couch and they both had their swim suits and no shirts on. Over the course of a few minutes I came to the conclusion the big dick guy owned the escalade I saw last week and this house was his house. They were both 34 after some conversation and tour of the house. It’s probably a 750k+ house. Its super modern and facing the woods with a big pavered pool etc. So we end up after 30 minutes of banter drinking in the kitchen and they said… wanna go swimming? I just turned and said… honestly we all know why im hear and Id rather you guys fuck me first and then we go swimming and Im proud of myself for this but when I said that I pulled the shoulder straps to the side and my dress dropped to the floor right in the kitchen and I was standing there in my lingerie. Big dick guy spit out his drink. Actually spit it out like a cartoon… his friends mouth just dropped and they just stood there and I joked and said…. Was this not why I came over? They just mumbled and the big dick guy said yeah but just didn’t expect you to be so forward and blunt about it. I said welp… here we are… how do you guys want to do this? They said… whatever you want. I said… As long as I get fucked in the ass Im happy… and spun around and bent over and said… I wore my anal only lingerie… they laughed and the average dick guy said wow I guess you are the anal queen lol. It was kinda going no where and they made no moves so we went into his living room on the rug and they were behind me so I just turned around and dropped onto my knees and they both kinda walked up shoulder to shoulder and started pulling their dicks out. I grabbed them and started stroking both their cocks and just rubbing and playing with their balls and dicks flopping right in my face for a few minutes. The big dick guy says… so how do you want to do this?
It actually kinda surprised me how skiddish they were compared to last weekend. Probably the liquid courage. So I said… well… an tugged the average guys cock… I said this one need to go first to warm me up cause this one(and I tugged the big cock) is huge. They both laughed and I told the average dick guy to go to my purse and get booty eaze. So I guided the big cock guy to sit on the couch and I got between his legs on my knees and started sucking his huge dick. Barely could fit ¼ of it in my mouth of course. Then the other guy is kinda getting behind me. I pulled the big cock out of my mouth and told the guy behind me to use just a drop size amount and to go super slow. So I start sucking and full one hand stroking the big dick as I feel the other guys dick slowly easing into my ass. Took 30 seconds or so before he pulled back out and then pushed back in super slow… then he was fully super slow in and out in my ass while my mouth is filled and he was fucking me in the ass for im not kidding a solid 10 minutes or so… I eventually pulled the big cock out of my mouth and looked back and said dang are you gonna give him a turn? He laughed and said we can switch……. I said no ass to mouth today sir lol. So I always wanted to try this so I decided to speak up and said… ok position switch… told the average dick guy to sit and the big dock guy to stand. The average dick guy was sitting on the couch and I was facing out ward and was on my knees sitting on him with his legs closed…. So the big cock guy just stands right in front of me so Im bouncing on the one guys dick while sucking on the big cock in front of me… pretty consistent bouncing and its feeling absolutely amazing for about 5 minutes and then he says… im about to cum. So I said just push me off before… few seconds later he pushes my butt up off his dick and I can feel my ass open still while hes wacking it like crazy and moaning and cumming etc… I kinda slither off and stand there next to the big cock guy just holding his big dick while the other guy is just dead on the couch saying wow that was awesome…. After a few seconds I said… your turn! He kinda took charge and grabbed my neck and back kind of flung me doggy style onto the couch and get right behind me and was squeezing my ass cheeks and spreading my ass and said… can you handle my dick? I said absolutely…. Just take it a little slow. The other guy was just flopped on the couch still kinda just watching. Im not kidding he slid right in my ass like half way and wow was it intense and big. Thank god I was semi warmed up already but it felt so overwhelmingly intense and stretching my asshole out so much I literally bit down on the back of the couch and was moaning. The feeling of being already ass gapping open and warmed up from anal but then an even bigger dick slides in super easy but still feels stretched it was weird but it felt soooo good. He was super slowly pulsing his cock until he just slowly slid it all the way into my asshole super deep… my asshole was so stretched and I could feel him hitting my organs it was wild. He just held his cock all the way in me for like 20 seconds and was just reaching around rubbing my chest etc… omg I was in heaven. I just remember the feeling was really the best Ive ever had before… then he slowly pulls all the way out and slams it back in… super slow out then slams back all the way in. About 30 seconds of this and then he picks up the pace and is fast in and out and my asshole is legit aching….. almost actual hurting but its so overhwlemingly smooth and feeling so good I literally just start cumming like crazy. Super super intense orgasm. Whole body feeling. After that it was not fun. Feeling good was over and he was just slamming on my asshole and it was hurting bad so I said how long do you got? He said I can pop now… few seconds later hes super rapid ass fucking me and then pulls out and starts jerking and cumming all over my ass cheek…. I knew my ass was literally wide open bigger than ever before.. after he cummed he spread my ass and must have been admiring the damage he did lol. We both collapse on the couch…… I grab the towel on the ground and wipe the cum off my ass cheek and just say…. That was the most amazing thing Ive ever felt…. The whole thing. The average sized guy got up and went to the bathroom and then the big dick guy showed me to a big bathroom in the back. I got cleaned up and we all ended up hanging out for like an hour and drinking and just talking etc. I ended up leaving after that with simple kiss goodbyes. No swimming ever went down lol. I was maybe there 2 an a half hours total. So that night I got a text from from the big dick guy that said…. had a blast. Just let us know when you wanna swing by. We like hanging with you cause that ass is amazing and you are fun to hang with also. I kinda joked and said yeah i had blast. Im down to come in hang or come and you guys fuck me and I leave. Doesnt matter to me.
So my feelings on this.... Im happy. it was super fun. Its not as..... awkward as party boy. So im not opposed to doing it again. Ive done 3 guys so that wont happen but they are best friends and I feel its more fluid. Planning isnt as needed with them. Much more natural.



Story Time - 2 Guys DP

*Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline & My VIP OF Schedule can be seen on my homepage. >>>
Disclaimer - This is purely written content only and does not reflect what I do in my professional porn life on my VIP Onlyfans. Storys are non-fiction and just because I dont mention something doesnt mean it didnt happen. I take the needed safety precautions and for obvious reasons leave out the more boring aspects of things. Enjoy :)

So this was a bit fun but odd. Its been super minimal conversation. Never anything deep. Just flat out fun and flirting with these 2 guys. If im seeing someone Im open to them coming to my house but new tinder guys or strangers... never. Single female with guns and stuff and having guys just get fucking weird over the years I just keep it that way. I normally wouldnt have invited them over since I also like to be able to go somewhere but be able to bail if i need to. BUT....Only a handful of texts during the week joking about... we all got a good thing going.... he said... since you mentioned getting fucked and leaving... me and my buddy were gonna be going out to the beach for cigars with some friends at 2pm Saturday and will be gone all night. Would you wanna swing by before? I said sure thats fine. I think he he texted this Thurs or Friday(i forget). Limited communication and planning. More organic but I kinda poked and said... what do you guys want to do this time? He kinda responded and said whatever you want your in charge etc. I just said... "DP please ❤️"
He said "hell yeah we can make that happen". I was so excited you have no idea. Some guys arent as comfortable being that close so i wasnt sure. I wanted to try DP again since they are way more smooth and better than party boy and honestly i may never get the chance again so my as well. Well.... Saturday rolled around and I was running a little late on getting home and just said... hey... can yall just swing by here in an hour? He literally just said... no problem.. text me the address. So I said fuck it... im home... lets do this right. I opened the door naked and welcomed them in and didnt even show them around. Took them right upstairs. They were grabbing my ass as we went up the stairs etc. Both were dressed semi nice. Collared shirts etc. I said... welcome to my bed. Only like 2 guys in 5 years have seen this bed lol. They laughed and said oh wow. Big cock guy said... welp... how we gonna do this? You tell us when where and how. I lead them to the bed and sat the big cock guy on the bed against my head board and told the average dick guy to lick my asshole. I said well Ill hop on your dick first (to the big dick guy) and he(average dick guy) can fuck me in the ass. So We end up with the big cock guy leaned against headboard me sucking his dick while the average dick guy is licking my ass and after 5 minutes or so I feel him lean up and start aiming his cock in my asshole and then eazes it in. After 20 seconds or so hes full sliding it slowly all the way in and out. A lot was going on back there but trying to get my entire mouth around big dicks always splits focus. So maybe 2 minutes in i crawl up on the big cock guy and start easing down on it cowgirl style... took about 3 minutes of easing up and down. My pussy felt stretched. Then eventually i arch my back a bit and the average dick eases in my ass while im sitting still... he starts fucking me and then it pops out. Then again and again. Kept popping out so I eventually laid feetal on the big cock guy. Head on his chest and the average dick guy eventually got it all the way in and started just slamming home for like 5 minutes. Minimal movement from the big cock since it would just cause the other guys dick to pop out for some reason. Being locked onto a huge cock and just holding on for dear life while the other guy was just full send slamming myasshole was super intense. I wasnt getting the joys of anal the same. It was more of a just really really filled up feeling... almost numb. It felt good but a bit overhwelming in an overstimulating kind of way so after only 5 minutes or so I start cumming so hard it was insane... quivering full feeling like no other it was amazing. Way different than ive exprienced before but it was just so intense I couldnt focus on where it felt good. Hard to explain..... then it started hurting lol. A monster cock in my pussy and an average sized in my ass was way to overwhelming already when it felt good but after i already had cum it was not fun LOL.... so I had to say break time. Hoped off and said wow..... ok no more DP. Just anal cause my pussy was getting rubbed raw. I have to take a break to get ready for round 2 because it will hurt if not. So they had kinda collapsed and were both against the head board and i kinda guided them and sat on my knees and starting stroking both their cocks. That weirdly was more intense than the DP just stroking them and I kinda tried dirty talking (sorry i forgot what i said) so after a few minutes I said im ready if yall are ready. You can take turns on my asshole however you want. The average sized dick guy kinda guided me on my back missionary. Held my feet up spread in the air and eased his cock in my ass. He was on his knees and then just started pumping my ass like no tomorrow. Leaning over me kinda looking into my eyes. It was super max whore feeling. After a few minutes the big cock guy i could see hald way on the bed was getting antsy so i said come here. To the average dick guy got straight up still on his knees missionary but not leaned over holding himself up. The big cock guy goes right over my head and flops his balls and massive cock over my face and grabs my ankles and is holding and pulling my legs back while the other guy is fucking my ass. I literally almost couldnt breath and had to back him up and tip my head back to get his cock in my mouth. He was kinda face fucking me an inch or so at a time. Weirdly im stroking his big cock and maybe a minute in he just goes... im gonna cum then starts fucking my mouth super hard but its so big it hardly gets like 2 inches in and pulls his cock out of my mouth flops his balls on my mouth and knoes and is jerking it cumming all over my chest and stomach.,.... Still holding my legs back like 30 seconds with his package still on my face his buddy starts super rapid fucking me and starts moaning and pulls his dick out of my ass and jerks it and cums all over my stomach. I was covered in so much cum. The whole event was maybe 30 seconds. They kinda chilled for a second sitting down and got their breath and we just kinda giggled and they would touch me. Big cock guy said... cool if we roll? I said not a problem. Just make sure you dont let my cats out and they dressed and I was still laying there covered in both of their cum and they went down and i heard them open the door and leave. I laid there like 2 minutes straight just thinking how awesome that was lol.



Story Time – Swinger Friends Halloween Party

*Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline & My VIP OF Schedule can be seen on my homepage. >>>

Im gonna say right now. Don’t judge. This was the craziest event I’ve had I think. So she threw a costume party Friday night. It was probably like 40 people. Mix of swingers and her random friends. She said it wasn’t a sex party… meaning its just normal people being people. So I got dibs on a bedroom. She’s got 5 bedrooms and a den actually so I know one of the couples I had met before had another bedroom and I think the rest were for people if they drank to much. So I wore my cat outfit…. I wanted to wear the butt plug tail but wearing for to long might not be the greatest idea. SO it was cool mingling with a handful of people early on. I worked late thurs and got there i think 4pm... then to 6 or 7 people had been drinking a bit more and I had met a nice fellow. I would say it was about 20 people who were couples and 10 guys and 10 girls that seemed alone/single at that point. More people than expected. I had kinda attached to this one guy on and off and he was tall white pale blonde hair probably 35 wearing a Adam Sandler that’s my Boy movie costume. Kinda funny. We at that point were getting each other drinks etc. We had joked about it being a party full of swingers. So he has 2 friends show up at I think 7pm or so and hung with them a lot. They both didn’t have costumes. I was mingling elsewhere and talked to them a few times etc. All 4 of us had shots with a few other girls etc. The guy I kinda spent a lot of time withs friends were hitting on random girls with no luck. So it had to been 9:30 or 10 or so cause it just had got fully dark and I was with the guy and noticed hadn’t talked to his friends for a while and said I think they went to their truck to smoke or something Im gonna go look for them. So I said Ill come with. We go way down this side road on her property where they parked along this fence and their truck bed was down and they were smoking on the tailgate. At least 150ft from the party or really anyone. One of the guys said he has a girl coming in 10 minutes. So she eventually pulls up in the car and said hello etc. Then they went back to the house to drink. So its just me and my guy and his one friend.We are all talking and the guys friends was laughing and said damn for a swinger party these girls sure aren’t down to do anything… then says to me… no offense…. I laughed and said I was kinda thinking the same thing… I was expecting to have sucked at least one dick by now. They both kinda laughed and the guy I had been hanging with said “well there is 2 here”. We all laughed. Then I was kinda realizing… this might not be just jokes. So I kinda pondered and said…. Well we all had the same end goal… We could easily fix that problem right here. His friend just goes… so… Im down. Then my guy says… what are you thinking? Im sure we are all on board. I said whip them out and lets see. So they kinda were super just speechless and the main guy I had been with says….. alright and starts unbuckling his pants so I walk over and start easing on my knees and a dick just flops out and I grab it and start sucking on his cock and immediately I feel the other guy kinda walking up lining up next to the main guy. So Im sucking this guys cock and kinda thinking in my head…. What the hell is happening… i have a pretty hefty buzz but i kinda pushed myself into this not intentionally but kinda intentionally.... how the hell did I end up here lol. So the other guy is unbuckling and whips his cock out so I’m on my knees and just shift my torso a bit and grab his cock and start sucking it. From the dark and drinking id say both were a solid 6 inches.… I got 1 cock in my hand and one in my mouth on my knees in the dirt behind a truck/fence. This entire ordeal was fluid,m and sudden. Maybe 1 minute total tops and suddenly like 10 people had poured out and someone hit the horn on the car right near us…. So I kinda just instantly stood up and they fumbled their pants and I joked and said maybe we can continue later elsewhere. So I was enjoying it… The friend said… I’m gonna get some snacks in the house. So me and my original guy just stood there and he said… you good? We don’t have to do that again… kinda got caught up in the moment…. I laughed and said no that was fun and unexpected. I said honestly I planned to suck your dick anyway but you hadnt made a move and that just kinda happened but you definitely think I’m a whore now im sure. He laughed and said well I’m into that. We bantered a bit and ended up walking back to the house and getting drinks and ended way on the other side of the patio and about 45 minutes rolled by and he was wondering where his friends went. Texted them both and the one friend was like yeah dude I had to take the other home… he was super druuunk. Idk how y’all didn’t notice prior. We were pretty lit also probably. So we hung till like 11 or so and I said well… I have a room here. He laughed and said well that woulda been easier. So we end up in there and within seconds he had me bent over the bed standing and was pulling my pants down and he quickly was fumbling a condom and had it on while my black yoga pants were slightly under my butt and his dick quickly lined up on my pussy and took a few dry minutes to get it going. No forplay... in the moment more for hm than me and he got in eventually and slowly worked on it till it wasnt as dry and then he just full sail fucked my pussy for like maybe 3 minutes till he pulled out and I just feel him kinda tugging my arm and said get on your knees…. No discussion prior so I flip around right onto my knees he pulls the condom off I open my mouth and some of it shoots over my head onto the bed then he aims the rest into my mouth and I just took a cum shot in the mouth and swallowed when he was done. I was still buzzing pretty hard so I was just going with the flowl but it was a solid solid let down from what I expected. It was a major let down but we also had hefty buzzes.... i liked him as a person but the sex was awful. So we end up watching tv and passing out together and both woke about 8am. It was a rough rough morning. He ended up helping me and my friend clean the house for like an hour and then left. After he left me and her just lounged on the couch and she started with…. So you got dick like you wanted… and I just put my head down and held 2 fingers up. She goes what’s that? Then goes…. OMG you slut. You fucked 2 guys last night? I laughed and said no and told her the story…..She then went on to tell me all her multiple dick sucking adventures over the years.
I left at about noon from her house Sat morning. I wrote this saturday(yesterday) and set to go Sun morning. Halloween is Monday so Im still deciding to wear a butt plug tail or not lol.



Story Time – The Cheater

*Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline & My VIP OF Schedule can be seen on my homepage. >>>
Disclaimer - What I do in my personal life does not reflect whats done on my professional content.
These are summarized events. Just because some things arent mentioned doesnt mean they did or did not happen. Enjoy :)

Well this was an interesting one. Ill keep it short since it was short. Actively sexting guys via tinder recently and it seems to trigger good and bad experiences. Been talking to this guy for a week or so. Long story short we made plans to go to the beach and hang and then maybe go back to one of our places so he could ass fuck me etc. Obviously I speak to a few guys at a time. Sometimes i lose interest, sometimes im SUPER interested, sometimes they ghost me... sometimes their schedules and mine just dont line up. Well I liked him and but this other guy I liked more.... well i was in total slut mode and this guy ended up sending a dick pic... I had to ask and he said it was 8 inches. So far MONSTEROUSLY huge cocks seem big but the biggest ive seen is 7.5.... 3 or 4 but the girth plus 7.5 makes or breaks how "big" it really is. Well this thing I am 100% sure was bigger than bodybuilders and the guy from the threesome. Huge. 8 inches and just super thick. I became hyper focused on this. I was wanting to take that challenge. I was in such big dick hypnosis i even kinda moved plans around for him which i never do LOL. So i told him i was jogging and we could meeet at this local beach after i run Saturday at like 10am. Well we get there and sit on this towel kinda near some bushes. I was still sweating and in my workout clothes and he was in similar. We sat and hit it off. Legit like an hour. Ended up cuddling and little kiss here and there. So we end up walking the beach and kissed kinda of on this off trail where no one was and he starts rubbing my chest. So i figured it was time to make my move and feel this thing. I rub down his shorts and its not even hard and was bigger than most guys... it starts getting super hard and i reach my hand in and grab it. My fingers wouldnt even wrap around it. It was so huge. I was excited. I said wow its huge. He laughed and shrugged and kinda moved and was just started walking back to the towels... we sit down and literally no one anywhere near hes leaned back on his hands and i reach in his pants and it was half hard and i start full on giving him a handjob. Stroking his cock for about 30 seconds and he just stops me and says.... "idk if im ready to jump into this". I kinda laughed and said what do you mean? he said "well i kinda just got out of a relationship". I said... ok hmm... its no big deal i get it. I was up front about mainly after sex so im not going to just linger just cause your dicks huge. He laughed then said... well Im me and my gf arent totally broke up. I havent been able to bring myself to dump her yet cause shes crazy so if we could maybe get to know each other it would be ok. I laughed and said... dude... tinder or anywhere... stringing a new girl along or a girlfriend along is super fucked up. You are just a cheater. I said "do the right thing and break up with her".... collected my shit and left. I was all the way across the beach and he was still sitting on the towel. What an asshole. So I went about my day from there.



Story Time – Anal 2 Times Tinder Guy

*Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline & My VIP OF Schedule can be seen on my homepage. >>>

This was a very eventful day. Met up with a guy from Tinder at the beach who was from georgia on vacation with his friends for the week. He invited me to “party” a few times. Im gonna be completely honest. He was ultra attractive. 6 ft blonde bodybuilder status. For about 2 days I was really bad and had sent him nudes. Even one with a butt plug etc. He started telling me how he loves anal but I wouldn’t be able to handle him etc. He sent dick pics. Above average for sure. I told him Id let him ass fuck me etc. So I met him down on Saturday at my local beach bar and he was staying like 20 minute walk from there. We hit it off. He was more quiet/passive than expected through sexting etc. It was maybe 2 hours in and a few beers and the convo came up idk how he said well Im in town for only 3 more days so I hope that’s not an issue. We could def get to know each other more tomorrow etc. I laughed and said… my texts were serious. He kinda was confused. I said… umm…. Nudes, anal etc. He kinda laughed and was like ummm I thought that was just dirty talk. I didn’t actually expect anything. I said let me be blunt. Lets go to your hotel room and then we can part ways. He said oh I’m down. Not kidding and then instantly said to the bartender… can we get the check? I had already paid when he was in the bathroom and the bartender told him. He said wow thanks. Wining and dining me? I laughed. So we walked to my truck and we drove back to his hotel. A very nice hotel actually on the beach. We went up the elevator and said his friends were down 2 hours south seeing family for the day and night. I could tell it was a shared room. 2 Beds. He kisses me and it went quick from there. Clothes start getting pulled off and he lays me on the bed naked and starts pulling his boxers off and his cock comes out hard as a rock. Solid average 6 inches or so. Much smaller than he made it out to be in words and photos. He pushes my legs back and kinda is mounted on his knees but standing still and grabs his cock and starts lining it up to my pussy… so I had to wiggle and say… wrong hole. He laughed and said oops I forgot. Then he lines his cock up and starts easing his dick into my ass a little but was a bit to dry so I told him to grab my purse. Took out my booty eaze. Put a drop on my asshole and he was slid in super quick and starts slow fucking my ass. Kinda sucking on my titles and kissing me while pumping my ass… eventually after 5 minutes or so he’s semi standing up and closes both my legs and puts them up on his shoulder and it felt so good. I don’t do missionary often because I can’t cum well but it felt absolutely amazing. It was going in so easy in and out for another 2-3 minutes and then he starts tensing and cums all In my ass. It happened so fast I didn’t tel him to pull out. He collapses and I was still Horney and said… dang wish it lasted longer. He said don’t worry…. I can go again in maybe 3 minutes if you are down…. I said sure. So I just laid there with him…. He went to the bathroom and came out and said… ready? It was a solid 5 minutes. I said ummm… sure I guess so. He kinda grabbed me by the neck and arm butt naked and led me to the chair in the corner near the window and pushed me on the chair doggy style and was super aggressive in a good way and said spread that ass. So I reach back and spread my ass and he goes “Im gonna fuck that ass and pull my dick out. Don’t let go because Im gonna gape your ass like a whore”. I was taken aback a bit. I laughed and said don’t get to out of control but as long as I’m naked you can be demeaning. I kinda was like… fuck it…. It was a turn on. So my heads on the back of the chair and I’m reached back spreading my ass and I feel his cock line up and it slid right in. I was already still lubed up from lube and cum… took about. 5 seconds of slow and he started slamming it home deep. He grabs my hair while I’m still holding my ass open and start pulling his cock out every few seconds. I know he was looking at my ass gapping and then he was spreading my ass when I put my arms finally to hold onto the chair. He would put his dick back in and fuck me for like 3 seconds really fast and then pull out and spread my ass. Did this like 10 times. This was probably 5 minutes in and he just grabs my hair and really starts slamming my asshole like no tomorrow for 5 minutes. He eventaully pulls his dick out and grabs me by my hair and pulls me up and he spins us around and he sits down. He pulls me onto him. So im on his lap in the chair on my knees facing and he lines it up to my ass and I instantly start bouncing up and down on his dick. Solid 5 minutes of bouncing and we were sweating and just going crazy it felt so good and I said I’m about to cum. He said me too and we start cumming at the same time. It was absolutely amazing. I slowly ease off his dick and just lay on the bed face down. I was absolutely beat. I think we were on hour 4 since we had originally met lol. There was so much cum and lube in my ass I had to take a shower. When I got out I put my regular clothes back on and he asked if I wanted to hang again before he leaves. I said honestly Im working. He just said ok and we chatted for a minute and then I left. I think the whole encounter from leaving my house to getting home was like 4.5 hours. I got home at 4pm lol. I think I got there 11:30 or so. I actually ended up going to my friends house to drink beer an hour after and I was having a hard time sitting still. My ass hurt lol. So Im writing this now at 10pm and then going to bed since I have to be up early.

Story Time – Local Tinder Guy Dec 4, 2022

So I randomly connected with a local that lives 10 minutes from me On Saturday around noon.. Kinda sexted him a little just like I did the other guy last weekend but decided to do the.... talk out some sex stuff but tell them i dont put out on the first day. Having a new guy pounding my ass after a few hours has been…. Thrilling. I just do a lot more online vetting now and will play more as it comes. I decided to not let the bedroom be the test area. I am clear on doing anal etc. I think this guy was hispanic.. maybe.. idk. Sent me a picture of his big uncircumsized dick which I have not seen one before in person weirdly enough. Anyway. Saturday about noon. Was a different beach bar than my usual since he lived close by. Said he had a condo nearby etc. So we met in the parking lot and ended up talking for 20 minutes or so. 6 foot, I think he was 30. I looked just now and he blocked me on tinder LOL the ending will explain why.. He was very handsy quickly which it was fluid and invited. We end up in the place and drank a beer each and it was super loud and I said lets go elsewhere. We end up in the parking lot and it quickly became a kiss and chest rubs and I rubbed his package etc. He said “lets just hit my condo and Ill make some burgers. I had some planned for a cookout with friends already actually later on. So I said sure. Text me the address and we will meeet there. For the record ladies who read this… I always tell guys im texting my friend the address also for safety. Guys never question it. So we end up in his condo which had a really good ocean view and he starts getting the food out and he kinda says… well want me to lick your ass before or after? I laughed since it was from our sexting prior and I said…. How about after? … until the mean time how can I help? He said honestly if you want to get naked and cut up the veggies? I laughed and said sure and slipped my pants down and took my shirt off and was completely naked in his kitchen. So he made enough for 2 burgers and I cut up his pre set amount of vegges. He went to his condo balcony and started the grill and the little couch behind him I just sat there naked with the 2 plates with buns and vegges. We talked and once the burgers were done he flopped them down and we ate and a few minutes after he just goes… can I lick your ass now? I said yes sir… flipped up doggy style on the couch still on his balcony and just had my head resting on the back watching the water and I felt him dive right in and start licking my asshole. Solid 5 minutes. I was moaning it felt so awesome. Then I kinda said…. Are you ready to put it in my ass? He said oh yeah…. I pop up on my hands on the back of the couch still doggy style waiting …. Waiting… then I felt like he was jerking off. A solid minute goes by so I look back and hes limp dick jerkng off. I said want me to blow you? He said yeah… I spin and sit on the couch and grab his soft uncircumized dick and put it in my mouth. It was soft so the whole thing was in my mouth… literally 5 minutes working on him it starts growing finally… bigger and bigger. Solid 7 incher. I spin back around and spread my ass for him and I feel him pushign his dick into my ass maybe 1/4 of an inch and then nothing. Lining It up and pushing it etc. … still nothing. I spin back around and hes half soft. So I start sucking him again till he gets hard. Then he trys on my asshole again and the same thing. I tell him to sit down… I get on my knees and start blowing him and it gets hard as a rock instantly. I jump up on him cowgirl style and reach back and line it up in my ass… no condom and ease down over about 30 seconds till I finally slid all the way down on it. I start bouncing super fast maybe 5 ups and downs and he grabs and lifts me up and it jerking and I realized he had pulled out to cum and hes cumming all over my asshole jerking it. Im just like…. Ok…. Thanks. Glad you reward me with a 5 second fuck and cumming on my asshole and pussy. He started saying sorry etc. I went to the bathroom. Showered and rinsed his cum off my holes and i was pissed. I know none got in me but the general idea it could have…Cumming in my ass is fine if a guys shown me a test or at least if its a good fuck but… come on lol. So I came out clothed and said thanks for the food it was fun etc. He said whats the deal? He said it wouldnt happen again cumming so quick. So I elaborated i wasnt disapointed in the 5 seconds thing at all…. I was pissed that you lasted 5 seconds and then thought it was ok to cum all on my asshole and pussy. He said well I can make it up to you etc. Then he went off to the bathroom and I had my stuff so I straight up ditched. Caught the elevator just in time and got to my truck and left lol.
This entire event maybe peaked to 3 hours from the time we met to the time I ditched. So I got home and popped a butt plug in and played videos games all night. Now its Sunday writing this LOL. You win some you lose some I guess. Weird stuff been happening lately. I see why I kinda veered from the bang first thing. Blowjobs are easier to deal with if things go weird. You really get to know someone in a different way when their dick is in your mouth…. How they react sexually, after sex etc. Its like im landing homeruns sometimes and then having some really not fun times. When im telling a guy they can ass fuck me etc they turn different versus if I leave the expectations more “open” then just blow them. Im a system/control freak in all aspects of my life so I may be open sexually but not sext and tell guys I want anal the first time. I tried it and it has just kinda gone bad to much.
Anyway… back to sucking dick on the first “date” now instead.



Story Time - The Perfect Guy Dec 11, 2022

So our schedules didn't align but landed kinda perfect and he seems like the perfect guy on paper but just now getting to know him. Been texting him almost 3 weeks and 2 weeks prior on tinder. Moved from Ohio 6 months ago. His wife had sex with her personal trainer like 2 months after they moved down and she moved in with the guy like 20 minutes away. Divorced really quick. I prodded for info he didnt just tell me this. He lives right down the road and I would consider well off. Has a 900k house( I have his address etc lol). The guy is into the same thing, libertarian etc. 6ft brown hair Italian descent etc. His perfection was a cause for even more red alert. Long story short we ended up talking on the phone about a week or so ago and i actually did want to hangout with him but weird stuff kept happening and at this point im into him enough to mildly chase so I moved my schedule to make a few hours where tuesdsy(i think... been along week lol) night so we could just at least meeet for a normal date. Its not usual for the situation but he happened to grab my attention as a potential guy id like to get ass fucked by and then rapidly found out we had an enormous amount in common. Not looking for a boyfriend but he would definitely be considered boyfriend material. So we hit the date.. talked etc it was great normal beach bar kind and sex came up. His wife never did anal, he missed it etc. I told him hes in luck etc. Date went great. Ended with what id think was a lot of interest overall and a major want to have sex but we just kissed and parted ways since i had a flight the next day. Anyway… texting we scheduled a fuck date. Joked how I wasnt looking for anything serious. I was really milking it. Telling him Id make him forget his ex wife really fast etc. Cause honestly its kinda a turn on when a guy is in distress and we can help in a weird way. Sad but cute kind of thing. He ends up mentioning his dick is kinda big. Said a solid 7.5 inches. Which is enormous. So we make a date plan for Saturday at noonish when i get home from oklahaoma. So i get back from my trip saturday..... I land, shower and relax for an hour and I go to his house I think 1ish??? Traveling etc my life is a blur this past week. Im sure everyone can relate. So hes going to cook chicken pasta(my request). I show up. Gorgous home with a pool(but I already knew that from zillow snooping lol). I wore just regular jeans shorts and a tank top. He runs back to the kitchen. The whole… seems like ive known you already forever etc. Hes cooking and says make yourself at home. Laughing, cooking came to quick flirting in the kitchen to eating etc. I joked about 20 minutes after we ate while standing in his kitchen…. So we gonna do what we planned? He kinda laughed and said i really didnt want to be rude or to forward and wasnt sure if you were joking but if you can really handle it I hope you are up to the challenge doing anal. It is big. I wasnt lieing. I kinda laughed and we started kissing in his kitchen. Minute or so I slide down to my knees and start pulling down his jeans and this huge cock flopped out and hit me in the eye. Fumbled he said sorry and we kinda laughed. It was big big. 7.5inches for sure. Super clean nice dick shaved. I was just thrilled I think cause I liked the guy a LOT. So I wrap my hand around it and start long stroking his cock for a minute and smiling and looking up at him and eventually put the tip in my mouth and start sucking it. My mouth is completely just stuffed I can barely push it an inch or 2 in. Im long beyond horny. I was in my head just planning to let him do whatever he wanted lol. He grabs me suddenly pulls me up and starts taking my clothes off and then walks me over to his couch lays me on my back and starts giving me wild oral for 5 minutes and then eventually moves down and starts licking my asshole. Hes holding my legs all the way back to my chest. Slowly comes up and starts kissing on my neck and says do you have lube? I said I sure do. Pointed at my purse. I pulled it out and dabbed a few drops of booty eaze on my asshole and he pins my legs back to my chest again and is kissing my neck and sucking on my chest and I feel him start lining his cock up to my asshole and the tip just slid in. I was so turned on his huge cock was almost half way in and he is fucking me super slow with half of his dicks length for a few minutes. Then eventually he stopped kissing and was on his knees and full on anal missionary. Super romantic. Then he starts picking up the pace and full fucking me super fast and deep and I could feel his pelvis hitting my ass… he was balls deep slamming my asshole and it was sooooo overwhelming I had to ask him to stop for a second. The big ones can start to hurt. So he pulls out. Both of us are deep breathing and I grabbed the lube and put a few more drops on. Then said change positions? He said sure. I popped up and flipped doggy style. Hands on the back of the couch and arched my back. He angled up and slid is cock right in my ass and started going to town. I was just moaning like crazy it felt so good. He fucked me constantly super fast till I started to cum like crazy and he started moaning while i was cumming and I could feel his pace pick up even more super hard rapid slams and he let out a yelp and just held his cock in my ass for like 10 seconds….. I said wow that was awesome. Im done if you are done. He slowly pulled out of my ass and just fell on the couch. I was stuck with my butt up still I dropped my head down to the couch seat with my ass wide open. Bigger the toy or cock the bigger the gape. Lol. I eventually tighten my ass back up and collapse onto him. We just cuddled for like 10 minutes all sweaty. I felt jizz all in my ass and on my ass and pussy so I said can I take a shower? I gotta rinse out lol. He said sure…. When i came back out 15 later or so he had all the blinds closed and some candles lit on the counter and said… I have desert if you want to watch a movie. I was clear some what on telling him hey ill come over and you can fuck me but I dont linger long etc. Not looking for a relationship etc. He sucked me in though with his good looks, giant dick, big house and perfect personality lol. I normally would have made an excuse but I made a mistake and said SURE! So we legit hung on his couch for like 6 hours to the point I even ordered a pizza. Talked, watched tv etc. Quick kiss goodnight. He text me 45 minutes later and said… you make it home ok? I said yes. Then he said… thats was fun lets do it again soon. I just said yeah for sure. Then he followed up with “just let me know when you are free this week”.
Im in crisis mode. I dont wanna be like…. Fuck off dude but also I probably should so this doesnt evolve into more since I like him. I called my friend to ask what to do. She said fuck it see where it goes but dont come to his every whim. Tell him Fri or Sats only and you arent looking for a relationship. I text back and just said… not available during the weeks I work a lot(which he kinda already knew). He just goes… “Totally understand that, lets do Saturday then. We will go do something fun”. IDK how but his big dick magic voodoo has a spell on me and I responded quickly… Yeah for sure! What you thinking? He said “beach and beer”. I was determined to put this to a stop and said “ What happened to sex only?”. He said… “I knew you werent joking about anal after today and you said you wanted consistent sex. Why dont I fuck that tight little ass on the weekends then but we just do something fun before or after though?”. I just gave in and said “sounds like a plan, Im free Saturday.”
Why am I worried? Hes amazing and I didnt want to branch out of just physical relations yet because it ended badly in the past but I like the guy and ive hung with guys before and after sex and decided to stop that but maybe i went about it wrong before. Im just hopeing liking the guy isnt blinding me from rationality. I called my friend again LOL. She said… fuck it just keep it once a week and if you want to hang with him all day who cares just make sure it revolved around sex and not hanging just because you want to see him. So anyway I got plans Saturday lol.



Story Time - The Perfect Guy Again

Full Dating/Sex Story Timeline & My VIP OF Schedule can be seen on my homepage. >>>
Disclaimer - What I do in my personal life does not reflect whats done on my professional content.
These are summarized events. Just because some things arent mentioned doesnt mean they did or did not happen. Enjoy :)

Welp… been texting all week. I kinda joked over a couple days randomly and made sure I was clear with him im not looking for anything serious etc. Then it broke loose. I told him about onlyfans, IG, etc. All of it. Told him why I wasnt dating and that i really liked him but a bf/gf relationship wont be the end game because I work way to much and am to career oriented now. He even asked about the type of content but I said I wouldnt disclose my tag names etc. Told him I did handjob/blowjob stuff etc once a month. I deep down was hoping to either scare him away or get the awkwardness over. Figured a test run. He said he was super cool with it and that we werent dating so it was none of his business and it had no bearing on him wanting to hookup now or in the future. I told him straight up….. if you think im slut for sleeping around and doing OF thats fine… you can bail or treat me like a slut and fuck me and leave. Up to you lol. He said no hes all in on fun and anal once a week. So we came to the conclusion we would meeet Saturday at 2pm on the beach. I show up and he had a giant towel, beer, sandwhiches etc. He had little flowers sprinkled all over the towel. Absolutely adorable. I joked and said…… do you treat all sluts like this? He laughed and said…. You didnt make any rules against this.
I had run run run going through my head. So im clear here not because hes bad but because I like him and didnt want to get sucked in. LOL. Anyway we hang on the beach…. Cuddle, touch the cold water but never get in, drink a few beers, kiss etc. It was like 60 and windy so more of a jacket with a bikini under type day lol. He threw a few chest rubs in. The evening started rolling around and the sun sets early snd was cloudy and sun was going down so a little darker and the crowds kinda came and went… our spot was near a sand dune and the beach was pretty empty and when I was crawling to get somthing I did full doggy style in front of him. Arched back on purpose and he starts grabbing and spreading my ass. Im like so turned on it was hard not to have him whip it out and sit on his big dick right there lol. I gave a few package rubs. I have big hands and it did not fit even half in my hands and he was soft.
So we end up back at my truck and I said… its late and we didnt have sex. He said well… we could have salty sandy sex in your truck… I thought for a second and said… ok! Lol. So we hoped in my truck and drove down to a corner lot… tossed a towel on the hand grip things to cover the windshield and scooted the front seats up and hoped in the back seat and he pulled his swim suit down and his cock was rock hard and I start sucking on it…. I laughed and said yep… salty LOL. So I was stroking his cock for maybe 30 seconds and he slides to the center of the back seat sitting normal and pulls me onto his lap with me facing away. Starts rubbing my pussy and his cock is straight up in between my legs sticking up from his pelvis it reaches across my pussy all the way almost to my belly button. Its huge. So I start fumbling to get my bikini bottoms off and he kinda grabs under my legs and eases his cock into my pussy and it felt sooo good I was so wet it slid like 1/4 in no problem. I start kinda bouncing but had to angle my head so I didnt hit the ceiling LOL. His cock was so big Id slide up and down and it would only go 1/4 of the way yet. It would just slowly stop. Didnt hurt but just wouldnt go further… then I was like hmmm… we need a condom and its not a good situation for anal..... Realized we didnt have one and I said… DO NOT CUM IN ME. So I eventually am working up and down and it gets a little deeper and a little deeper. About 3 minutes to fully in. So im just kinda bouncing on his huge cock and its feeling amazing. My legs were tiring and I had a buzz so I hoped off and got on my knees on the other seat and started sucking his cock for like 5 minutes. Its like trying to suck on 2 redbull cans. Try it. Its tough lol. A few minutes later he said I wont be able to cum so its fine. I laughed and said thank god my jaw was hurting. So we kinda sneakily get out of the truck after no one was around and were just chatting next to my truck… then we cleaned it up and I drove him to his car and said…. Let me know whats of the docket for next Saturday. I just joked back and said… non-sandy sex lol. He laughed and hoped out and went to his car and I left. He text after he got home and that was it till I woke up to a good morning text and he was saying… do I gotta wait to see you for a whole week? I said…. Absolutely yes. I work. He said well what about quick sex? Thats what your all about right? I said yeah absolutely… but on the weekends.



Story Time - The Perfect Guy Xmas Eve Anal

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! I hope you had a terrific Xmas eve and have a terrific day today whether you are spending it alone, with friends or with family. Im super busy and will be seeing my family for a few hours but they are actually cleaning out their garage so will be doing that with them and then relaxing with my phone off and work totally off and probably playing video games all evening LOL.
Well… the title gives it all up but it was an odd situation. The guy kinda ghosted me this week for a few days which is odd. Then kinda got snippy and said well… you said no weekday stuff so I didnt want to text really cause it seemed like it bugged you etc. Little odd. I chalked it up as him being a normal emotional person. I told him not I just had a life and boundaries set and that was it. He guilt tripped me a bit and said well… you know xmas eve is Saturday and xmas is Sunday so im assuming I wont see you then either so then it wont be till the weekend after before I see you. He was kinda pushy and said… I really like you and just wanted to see you at least once a week. I said I get it. Guys need sex. Im all for putting out and maybe we can work something out. I want to be clear the only reason im even remotely considering compromise is im dick whipped and want to keep him appeased so he doesnt bail cause I like him. Most guys im like…. Dont want to fuck me In the ass every week or 2? See ya later. Your loss. This guy is different. So I told him honestly I didnt have plans Saturday evening. He kinda poked at how his wife left him and hes here all alone and has no one to spend Xmas with etc. Pulled on my heart strings. I said ok. We can hang Xmas Eve night. I said he could come to my house in the evening. No gifts or anything at all or I would be pissed. We are just hookup buddies. So he shows up with huge roses and a bottle of crown apple. Said just a house present not a gift. I let it slide. It was like 4pm I think. He said lets get drinking! I said sure im down. We slammed a few crown apple drinks together in the kitchen and before I knew it I was backed up my ass to his big dick grinding it between my ass cheeks. Hes reaching around gropping my chest. I was super turned on. We end up making out in the kitchen and kinda end up in the living room and cuddled on the couch. I flip the tv on and we drink our drinks and I kinda just sit up and pull his pants off. He kinda is just like…. OK…. LOL. So then I wiggle my clothes off and he goes omg so sexy… I was wearing my low underboob lingerie top with the black open butt anal only lingerie. Im facing away on my knees bent over slightly and hes rubbing my ass then starts rubbing my asshole. I reach right under the couch and grab my booty eaze lube and dab some on my asshole and scoot back facing away and his legs are spred and up and I put my legs under his and up the side of his butt so my ass is just right there at his cock. Reverse cowgirl kind of but my legs are under his. I fully spread my ass and hold it spread and ease down on his dick. He aims it up and it starts sliding into my ass. Its so big it really feels like im shoving a arm up my ass LOL. I just hold my ass spread for a few minutes as I slowly move up and down on the top half of his dick. Eventually the little aching goes away and I ease down till its all the way in my ass. I just stop for a second and lean back to kiss him while just dead still. I can feel his cock pulsating in my ass LOL. I just enjoyed the filled up feeling for a few seconds then slowly eased all the way up to the tip. Then all the way back down. Super slow over and over. A solid 3 seconds to go up. 3 seconds to go down. Super slow. I could feel every texture and size change on his cock because its big. Eventually I sped the pace up and and it was feeling amazing and then he started cumming after about 7 or 8 minutes into it all in my ass… then grabs my ass cheeks and spreads my ass and pulls me off and holds my ass cheeks apart im assuming looking at my opened up asshole. Super turn on when a guy takes control like that. So we cleaned up and it was maybe 8pm. Watched a few movies on and off and just talked and drank and eventually ended up upstairs in my bed and went to sleep. I woke up this morning with him half asleep grinding on my ass spooning and he kinda eased my shorts down and started easing his dick into my pussy. Which I was half asleep but down for but big dicks are not a chill and let it happen situation. So I kinda am waking up and he asks for lube. I point him to it. He eases it in and it was kinda sore downstairs from anal. Different hole but his size causes pressure and the walls and everythings so close it ached so I said its hurting… slam it home and just dont cum in me. He just half pumped my pussy really fast… maybe 30 seconds and pulled out and jerked it and was cumming all over his hand etc. We both laughed and said merry Christmas LOL. We kissed and he left. Now im writing this and logging out of media and work for the day. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Santa brought me sore holes for Xmas lol.

Thats the end of my 2021 & 2022 Storys. As of writing this my encounters have continued into 2023. To read the 2023 stories please head back to the directory by clicking HERE

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