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Sample Story



Welcome! My Stories are and were written generally on the Sunday mornings after my encounters. You may notice some mix ups and missing storys. These were originally written on my Free OF and transferred over. Just ignore and move along. My stories are real and I do not exaggerate but I do emphasize the more exciting parts. Just remember these stories only have so much information. I rarely mentioned the extents i go to for both sexual safety, personal safety and the occasional dead end dates. All of these are about my personnal sex life and in no way reflect what I do and am comfortable doing on camera for my VIP Onlyfans. Enjoy the ride.

Story Time - The Perfect Guy & My Swinger Friends New Years Eve Party

Me really liking this guy but also wanting major boundaries I decided to have a talk with him. I called him to get on the same page. Told him we could hangout like we are dating but we arent exclusive and we have to base our hanging around sex but we could go to the beach etc no problem. Also I explained to him we arent exclusive so it really means Im going to continue working with my male actor and he absolutely cant try to involve himself in my work. Also… ANAL and oral only. I prefer anal. Im not on birth control. So we got on the same page. Friends with benefits clarification. So Friday night plans were made for my house but ended up working late so I went to his house after work…..
We discussed massage since my body was sore. He had pasta with steak waiting when I walked in. Candles lit, mood lighing on his patio/pool etc. We ate. I had my hair straighened and makeup all done up. I told him I needed a shower so I took a shower and eventually called for him and said hop in… so he said ok sure…. So he jumps in and kissing etc start fast… soaping and rubbing each other and his huge cock is flopping around hard as a rock.. after a few seconds I spin around and he starts easing his cock into my ass… nada. Hands on the wall ass out… then face on the wall spreading my ass… nada…. So I said lets try that booty eaze. Its more of a grease type and lasts longer… he dryed off and went and got it.. came back hoped in eased it into my ass with his finger and then eventually hands on the wall bent over had him finally get it half way in. The water changes the asshole thats for sure LOL. It never really loosened up but he eventually got it all the way in and holding onto my hips was just fucking my asshole like no tomorrow. It wouldnt loosen… no pain just … rough feeling the whole 3-4 minutes or so of fast fucking till eventually hes moaning and cumming in my asshole. Weirdly it didnt hurt at all but I def wasnt enjoying it LOL. So we ended up getting out and watching a movie. He had clothes on but I was naked and would spread my ass for him and offer to suck his dick over the course of an hour or 2 and he didnt get the hint I wanted round 2. We talked and snacked all night and ended up passing out. I left at like 6am before he was awake.
So the next day i ran at 10am in the rain. I planned to go paddleboarding but rain rain rain so i watched fhe bama game. Got over to my swinger friends house at about 5pm. The party started at 7. It was a regular party. Few swingers there but pretty tame. I wore my simple blue dress and my black strappy heels. 7 or so the guy she wanted me to meeet showed up. He was awkward…. Just flat out not my type. So after a quick hour people were stacked and I was friendly but he was kinda following me to talk to me. Didnt get the signals. So I ended up out by this fence place where people smoke near her driveway to kinda avoid the guy. Ended up meeeting this super attractive guy at the outside group. We hit it off and I told him about the guy and he said he would kinda fake holding onto me. Topic came up as it always does with non swingers or swingers at her party about if someone is in the “lifestyle” or not. He said no… just a single guy whos a friend of a friend of someone who knows my swinger friend lol. He asked me and I said “No but that doesnt mean im not down to hookup” He was pretty smooth talking and took control and said well nothings stopping us….theres gotta be a room here. I said… there sure is and its my bedroom. He laughed and said perfect. This was maybe 9. I had met him an hour and halfish or so ago. We end up in my room and start kissing etc. Hes trying to kinda pull my dress off and I said no need to waist time… I leaned against the high bed facing away bent over Laing on the bed but my legs stuff and pulled my dress up with nothing on underneath… he dives right in and starts licking my pussy for a few seconds and then stands up and starts unbuckling his pants.. I reach back and grab his dick and looking can see his soft dick… took a minute to get it up and then he started fumbling his wallet and got a condom out put it on and I said… put it in my ass! He just went… Uhhh… do I need a condom then? I said yes leave it on… just hurry up…. He lines his dick up and shoves it in way to fast like an eager dog and it hurt so I bucked and said owe what the fuck…. Why did you just cram it in? He said oh sorry my foot slipped etc… I said well take your damn time. So he eventually lines it back up and slowly pushes it in…. And he said you ok? I was a BITCH I know im sorry for this and I did it for the sake of being a bitch because he was an inconsiderate idiot…. And said… Yeah its not that big so it doesnt hurt at all if you just go slow. He kinda muted for a second.. ego hit hard LOL. Maybe he will think twice next time about the other person… so went from stressful to eventually him just slowly pumping my asshole for like 10 straight minutes… moved his footing around a few times but it was nice and relaxing… not a huge cock for once I was able to just totally relax while he fucked me. I honestly didnt see it really. Looking back at it and how it felt maybe 5.5 inches or so. After 10 minutes or so he asked where to cum and I said just keep the condom on and cum in my ass…. When I instantly said that he super fast fucked me and moaned… pulled out…. I slid my dress back down and he tossed the condom in the garbage in my bathroom and I said I gotta use the restroom so we can meeet back out there. He leaves and he was waiting for me in the kitchen. Mind you theres a raging party going on in the house. We talked for like 5-10 and kinda split ways Id see him on and off. By 11 or so I actually kinda paired with another guy and made mentions of hooking up but he didnt seem interested. Would have totally took him back to my room and let him ass fuck me also LOL. Everyone left about 1am. Few little fireworks and gun shots but that was it. Anyway… I got home a bit late this morning since I slept in there so now I wrote this and posting it now. I feel looking back I slammed some drinks and decided to wild it up one last time since me and this new guy are not really serious but active enough with each other now I may be seeing just him for a few months… idk….. Hope you had a great new years!

Story Time - The Perfect Guy - Anal Marathon
Text plans about how we arent serious but we can do anal often. Well im busy this weekend with my body clock and friends plans so... I agreed to an anal marathon this week. He said a man has needs and I said i understand and thats what we are here for. To satisfy each other sexually.....
Said come on over after work Wednesday ill be ready. I was naked opened the door at 5. Had showered and was waiting. He came in. Kinda mounted me up on my couch doggy style and started licking my pussy for a few minutes… stood up pretty quick and lined his cock up to my asshole after he lubed it up and slowly pressed in… took a minute per usual and full pumped my asshole for like 3 minutes… moaned… tightened and cummed all in my asshole. He laughed and said… oops sorry to soon. I said no big deal. Just last longer tomorrow… and get the fuck out. He laughed and said OK and I was still naked and he let himself out. Thursday he was texting and asked if I could wear lingerie and come to his house and sit on his dick and then leave. Plans made and I show up in a dress with my black open butt lingerie bottoms and black lacy top. I stop by his house on the way to the store at lunch…. I knock… he yells come in! He was on his couch watching a nature odcumentary LOL with his laptop working. I dropped to my knees in front of him and unbuckled his pants and his big cock whips out and I grab it and start sucking on it for a few minutes. Sucking the tip and stroking his whole cock with 2 hands. He eventually says hop up on here. I spin around facing away with my legs under his and spread my ass and he aims his cock up and I slowly slide down on it with just spit from me sucking his cock. No lube. Took a few more minutes than usual with no lube of slow up and down to get opened up. Eventually im full bouncing on it for a solid 5 minutes and then go super super slow… all the way down and all the way up. Super slow up and down I just get overwhelmed and almost hop off for a break and he grabs my throat reached around and starts kind of picking me up and slamming my ass back down deep on his cock and I instantly start cumming like crazy it felt so amazing. Then he picks me up and puts me doggy style and starts super fast fucking my ass for a minute and I start hurting. Anal I can usually take after I cum for a bit with a small cock but his is way big. It becomes uncomfortable fast. I bite the cushion and let him just have his way hoping it was over soon. Took a solid minute or 2 before he finally came. My ass was super sore and hurting and then the next morning… OWE. Long story short it tore my asshole a bit. It happens. I chalk it up to not using lube and his dick being big. Big mistake. I told him im out of order and the marathon is cut short. Friday i was busy but would come by on the way to a friends and suck his dick. I stop by on my way to my friends like 6pm. I know on the door and hes all dressed up. Didnt mentioned where or what he was doing.I drop to my knees in his foyer. Didnt make it even 10 feet in the door. He pulls his cock out and starts fucking my throat instantly kinda soft cocked. Remember.. I try to suck all over cocks like no tomorrow but depth wise you only getting 4 inches in lol. Couple gags and chokes and then eventually im stroking and sucking at the same time for 10 minutes till he says he cant cum. We joke and then I leave.
As of now my asshole seems to be better and ready to go again by next week. :)

Story Time - The Perfect Guy - His Office - Jan 15th
We obvsiously text a lot so I never really elaborate on the 5 million back and forths and planning etc. In short we decided to do his office Friday night. He requested me to blow him in his office. Im game. Im more than happy to go somewhere and play with his big cock. Kind of a hot situation for me. So Friday he wanted to take me to dinner and then to his office after. Took me to cheesecake factory here in Clearwater… I got the fried chicken with lemon sauce. SOOOOOO good omggggg. I forget what he got. Was a chicken dish of some kind. We had a good time. Drank some wine and left like 8pm. So we head to his office. In short… its a 10 or so story building and his office was on a middle floor he works at only a few days a week. Still a few people lingering but they didnt work at his company. Went down this super long hallway that circled the building kind of and he had a corner office. Pretty good view. No cubicles. So we close the door… he sits down in his chair and says welp here my office is…. I laugh and walk over and start kissing him while im standing and quickly slide down to my knees and unbuckle his pants and his cock swings out fully soft so I put the entire thing in my mouth and suck on it as it grows in my mouth and eventually chockes me LOL. So im still sucking on his cock and eventually start jerking him off while sucking it. Full throat of cock as much as I can a whole 4 inches or so of it. I spent time licking and just sucking on the tip. Stroking it and licking the side and sucking all on his balls. Probably a good 15 minutes. Id cycle In balls licking and shaft licking to sucking and stroking…. eventually he starts moaning and he starts cumming in my mouth as I pull it out of my mouth and some shoots all over the left side of my face while I stroke it and open my mouth and try to aim it in a little more keeps shooting in my mouth. Full on cum all over my face, mouth and in my mouth. I just smile at him and then said… happy? He said oh absolutely! He had a weird rag in his drawr I used to wipe my face off. We hung for another 30 minutes and then he took me home. Super simple but definitely something I havent done in a while. It was exhilerating.

Story Time - The Perfect Guy - Anal Quicky - Jan 22nd
He was busy this Saturday and I had obligations Friday evening and it appeared he kinda let it slip via text he was hanging with a friend and it was a female. Me being stupid I got jealous so I told him I could swing by Friday at 5 on my way to my stuff I had going on. I wanted him to get off with me. I was being irrational I know lol… He said he legit will fuck me for 30 seconds and try to cum. Was kind of a joke. Then it wasnt… lol… Swing in… we chit chatted for a few seconds at most. I was wearing a red dress and heels for a friends work event etc and before I know it hes behind me grinding in his living room. Reaching around rubbing my chest kissing on my neck etc. Well quickly moved to me being pushed to doggy style on his couch and him pulling up my dress after a few seconds he stands up lines it up and eases his cock into my ass with just the spit as lube. Couple pumps half way where his cock eases in usually just half way at first while my ass wont let it go further and then he just full fucks me in the ass half dicked… meaning half his cock just pumping and slamming in my ass for maybe 30 seconds and its starting to loosen up and hes getting an inch or so every few seconds more and then almost all the way in and just holds it and is cumming in my ass. He pulls out. It was fast. He barely got moving at all. Whole ordeal was like 1 minute im not even kidding. I joked and said well you got your nut and and pulled my dress back down. Me being a jealous idiot for no reason I kinda joked with him and said well… be thinking this weekend what you want to add to the list. I stupidly said “ Ill do whatever you want me to do”. Stupid stupid. I like him but I dont want to be exclusive. Idk. Anyway. Im in a pickle. So he text me while I was at my friends huge work party and said I seemed off. I just joked and said I got caught off gaurd that you had plans. I thought we were each others sex prioritys and if something else comes along fine. So he said it was a date and that he was still living his normal dating life because we were strictly sex buddies etc. So its not that I cared if he hooked up with someone… its that he was actively actually dating. I thought we were under the assumption we both were hooking up to avoid the need for finding a compaanion so we could focus on life and just have fun when we could and “get off” as we needed. I wasnt using him as a place holder until something else came along. The way he worded it made it seem like that was the case for him. So Im… more pissed than sad at that point. I realized sitting for 45 minutes in a corner at my friends work party with cum in my ass bugged over a guy is exactly what I was trying to avoid. So I sent him a text and said…. Not sure how I feel about this whole situation I will text you next week. That was it. I dropped the convo and had a terrific evening and then had a fun saturday as well and wrote this Saturday night lol. So who knows where its going. Ill probably break it off.


Story Time - 2 Tinder Guys 2 Days. Sucked Both of Them Off - Feb 5th
Back to back cock sucking. Been talking to a few guys on tinder and just kinda throwing stuff at the wall and see who sticks. Nothing wrong with sucking a bunch of guys dicks in my mind. Its fun. Im doing a service to guys everywhere. Win win lol. So Ive been 100% sexually intrigued by this jacked hispanic guy with a (supposed)monster cock hes claimed. Hes got photos on boats, decent cars… partys in the club etc. Im not looking for mr right. I tried to see a guy more serious and it didnt work either recently… So …. Ill fuck people whenever I want and move on. Guy seemed like a douche. I meeet him down on the beach on Friday evening after my run. Hes got a mercury on rims and immediately was sayin his escalade was in the shop. Instantly a douche bag but he is super attractive so I kinda use him as a stupid guy sex toy sitting on the beach and just kinda ask him random shit and am kinda entertained. So I kinda joked and said well I got wine in my truck.. lets go back. This was maybe an hour and a half from the time we first met. We start drinking and somehow the big dick joke kinda came up. I said.. prove it… he said sure Ill whip it out right now. I said… well if you pull it out and its that big im not gonna be able to resist. He leans my passenger seat back and slides his gym shorts(yes gym shorts at the beach) off and my jaw hit the floor. It was soft and literally twice the girth as most guys LOL. I just reached over and started jerking him off and it grew in my hand. It was a solid 7.5 or so inches and just thick. He said its a blessing and a curse…. Girls cant deepthroat it. I laughed and said yeah ill be able to fit the tip in my mouth maybe. Kinda fluid. He just says well lets see. I crawl over and am on my knees in my seat and leaned over my center console stroking his cock and then start sucking on the tip. It was just a monster cock and I was just having fun having it in my hand. Pretty much a giant soft standard water bottle lol. So Im at this for about 2 minutes and he finally says wanna go back to my place? I said no….. lets save it for a later date. Although his cock was huge and amazing I just didnt trust him with it being so big not to rush it and hurt my insides LOL. Blessing and a curse. Also he was fucking annoying. So he pulled his pants up and we got out and hung on my truck bed and eventually I made an excuse to leave. Total time maybe 2 hours with him. Wont be seeing him again either. Had a few texts later on and Saturday morning. He knew I preferred anal from previous convos but I know im a terrible person I was teasing him through texts saying next time he can pound my asshole etc. No plans to see him again tho lol. So the next day. Saturday. This super attractive tall pale skinny guy with tattoos. Kinda like a Pete Davidson look but more alive looking met for our plans we had Saturday at the beach. We hit it off and had some beers but by noon or so it was super super packed with people as well to the point it was uncomfortable. I liked him. He was into the same things and was super smooth. So I said… wanna come back to my house? Only reason is he lived like 45 minutes away etc and im right down the road. We end up at my house drinking on my patio and he was leaning back against the table and I knew when I brought him back Id suck his cock. I liked him. We even picked up food etc. He was probably there 3 hours thus far. So I eventually fully clothed go up to him and kissed again and dropped to my knees. Unbuckled his pants. His hard cock pops out. . I grab it and fondle it. Bounce it in my hands. I had a wine buzz and was super attracted to him . I start stroking it and sucking on it quickly. His cock was long. Back to back giant dicks lol. I swear its big dick season. Probably 7.5 inches but normal thickness. Not thin or not thick. Im sucking the top 1/4 while i stroke the rest. Eventually I get in a groove where im holding his dick in my mouth and rapidly jerking him from base to my mouth super super fast and hes moaning after maybe 2 or 3 minutes in and I already feel him tensing so I pull it out of my mouth keep stroking his cock and aim it all over my face. He completely covered my face to the point I couldnt see and he had to get up and guide me to the bathroom. He hung for another hour and then left. I think we had a super good time together. He wanted to hang next weekend but hes going out of town supposedly. I actually enjoyed sucking dick this weekend. Ill probably get back on the seeing more guys more often again since my work load is a little lighter now and I have weekend generally free.

Story Time - Tall White Guy First Anal - Feb 12th
So the guy from last weekend I really liked…. The tall white guy. Not the muscular guy. I was supposed to be at my friends around 2 to help set up early for a party that ended up getting rained on. I was busy sunday and he was busy Friday and I had joked with him and said… honestly I actually really liked you and I already sucked your dick and we both are on the same page about knowing im just looking for a hookup. I said why dont I stop by and you can fuck me in the ass? He obliged happily. I showed up at his townhouse style place at 11 and we hungout for 20 kinda awkwardly. He was asking me where to sit etc. A bit less smooth as he was last time. Nervous maybe?… It got to the point i said…. So are you gonna fuck me in the ass or what? He laughed and said oh… just didnt expect to be that direct. …. I said…. No man… im serious… I gotta be somewhere by 2. I stopped by to get ass fucked. I hoped off his couch and spun and pounced doggy style in my jean shorts and tank top…. He came up behind me and started unzipping his pants… I figured no forplay but it was ok since i was kinda in a hurry…. I started undoing mine… he pulled his pants down as I got mine to my knees…. I grabbed my little purse and pulled out my anal eaze and gave to him and said 3 drops please… normally 2 but your cocks huge. He giggled. By that time he was naked flopping his big cock on my back and asshole. Per last week it was 7.5 and more on the thin side. He dabbed the lube on my asshole and I rested my head on the couch back and reached back and spread my ass and he kinda pushed it in to fast like half way I bucked and said owe… chill. Inch per 20 seconds lol. He said sorry ok. So he slowly eases it in. It being thin it didnt feel like just stretching destruction the whole time it felt mesmerizing because it didnt hurt but also long strokes in and out. Almost like a massage lol… so hes going nice and slow for a solid 5 minutes or so. Eventually it slips out. He says I need water. So he leaves for a second comes back and we drink. I lean back over and he slides it right back in and starts faster fucking me for another solid 5 minutes. It was soooo relaxing. Def top 5 experiences sex wise. Eventually he pulls it out and says stand up… I just said ok…. He walks me over to this big cabinet and says hold on. It had a counter top kitchen height and I bend over slightly and put my hands on it. He wiggles and angles and puts it in my ass and starts fucking me while standing… that was even more fun! Pants had got kicked off when i was standing and now just had my tank top on holding onto a counter having this gun just go to town on my asshole. Solid 8+ minutes of standing… little micro orgasms it felt like constantly. So at this point the rythems were not in sink for me to cum and my ass was starting to become sore… I asked him if he was close… he said he still had a while. Im like ok damn… lol. So still standing behind pounding my asshole hes kissing on my neck etc. I had to change the position and asked if we could go back to the couch. So we go over to the couch and doggy style again… my ass straight up but my head down on the couch seat also this time. I grabbed a pillow and had between my knees and on my stomach as a support. Was getting weak from holding thes epositions. He slips it straight in and just goes to town on my ass. Nonstop fast ass fucking for another 5+ minutes till my ass was legit starting to hurt to where it wasnt a feel good hurt anymore… I was about to call it and he just holds his cock all way in my ass….. I assume hes cumming then pulls out and jerks off all over his floor lol. I said wow finally. That was amazing but my ass hurts now. So I had to ask him to use his shower. We both showered together and hung for like 45 minutes after and joked and talked. It was a SOLID 30+ minute constant ass fucking. Havent had anything like that in a while. He joked and said he could of lasted an hour easy if he wanted. I told him maybe we can try it soon. So… I kissed him and left…..

Story Time - Tall White Guy Anal His House - Feb 26th
Anal at his house in a skirt and Gaped my Ass for Him
Another quick one. Hes very….. specific on his wants lol. The guy really does only talk about sex via text and very much treats me like an object… which is fine in our dynamic but just more so than other guys usually. So he says he wants me to wear a skirt and ass fuck me standing and then gape my ass. So im totally game. We make plans for Saturday 11ish. I got to his townhouse about then. He asked why I didnt have the skirt on. I said well its 6 inches and im not wearing that in the parking lot. So i went in his bathroom and came out in my tiny red 6 inch skirt… literally covers nothing… and a black crop top. He was like moaning when he saw me… kind of a compliment. So he says show me your ass. I spin around and bend over and spread my ass with my legs together… he comes up… drops to his knees and I hold my ass spread and he just licks my ass for a few minutes. Im super turned on and said ok its time to fuck. I grabbed my anal eaze.. dabbed some on and then he starts easing his long dick in and it is 7.5ish… maybe a tick less but thin so he had it all the way in within 20 seconds weirdly…. No discomfort at all. Im Litereally standing in his living room slightly bent over with my hands on my knees and he slowly is pulling it out and then thrusting all the way back in for a minute or 2…. He says spread your ass and hold it… so I do it and he starts fast fucking me for like 30 seconds and then pulls his cock out and backs up… I gape my ass for my VIP Onlyfans… im a pro…. So hes saying omg thats so sexy every time…. Probably does this for like 5 minutes on and off. I could tell he must watch porn to fixate on my gape lol. So Eventually I said ok I gotta get my comfortable… I go and lay on my back on his couch…. He kinda puts one knee on the couch lines it up quick and just starts pounding my ass like no tomorrow…. Only lasted maybe 3 minutes more but it was a solid deep nonstop pounding and he says spread your asshole… so I oblige and he pulls out and starts jerking himself and cumming into my asshole. It actually felt pretty good and submissive on my end.
So we kinda just collapse. Hes a very active nonstop type so its exhausting. Total event was only like 10 minutes of solid anal sex which I came prepared for more actually lol. Bathroom, hung etc. Was gone within 20 minutes. I enjoy his fixation. It may sound slutty but learning to gape super good for my porn scenes its kind of a compliment he was so fixated on it since I put work into it. Ive always been able to gape if a guy fucks me for 10 minutes nonstop but now i can after only like 2 minutes of using a dildo or getting ass fucked. Well… thats my unusual but weirdly super fun story.

Story Time - 2 College Guys Take Turns On My Ass - Mar 5th
Met 2 guys at the beach and went back to their hotel
This one really really felt like when I broke my 2 year dry spell and started sleeping around… Almost identical circumstances. So its obviously spring break time and Ive been seeing the tall white guy still but he was busy this weekend. So I actually ubered Friday at noon to the beach since water finally warming just a tad. Hadnt been in a WHILE. I visit the beach like 3 times usually December-February. So I was overdue. Beaches were packed. Got hit on twice. Got phone numbers but not really of interest. I went home unfucked lol. Believe it or not women know when they plan to hookup long before they step foot out the door. I wanted to get fucked. Simple as that. No blowjob meeet someone… I wanted a guy to fuck me the same day and then legit leave. So… ill make the intro a tad short… saturday at noon. Had my backpack and a black regular thong bikini on. I went straight to my local favorite bar and grabbed a drink. 2 guys just walked up after 20 minutes… sat down ordered drinks. Immediately hit on me. It was maybe 11:30. Both were saying they were 28… one was in law school the other was a car salesman. Best friends. They were both jacked. Like 200 lbs 6 foot guys. Super attractive… tatoos etc. So I realized quick I hit the jackpot and was gonna let them both fuck me…. Assuming they were available. I told them I was hitting this for 2 beers then the beach… they said they had the same plans and to come with them and hang on the beach. Said sure etc. We all tabbed out and started walking and they pointed at the hotel as we were walking up to it and said thats where we are staying. I seriously kinda was nervous saying it but said… well lets go check it out… ive never been in that hotel yet. They kinda said…. Oh its nothing exciting and said we are kinda sharing a room which is a tad odd and laughed. They did not get what i was putting down or they werent interested… so I decided to say fuck it and throw it out there… I said well lets go up anyway… if you can share a room you can share a girl. They just go OOOOOOOOOOO…. And laughed and said sorry blah blah and they were surprised i was that straight forward and said yeah lets go. They giggled kinda as we went in. I had a confidence beer buzz and it was just us as we went up… I just straight said…. So are you guys cool with fucking me in the ass cause I prefer anal? They both said fuck yes… we get to the room… I took a picture and said… im sending this to my friend for safety reasons since I just met you guys 45 minutes ago. They said totally understand. So we get in there and i said… got shots or anything? They pulled out margarita mix and I said so who gets naked first… me or you guys? They both said YOU. So I took my bathing suit off. They just stared and laughed and I said feel free to touch whenever. We just stood around making drinks for 10 minutes or so. They gropped me on and off. So eventually I said ok time for you both to sit and whip them out… I handheld them to the side of the bed and they pulled their swim shorts off and both rock hard 5.5inch or so dicks came out and they say down. I went for the first guy on the right and started sucking his dick and reached over to stroke the other… after a minute or so i switched…. Then I stood up and jumped on the other bed doggy style and showed off my asshole. They stayed seated and kinda just awed. So at this point ive already fully noticed… neither takes charge at all… which in a 2 guy scenerio is better than an aggressive type honestly. So I said…. Who wants a blowjob and who wants the ass? One of them says ill take the blowjob for now… the other laughed and said thank god i want that ass… So I shifted long ways and patted for the one guy to lay up on the pillows.. he flops down leaning against the head board and I tell the other to get my bag… I grab my lube and said 2 drops of this on my ass and go slow… He starts doing that while.i grab and start sucking the other guys dick.. the guy behind me eases it slowly in.. maybe 15 seconds… hes on the more smaller side of what I can handle so he was slowly easing in and out of my ass. Never went fast.. maybe 2-3 minutes in and the other guy says… can I tag in? So this gets fun fast…. The other guy gets up walks behind me and the other starts going to sit down on the bed… I said… no ass to mouth buddy lol. He says oh ok…. Walks back behind me… I had eased back to the edge of the bed so he could stand while fcking me doggy style… hes easing his dick in me for a few seconds that super fast fucks me. The guy who just got done ass fucking me said… im gonna make us drinks… want one? We both said yes. So he walked near the window to the bar thing and made the drinks… about 2 minutes into getting ass fucked he says they are ready… the guy ass fucking me says… break? I said yeah lets take a break for drinks. So the guy that made the drink sat in the chair in the corner next to the bar… I walk over grab my drink and said can I sit in your lap? He does hell yeah… so I sit reverse cowgirl legs together down on his lap… grid on his cock and then once it got hard I lifted up… slid his cock into my ass and sat back down…. We just sat and all cheers the drinks and I said… did yall expect this to happen today? The guy i was sitting on said… did I expect my dick in a girls ass while drinking a margharita at noon today… no… no I did not… we all laughed. Sat and drank for a solid 3-4 minutes and the other guy says ok its time for my turn. I just stood up with my drink still in my hand and leaned on the bar a bit with my butt out and said “get to it”… sat my drink down and he came up behind me and slid his cock right in my ass and started fucking me. Weirdly i was loving these 5.5inch regular dicks. No pain… could stop and start and no issues. It felt so good doing standing anal… maybe 2 minutes and they other guy walks over and no words but the guy pulls his cock out of my ass and the other guy shifts behind me… sliding his cock in and fucking me super fast. Maybe 30 seconds and he Is full slamming my asshole and then pulls his cock out and slides to the couch a few feet away and sits and goes wheewww… I said.. did you cum? He said yeah. So the other guy comes over and I guide him to the bed… lay him down on his back mount him reverse cowgirl and slid his cock in my ass. So im bouncing up and down.. the bed is super bouncy also. Felt so good in my ass. Probably at this for 5 minutes straight and the other guy at some point slid to the bathroom. It felt so good. Totally forgot the other guy existed for a minute and was just started cumming it felt sooo good. I lost all energy to be on top and said… are you close??? He said yeah doggy style I can cum… so I hop off and doggy style at the edge of the bed and he stand behind me and starts fucking me for maybe 30 seconds and then just holds it in my asshole super deep and was cumming. Lets out a yelp and pulls it out. I collapse on the bed and he kinda stumbles to the bathroom and says dude you still in there? He came out and said yeah im done I just didnt wanna be awakard and lurk. He came out and said hello… I laughed and said hi … have fun? He said… way to much and laughed. Eventually the guy came out and I went in to rinse off in the shower. I put my bathing suit back on and they said… ready to hit the beach? I said… honestly i wasnt coming for the beach…. I got what I came for. They laughed and said can we get your number? We are here till Thursday. I said sure! Gave them both my number…. Hugged them and then left their room. Went down the elevator… went to my truck and left and went home to do some house chores LOL.

Story Time - 2 Tourists in 2 Hours - Mar 26th
Ok so yall know if you are on my IG been crazy busy. No stories the past 2 weekends. Had a few potential dates i really wanted to do but work etc.... im literally never available during the week. Just my life structure. I draw lines. Even if i have nothing going on thursday night I just kinda plan to work or relax. Exceptions to the rule but thats how it works. So.. wow.. shocker... girls want sex... after 15+ days im usually on risk taking mode.... so been juggling a few vacationers on and off in tinder matches.... i kinda knew id get laid but 3 prospects all kinda chaos on schedule since they were in vacation which is normal. Ill make the 1st guy short. I kinda sexted him and wow... giant cock(pics), 30, muscular blond.... talked a big game. Kinda said 3ish lets meeet... made it down there aftwr traffic died down on a back road few blocks from the beach. Instant game. Nice guy met at my car we hit it off and we walked to the beach. Maybe 20 minutes i said lets go to this local bar(like 100 feet away) then he mentions he has dinner plans with his family at 8 if i wanna come. I said i thought our correspondence was kinda clear im here for hookup not get to know you... so he said understood.... blah blah... long story short 10 minutes of banter snd tabbing out we go to his motel. We open the door start kissing passionately and quickly i push him to his bed i drop to my knees start pulling down his shorts and boom that huge cock flops out. Not the biggest ever but solid 7+... i start just stroking it and dive in on his balls sucking them maybe 20 seconds.... lick up from his balls up the shaft and go to suck the top and i feel a pressure and back my mouth off.... boom cum shoots up my nose instantly..... i normally ride woth the waves but i just dropped it because so unexpected and it shoots all over my shirt and he yells grab and stroke it while im getting bombarded with cum i was like what the fuck out loud. Then he starts apologizing. I said no dude... it flat out happens. It is what it is. He started making fresh out of relationship excuses and i kinda blurted out relax... not a big deal. You got your nut. I met you 30 minutes ago. No loss for you. Not much loss for me. He kept rambling(which i totally get) and i said can i go? He said yeah but im sorry can i make it up to you? I said honestly lets stay in touch and laugh about it together one day. He got cool quick and we made a few jokes and i left. From Hello nice to meeet you to cum in the nose to leaving looking back maybe 45 minutes.
Ok you think wow wtf by now. Gets weirder and actually kinda shameful on my part in the next hour..... this by far was my weirdest 2-3 hours in my life completely unexpected. I went from andwering IG questions and vaccuming to taking a shower and down on the beach withon like an hour. So I walk back to my truck... hop in... mess with my make up and check my shirt.... check my phone.... the guy i was interested in but didnt sext but told him im down to hang... essentially hookup etc had messaged literslly 5 minutes ago on tinder and said "down at (a place i wont name) come by!"
He left his number. I text said hey its abigale i just got down here visiting a friend whats up. He said we doing shots with my friends come by. I said well i can but tinder girl showing up may be awkward. He said no they know i date and my friend and his wife met on tinder. Ok cool. I said ill be there in 20. Didnt wanna be a creep even though i was maybe 3 minute walk away. Lol. So i waited 15. Changed my shirt in my truck. Walked down. He was with his fucking family. Parents, brother and his wife and his parents friends and their family friends who they grew up with that were married. So what in the fuck. I almost ditched..... but they were all soooo friendly and so fun. Instantly friends. They guy was actually my height 5'5 and so nice.... beard, in shape etc. I liked him kinda but weirdly i liked his "group" a lot so that swayed it. Instant fun. Was there an hour. I think by this time sunset was closer and they said they were going all the way down the beach to watch the sunset . I said well i gotta move my truck. He needed to go to his hotel room and some went to the hotel and some went straight there. So he said ill walk and ride with you in your truck back down and we can hit the hotel room to grab the "flask". So as we ride in my truck he mentions the anal jokes and im like yesh im serious... i kinds joked and said well pit stop in the hotel.... he started getting more aggressive sexually..... we park and end up in his hotel.... we start kissing and end up at his bar thing and says ill pour us a shot... i said sure ill do something else.... dropping to my knees... pulled at his pants and he said woaah i havent showered all day.... i said wow thats supe respectful you said that... he said lets hop in the shower .... we go in the bathroom instantly strip down im jerking him off as we get in and he gets hard as the shower turns on... im tugging away and once hes fully hard hes a solid average 6 inches i put my hands on the shower wall and said "lick my ass"... he isntantly drops and starts licking my asshole.... 10/10. 5 solid minutes hes licking my ass. Im still dry. Water was on him.... he stands up lines up slides right in my ass and just slow for 10 sexonds and then faster and faster..... i start cumming in maybe 45 second. Plot twist right lol!!! Fast 5 seconds moaning and im done.... so he noticed and said dangg you ok. I said i already cummed can you cum? He said yeah..... legit rapid fucks me pulls out and is moaning and cummed on the shower floor... i spin kissed him and hopped out. He rinses and i dry off snd he says you good? I said yep.... put my clothes on. He asked if i wanted a shot i said well honestly that was amazing but i dont want to go hang with your family after that lol. We fhit chatted. We were on the same page. We went down to the street and parted ways. Now im home drinking wine writing this watching youtube. Idk i went frin vacumming to this chaos and back home in like 3ish hours. Do i count the first guy even? Lol

Story Time - Tall White Guy Booty Call - Apr 2nd
Came over and gave me a massage and oral and fucked me in the ass.
So idk if i mentioned via IG or my last story... he kinda ghosted me a bit on and off. We had very good situation. No hang just sex. He hit me up a few times but I either was sexually satisfied already or was to busy. Minimal communication with him. Like maybe once a week "wanna hang today" type texts. Well last night i was watchibf Desantis speech I posted on IG and then he texts "lets hang" like 9ish? long story short i just got out of the shower and was drinkin crown on my patio and said... im in pajamas with no makeup on and my ass hurts from my workout and i require a massage. He just said "sure ill massage it but that ass will be way more sore when Im done" few texts back and forth he shows up 30 minutes later... door unlocked and i had the lotion and a towel face down on the ground watching tv. He says "sup" i asked about his night and he flops on me instantly and uses lotion and starts massaging my back. Solid 20 minute massage from back to butt to legs and boom he had spread my ass and was licking my pussy and asshole back and forth for like 30 seconds...then he stabds up and i can tell hes taking his clothes off and i just lay there with my eyes closed and eventually he flops his huge dick(7.5er) and regular girth on my ass cheeks and spreading my ass and aliding his cock along my asshole. Then i just say "lube is under the couch grab the anal ease" he puts a dab on my asshole and then slowly lines his cocks tip in. I could feel he was on his knees literally sitting on my thighs holding my ass cheecks open and is just slidinng his body sitting up so his cock is sliding like half way slowly in and out for a couple minutes. Best part of the massage yet. Then he lets his legs out and puts his hands to hold himself near my head. My legs are closes and im still flat and hes layed out like hes doing a pushup on his knees but starts just pumping my ass all the way in. Hurt a little for a second because his angle prior wasnt all the way in and then boom 7.5 inches slammed in my asshole.... so i kinda buckled a bit and said owe softly and he just starts pumping my asshole harder lol!!!! Im not gonna lie.... it hurt a tad but damn was it a good hurt. Within a minute or so i had my ass poked up as far and hard as i could. I reach back and spread my ass and about 30 sexonds into that he pulls his cock out and i feel and hear him jerking off and cumming all over my back. It was super warm lol. He collapses off me and is just breathing heavy like crazy for a minute while he wipes my back off. Maybe 2 minutes after he finishes he just says... " so where is this going" i was super caught off gaurd and was like "what are you talking about" he just asked if we were supposed to get to know each other or if theres a future etc. i kinda laughed it was so funny and said dude.... we text each other like once a week to see if the other ones sex. I was clear on this situation up front and so were you. He said he didnt mean it like that and just didnt want to be rude since its gone past a few times now and if thinfs had changed. Long story short we are literally 100% on the same page. Gonna try to hookup once a week. Simple like tonight. Massages and sex. No planning. Last minute. Im super excited.

Story Time - Tall White Guy Anal NO LUBE - Apr 16th
This was a unique experience lol. So ive been obviously seeing this guy on and off. Its legit. I dont know much about him at all. We dont even really sext. Just random texts back and forth about availability. He knows and we discussed im available just Fri or Sats. Well i texted him last night and said my Sunday might be free if you are around. He said yep just hit him up in the morning. Ive been way horny. So much chaos with my new house im renovating i have had time. Its like 100mph nonstop. So texted this morning and said.... "Anal at noon your place?" He said "yeah but can you bounch up and down in it?"
I just responded "Deal. Ill text u before i head that way" so i show up to his condo thing. Walk in... he minda says whats up and leads me to the bedroom. I had casual jean shorts t shirt on and i just start stripping instantly.. totally naked and hop on his bed doggy style and he starts grabbing my ass and pulls his pants off and I crawled to edge and dug in my purse. No lube. Fuck. I always have my anal eaze tube. I asked if he had any and said no. So im like ohhh no lol... his dicks 7-7.5 long and regular girth so its not small by any means. Ive done it without lube prior a million times but bigger is harder. So i said just lick my ass and then put it in my ass.... he starts licking my ass doggy style for a few minutes and then stands up lines his cock up and eases it in and it was just to dry he couldnt get it all the way in... maybe half. So fumbling for a minute or so I said "didnt you want me to bounce on it anyway? Lets try me on top" so he lays down flat and I reverse cowgirl and slide it in. It was dry again but finally got it in so im slow bouncing and the angle and dryness kept having an issue. He used a little bit of spit and then i got on my feet squatting down and it slid in all the way for the first time so far and i just started sliding my asshole up and down on his cock for about a whole minutr and my legs sore from all the yard work i said im burned out can you get in top... so i hop off and he guides me onto my back full legs spread knees to my chest and he is standing with me angled off the bed holding my hamstrings towards my chest and no hand lines his cock up and just goes from tip to balls deep over what felt like forever but maybe 7 seconds. An inch a second lol. So he slowly pulls out and my asshoke is just feeling amazing.... super slow long cock missionary is so amazing and kinda more intimate. So he starts kissing me and then starts pumping my asshole faster and faster for a minute or 2 im just in heaven..... he pulls his cock out abruptly and jerks it and cum explodes from the top of my pussy all the way to my neck lol. I was mad, turned on, confused and all of the above. It was absolutely exerywhere. So i felt so demeaned in a good way being blasted over my entire body with cum but also i had to go to publix after so the clean up and stickyness after i knew wouldnt be fun lol. So i had to wet rag it in the bathroom... let me dry a bit reclothed. Talked for a minute or 2 and i left. So i went to publix to grocery shoo and get a sub and i felt sticky still lol. Now im home eating my chicken tender sub still sticky writing this because I didnt wanna leave you hangin lol
From my front door leaving to being a covered in cum to the store back home was maybe like an hour and a half lol.

Story Time - 2 New Guys in 2 Days - May 15th
Long story short. Been talking to 2 guys on tinder for both about 2 months. Couldnt make plans because of house renovations and i had the consistent guy ive been seeing fullfilling my needs. The guy ive been seeing kinda ghosted me so i cut it totally this week Nd then made plans with these 2 guys.
Ill make the first part short. Friday 5pm the 28 yo tan blonde guy who was a totally "wanna be playboy" that had been talking a big dick game. Super nice but backed it up with a photo and it was huge. He did have big dick confidence so i figured it would be fun. We at up taking tequilad shots for about 2 hours and i felt his big cock in his shorts when i stroked it under the table for a few seconds. He claimed he had a condo in the beach but long story short he was just a bullshitter and his "backup apartment" was only thing open and we get there and its a pretty run down apartment but inside was super clean and well kept so 100% points on that. We get in and he legit behind me drops to his knees and pulls my sundress up behind me and says im gonna lick that ass "shawty". Almost walked out but said fuck it lets do this... i pull my thong down and he starts eating my ass with me bent over holding his wall right in the door way. He asks if i wanted a tequila shot i said sure! So hes making it and im stroking his cock through his gym shorts and its getting slightly harder and it literally grew from already huge. So I said lets go the bed. He had a queen bed all made up and i said get yours off. He said "yes mam". Strips down and i reach in my purse geab my booty eaze as im undressing and he lays down and i start crawling on him and just go wooahhh.... what the hell. He just caught my silence and said... "ill take it slow". I said.. no I WILL take it slow caus eill be on top or i might die. I said its bigger than in the pictures. He laughs and says 8 Inches!!!! I said no way.... almost seems bigger. Looking at it.. It was legit longer and thicker than the bodybuilders who was the biggest consistently one. Even girth from base to tip. Maybe half inch longer but legit a noticable amount thicker. Party boys friends was 8 inches but was thinner towards the top half.
I was so scared. I said lets measure it. He legit has a ruler in his bedside drawr. I grab his cock aand hold straight up and he puts it there and boom right at 8 maybe even 8.1 lol. So i said lets get to it... i put booty ease on my asshole and some on his cock... facing him on his knees cowgirl i start easing it into my asshole. I wont detail it to much but about 10 solid minutes of him losing hardness to slipping the tip in and it hurting. Im constantly reaching back realigning it in. Then finally i get it in and legit can slide up and down maybe 3 inches on it. So im just riding cowgirl finally actually able to bounce and it go in and out some for anout 2-3 minutes. Then i get on my feet and at that point it felt less stretching on my asshole and i start easing down. I could tell i was gaining ground. About half way in now im sliding my asshole up and down on it. Was starting to feel less like dieing and aching and more "good". So at this point in like hurray!!! Fun... then my legs were fried so I knew id be a a gamble but i said can you get on top... and he said... sure... ive never done anal before is there a way thats better? I laughed and said oh fuck... not surprise cause its massive but the only rule is go slowwwwww until i say its ok. So i hop up doggy style off the bed and he stabds up and starts trying to finger my asshole i said woah no thanks. Fingernail cut waiting to happen. This aint a porno lol. He said sorry.. lined his big cock up and again kinda went soft snd this was a 5+ minute battle.... eventually he gets it in and is super slow fucking my asshole 3-4 inches but keeps getting frisky pushing it a tad deeper so i had to tell him to ease it a few times... eventually we are well over 5 inches in... and hes just slow fucking my asshole for literatally 10 minutes it was feeling amazing. He said.. can i go deep? I said hold still let me ease back. So he stops about 5 inches in and i wiggled my body till it got a bit deeper and deeper and finally my ass cheexks pressed on his pelvis and i held it there and then he slowly pulls all the way out to the tip and slowly all the way back in. Just sped up over a couple minutes. This is like 25 minutes or more into this. At this point its a solid pace of ass fucking all the way in and out for a few minutes and i asked if he was about to cum... he just goes.. nah it will he a while... so i was like damn....
Lol. So hes just ass fucking me and starts fucking me like half way in to balls deep super fast and out of now where this super itnense orgasm hits and i start moaning loadly and buck a little as hes full fucking me and his slips out and get cant get it back in while im mid orgasm... so im moaning and then i thought he was cumming so layed on my stomachand he hoped on and put his cock in my ass and started just full fucking me deep. I couldnt move and it was starting gk hurt but then i noticed he was starting to moan so I legit trooped it out for like 30 sexonds and i felt all warm and then i startwd having a second orgasm... it was insane. So then the paint came... i said how long you got? He said long long time. I said i gotta tap out. So he pulls put and rolls off me heavy breathing and im just laying on my stomach destroyed. So i was like WOW. That was probably the best sex i ever had. He laughed and said thanks. Long story short i showered and felt bad he didnt het his nut so we watching a movie while i fondled his big cock on and off. Sucking on the tip to just stroking it. He said sometimes he just cant cum. Ended up falling asleep there was so worn out. Left in the morning!
Guy turned out super nice. He wasnt my type for sure personality wise but he was incredibly nice and has a massive dick and knew how to use it lol. So didnt totally wright him off. So Saturday. I was busy all day and my asshole HURT. 30+ minutes of the biggest cock ever slamming home on my asshole was damaged to say the least. So oddly the guy i had a date with was the opposite. 42.. tall dakr handsome type. Oldest i think ive went on a "date with". We had more meaningful convos. I didnt know his dick size but i always drop the "i prefer the backdoor" when light sexting going on. So we met down at the clearwater beach causeway to hang in my truck bed. Dont ask how that became the plan but he brought wine and i had food from popeyes. Inside joke we ended up agreeing on that. I think it was like 5 or 6 pmish. I dont recall. So we ate and chatted and a kiss here and there. He kinda made jokes and said physical only seems a little romantic. I said nothing wrong with a little romance. Im just not going to meeet your friends and family on a tuesday evening. We laughed and joked about it. So at this point im super super into this guy on more of a chemistry level and we end up kissing and he grabs some chest grabs a few times and i eventually grab at his cock and it was rock hard and maybe 6 inches. Average. So he joked about us going back to his place. So i made an excuse and joked and said well not tonight. As mentioned i only have so much time to spend with a guy and we already hung this long and i dont think i have it in me to take it in the ass tonight. I of course failed to mentioned i would have went home with him but i had a monster cock destroy my asshole for an hour the night before so i couldnt lol. I said here pull ur cock out... he said wait what.... i said no ones anywhere around. Still in my truck bed and i said.... your hard as a rock just oull it out. So i tug and he said ok and kinda unbuckled and pulled it out and i lean over to his lap and suck his cock gor like like 20 seconds and then he said "people are coming" and i pop back up and he said well ok the that was unexpected. So we end up kissing and parting ways shortly after. 
Note* on tinder if im talking to someone i always mentione right out of the gate... looking for a fuck buddy essentially. Weekends only. Im super busy and prefer the anal. I obviously deliver the message depending on the vibe of the convo but both guys knew of course those things. So he texted me to make sure I got home ok etc and said had a good time and wants to see me again etc. Im of course torn on where to place my time.... goofy monster cock guy or prince charming lol

Story Time - 2 Guys 2 Blowjobs - May 21st
Life came it me fast this past week. If you arent caught up... met 2 guys im SUPER into last weekend. The first guy is.... "simple" to put it nicely but hes super nice and has literally by far the biggest dick ive ever experienced. Via tinder messaging i knew this so it intrigued me... thats why im seeing him... and he ended up being good with it. The other guy i like as a person and majorly attracted to but only gave him a half bj at this point. In short last weekend was bush with those 2 "dates".... been texting both and really want to see them both of course but i got an std test before shooting with my male actor so i didnt wanna appear to have ghosted either of these guys so I offered blowjobs and messed with schedules and well.... this is more whoreish than 2 guys fucking me at the same time but I went to ones house then left snd went to the other. Bad... i know. I like them both. Im being selfish lol. So reiterated to the big dick guy im interested in physical only. He understands and told him id love him to fuck me in the ass but made an excuse and just said "no sex but let me come blow you" he said "no problem, gurl" lol. Then i texted the other guy and said... hey i really enjoyed my time with you and want to spend actual time with you even though we are "physical only" and im crazy busy this weekend but i want to come "finish the job" for 30 minutes. He confirmed he was good with that. So now i had a blowjob appointment at i think 5:30? Then legit had another at 6 lol. So i text the big dick guy and said hey im running late. I got there i think like 5:45 to his apartment and he opens the door butt naked. I was like woahhh didnt expext that.... and he says oh im sorry i thought that was what we were doing. I said.... its fine i just didnt expect it and laughed and i just couldnt stop staring at the monster cock he had. He was kinda grabbing it and stuff. I said where you want it? He said couch... went and flopped down i get on my knees and grab his cock and its not even fully hard.... kinda tossing it back in forth to each hand. Was like 2 soft coke cans stacked together... i grab it and start sucking on the top 1/4.... i couldnt motion at all.. no in and out... my mouth was WIDE open id just put it on his dick then off... so eventually i just helf the tip in my mouth stuffed and used my tongue while stroking his cock with 2 hands... maybe a minute in he says.... how long you want me to last? I said faster the better and laughed... i put his cock back in my mouth.... my jaw was hurting my mouth was open so wide... at this point he was fully hard and i had a circle made by connected my 2 hands and stroking it up and down and MAYBE 30 seconds more he didnt move or anything... cum just blasts out and i start chokking because it was unexpected.... then i pull my mouth off his cock and it blasts all over my face. Just endless amounts. So he finally finishes and i smile with cum all over my face and just said.... did you have fun? He said yeah that was awesome.... cant wait to give that ass some attention next time though. I laughed and said me to! I went to the bathroom and it took like 15 minutes to clean the cum off my face.... said goodbye and left. So i text the tall dark and handsome guy once i get to my truck and said "ready?" He confirmed and i drove back down to near me and realized after google maps was up that he legit lives like a mile from me. So i knew he had some level of money but not... like 2 mil dollar house level which funny is 3 blocks from the intercoastal and is backed up to other houses but is just an insane 5000sq ft modern home. I live in a "townhouse" next to some condos in a place called "Belleair" thats essentially a city within clearwater city limis thats incredibly expensive. My townhouse and the condos are the only thing going for 500k in this city... which sucks because my dream of ever owning a home in my city is 0 lol. Anyway... i stop by my house.... grab some makeup... fix if up and head over.... he welcomes me through the garage and he had a couple cool cars ranging from a Porsche 911 to a new Ford Raptor. We chit chat for 20 or 30.... he offered food etc and I said no thanks im just here to blow you... he kinda laughed and said im down.... still in his garage we start kissing on his raptors tailgate and i joked and said.... we can keep the trend going and do it in the tailgate again... he said lets do it.... popped the tailgate down and i said sit... he sits and we wiggle his pants off and i stand between his legs and lean over and start sucking his already hard 6 inch dick. The tailgates so high im just standing and leaned over but the angle hitting his chest was odd so i said lay back... he lays down and then i start slobbing his cock majorly.... sucking fast up and down and yanking his cock out and licked his balls... maybe 3 minutes in he goes...." cum".. i was kinda like .... what? As i pulled his cock out of my mouth and started licking up his balls onto his shaft he cummed so intense and the angle it shot all the way up his shirt and he was orgasming while dodging his cum and i faced it up and i swear i think it almost hit the 10 ft+ garage cieling lol. So he just lays there and kinda didnt move for like 20 seconds... i was like oh fuck i hope he didnt die lol. He just says.... sorry i cum super far and then i am just drained after. Then we laughed lol so we ended up weirdly hanging in his garage for another 45 minutes to an hour and then kissed and i left and wrnt home. Shot content all saturday with my make actor and now we are here lol

Story Time - Anal with the same 2 Guys - May 28th
Same 2 guys i have been seeing. Weirdly met them both and really like them both for different reasons. One... big dick and knows how to use it and is super nice.... the other Im into him on a more personal level and enjoy his classic good looks and style...
So the big dick guy destroyed my asshole the first time we met and i had a date with the handsome guy but my ass wasnt in working order the day after so i just blew him.... last weekend iw qs busy so went and gave them both blowjobs(seperate of course)... now i planned an actual date with the handsome guy friday and saw the big dick guy saturday...
So... handsome guy made plans to come to my house. He came over and I cooked pasta for him and we ended up netflix hanging and he weirldy asked where this wqa going... i had been generally direct with him but flat out lied and said i just want physical but i just do blowjobs First to get to know someone... which is true and untrue lol. I like to blow guys usually the first time before putting out the ass but i make exceptions easily lol. So i had promised him anal etc prior by text. I reiterated i actually liked him more than most hookups but it would remain a hookup for now. So netflix... eventually 5 minutes into kissing and tv on my floor i stand up and take all my clothes off and said "ive been so excited for your dick in ny ass" theb he got all giddy and i said take your pants off.. he yanks them off and i just climb on him ... if was weird... he was against the couch cross legged and his dick is up at that point and then i was on him cowgirl and no lube i kinda eased his cock in... no lube obviously so we slowly got like an inch every 30 seconds but the angle maybe got 4 inches in my ass and i just slowly grinding up and down kissing etc. super romantic passionate cowgirl. Arms wrapped around each other etc. He lasted maybe 2-3 minutes of this consistent embraced up and down and kinda pushed me off and i grab it and start jerking him off and he cums and it lands on my inner thigh. 
We just kinda collapse and kiss on and off and eventually i wash off and he stayed till 11ish watching movies with me cuddling.
Onto the next morning with the big dick guy... to reiterate it is the biggest dick I've experienced for sure. Some have asked him do a large amount of my hookups happen to abnormally have bigger than average dicks?
Because in some ways i look for them and some its "big dick energy". Im on tinder to have a consistent nice guy ass fuck me well... not for a mate... the "handsome" guy we talked about i only do anal etc... few sex mentions on wants/needs but dick pic or size never came up. Didnt care... i liked him more than his dick. Being a slut doesnt mean look for the most attractive biggest dick guy..... has to be some type of chemistry even if its for a one night stand...
I get more excited to hang with the 6 inch guy because i like him where the big dick guy its simple cause hes easy but i want my asshole to get stretched and feel like im being dominated by essentially an idiot(although hes not a genius hes not an idiot) just a figure of speech lol. So yes his ego was there and mentioned his big dick and how he knows how to use it etc so of course it intrigued me. Anyway.... its Florida in late May. Super hot out memorial day weekend.... friends were doing the causeway(a bridge beach road people pull vehicles up to the ocean) at 11:30....
So i had been texting/sexting the big dick guy about plans and pretty much said.... have that big dick ready at 11 ill be by before i go to the beach... so i show up knock he says come in!! I open the door and he was standing yhere totally naked. I was in a dress with my bikini under it and i just start stripping it all off walk up to him a quick kiss and drop to my knees butt naked and start stroking his big semi soft dick... then start sucking on the tip and it i really can get like 1 inch of it in my mouth while 2 hand stroking his cock. Its so wide and long my mouth is stretched and im sucking it no hands making eye contact and hes moaning and then i grab my lube from my purse hand it to him and jump doggy style on his couch footrest area so im hanging off one side gripping the other... he lines up behind me and i usually rub my pussy to ease the initial discomfort but i had to drop my head to the couch and 2 hand spread my ass and its just so big hes fumbling it in and out and eventually slides in like 2 inches and is slow pumping eventually maybe if we were lucky got half of his dick in and my ass was aching more than usual.... major stretching and eventually i start rubbing my pussy and feel like im already about to cum and my ass just relaxes instantly and he slides literally balls deep to where his pelvis is hitting my asscheecks and slowly pulls put and slowly pumps back in and i start cumming majorly.... moaning and he starts fast fucking me and towards the end it pops out and i fall on my stomach and i was absolutely mentally exhausted and he trys to mount me again while im on ny stomach and slide it in my ass but my ass had tightened back up and he couldnt get it in. So i started saying im sorry i cant take it anymore now that i got off it. He said no totally fine.... told him i could give him a handjob etc. he said no big deal just swing by next week and u can make it up to me.
Total event was probably 2 minutes of sucking, 5 minutes of fumbling and 15 seconds of actual fucking lol
We kissed and i left and went to the beach. 
Weird thing... got in the ovean and my asshole kinda burned. Musta had a little damage from rushing it lol

Story Time - DP with the Handsome Guys Friend - June 4th
Ill start off…. i kinda ended it with the big dick guy. May sound funny but the reality was… he was just to wildly different of a person, his big dick was fun but i just couldnt handle splitting focus on 2 guys and handling that huge thing… so I kinda told him Im super busy and simply dont want to get attached… which was a lie but I told him maybe we can hangout every month or 2. He was super cool with the idea. So the Handsome guy im super into and we also kind of had a “talk” about what this whole situation was with us. Simply put i steered it to my usual… lets hoookup on the weekend and live our seperate lives for now. Ive noticed a pattern with other guys doing the same thing once im direct about just having sex after a few times we have already hooked up and elaborate im down to experiment etc…. they jump at the planning their fantasys and make requests. I simply always say… make a list…. He said footjob first LOL… then went onto asking about threesomes and I shot him down quickly on the girl threesome and mentioned i only do the opposite. Long story short he said cool lets put a 2 guy threesome on our list. He had a few under random outfit requests and tie ups etc. So we planned a footjob in a goth schoool girl type outfit for Saturday…. Friday rolls around and i get a text that just said…. Hey I know a threesome was on the list and we already had other plans tomorrow but my friends over and his GF dumped him a week ago and I kinda joked about having a girl etc and figured i see if you were down. I said sure! Ill be there in an hour. He was surprised via text. I send him ground rules the usual via text… hes gotta wear a condom, anal only etc. So i go over the with regular clothes on and my yellow sheer front over you im sure have seen before in my purse… walked in… said hello… had a drink or 2 and got to know the guy. Talk dark and handsome as well. So I said go ahead and yall get those pants off for me Ill be right back… i put my sheer front cover on in the bathroom… no shoes and nothing else… came out and they both were jerking off with no pants on but both had shirts on still which was kinda odd. I showed off my asshole doggy style on the floor and eventually go between them and started jerking them both off while i was on my knees. His friends dick was essentially the same 6 inches as my guy. After stroking and literally talking and joking with them for 5 minutes i slid to his friend in between his knees and started sucking his dick and then my guy hops up and gets behind me and starts licking my ass for a minute or so… i took my sheer cover off cause it was annoying me and I feel my guys dick start lining up on my ass with no lube.. slid in semi easy and hes ass fucking me while im sucking this guys dick for another 2-3 minutes… then I said… can you guys both fuck me ? They kinda got confused… I said DP… put a condom on and ill hop on you. So his friend gets his wallet sits back down and we get the condom on and i mount him cowgirl style and ease it into my pussy and start slowly bouncing. My guy slid into my ass and it kept popping out and then I kinda leaned more low to the side and he got it in for like 20 seconds full on DP. No movement from the guy on the bottom but i was filled in the front with him pounding my asshole and i hear him cumming like crazy…. pulls out and kinda flops on the couch. His friend said you done or can we keep going? He just said… dont worry about me… yall keep at it… so i slide up and get off and said… need a break my back was aching… so my guy says ill make us some drinks… so we are at this bar height table and my guy is across from me pouring some drinks and his friend comes up behind me and puts his cock between my legs and is gropping my chest while behind me and says… can i give that ass a try? I said… of course… then he starts trying to put it in instantly.. i laughed and said woahh.. thought in like a minute or so on the couch but ok.. bent over slightly and he gets it in my ass and starts fucking me while standing and then the drinks were done and he reaches around grabs his and we all cheers and laugh. Then my guy laughs and says Ill be ready in another 30 seconds… i was like… great… lol. So i step forward so his friends cock falls out and i walk to this couch thing thats huge and flat and sturdy and lay on it on my back and hike my legs back and then they kinda were both standing shoulder to shoulder next to each other fully naked…i said… so… whos next? My guy said im ready to give it a try… he grabs behind my knees and put my knees to my chest and had his knees kinda on the edge of the couch and lines his cock up and starts pumping my asshole super hard for like 2 minutes then his buddy just says… my turn…. then my guy pulls his cock out of my ass and walks and sits on the other couch and was all panting and sweaty… then his friend mounts me the same way and starts just going super fast on my asshole… maybe a minute? then pulls out and says your turn… they had to of switched like 5 different times… i kept saying faster and harder so they were getting worn out faster and faster until finally his friend who had lost the condom on the ground asked if he could cum in my ass… i said YES because i was about to orgasm and he starts pumping my ass super fast and i could tell he was cumming in my asshole then pulls out and collapses on the couch kinda next to me… i said to my guy… hurry come here im about to cum… he mounts me starts super fast fucking me for a solid minute till i start cumming then he starts cumming as well and we are both moaning and then it was all over. he collapsed to the floor kinda on the side of the couch and i said… that was fun… they both agreed. It was like a solid 30 minutes. What lasted the longest was when they were taking turns back and forth. It was one for the record books. Eventually i showered and left. I was there like an hourish or so total. Went home and played video games while nursing my asshole back to health lol. Unexpected for sure.

Story Time - 2 Footjobs in 1 Day - June 11th
I find it funny that somehow in life ive managed to get in a situation where Im giving 2 seperate guys a frecking FOOT job in yhe same day lol. To start... the first was with my male actor on camera. I wont explain details.... because you can just subscribe to my VIP and watch it July 1st lol.
So.... got a text Fri late my male actor would be there at 2pm instead of noon. I woke up at 6am and said .... fuck it im gonna go to weeki instead of clearwater. Went... had fun... got back at noonish. Male actor got here 1-2ish and we shot the scene and he helped me film a few pool and dildo scenes. 
So the guy ive been seeing.... super attractive and personable. Regular sized dick.... been seeing a while now even DPed me with his friend last weekend... he told me he wanted a footjob. He likes feet. I knew he had to have some weeird kink. I like him so i agreed.... i show up in flip flops and jean shorts and a tank top to his place.... we kissed and talked and i went and layed on my back on his couch with my feet up bare foot and said whip it out.... he pulls his 6 inch aversge cock out and i start rubbing his balls and stuff the best i could and he legit says brb... comes back with babby oil and pours on my feet and his dick and it made it much easier..... hes moaning and i actually had my feet cupped and could truly stroke his dick but only for a few minutes and i said can you cum? He said no. So I said well my pussy is what's available today so slap a condom on and fuck me till you cum. I get up dogggy style with my head down on the couch while hes rinsing his dick off and then cant find a condom so i said just come fuck me anyway im not in the ferrtile part of my chart and he comes up slides his cock right in my pussy and starts pumping for like maybe 10 seconds and pulls his dick put and i couldnt tell what was going in till i felt his cum was on my back lol. So he got me a towel and wippped me off and we sat and watched TV and talked about sex stuff to try and i made clear i wasnt gonna be on call for footjobs.... its an on occasion thing. He requested to ganngbang me but i declined lol. I told him that he can bring his friend anytime again. He wanted to tie me up but i declined for now and said maybe later. We ended up agreeing on doing a threesome again .... So this guy was originally more conservative. He was enjoying ass fucking me and that was it. No kinks or requests etx but once we had the "talk" which i usually instigate with guys after seeing them a few times and plan/want to see them many more times usually about how i want to reiterate its sex only..... i want it to continue..... you can make sexual requests and I can make them to enhance our sex together.... once i had the talk with him.... all types of kinks came out....
So we agree on the threesome again and he specifically requestes to watch me have sex. I had to clarify he would participate at some point. Ive has guys request this before but ... i just wasnt open to it.... so this guy wanted it and i said sure.... So he said he would talk to his friend to see if he was cool woth it but he wanted me to essentially non romantix style just get on his bed and him just ass fuck me doggy style and once his friend cums and finishes he will step in and start ass fucking me from there while his friend watches. I said.. ok weirdo im super turned on by this idea lol. So thats the game plan for next weekens i guess 😆😆😆😆

Story Time - Pool Anal After 10 minutes - June 11th
Ive got more and more bad over time lol. So the guy ive been seeing(Mr Handsome) had plans Friday he was going to come watch a movie and fuck my throat. That was his request. Hes hot. Il do whatever he wants type thing lol. He bailed last minute due to a real emergency. Wanted to reschedule for Saturday but I had pool party plans saturday with my swinger friend. I rarely see her in the winter and ive been bush the few times shes invited me over recently but its hot out now and its pool season. They planned to hook me up with her new boyfriends friend who claims hes never done anal because his dicks to big. Somehow my name got brought up within that conversation and now they are introducing me with no strings attached. So I show up at her house. Meeet the guy. Super attractive and very tall... like 6'6. Legit tall as fuck. Me and my friend catch up while the guys are at the pool. This is about 20 minutes in but i had only said 5 words to the guy. So my friends telling me how they have been hyping him up saying she will most likely let you ass fuck her and he said hes down and will make the moves and she essentially said hes kinda shy so maybe make the first move but he was talking a big game that hes good with girls etc. So she calls the guys into her kitchen and we start taking shots of patron or whatever its called... my friend had a cover on and she just takes it off and has no top on and a white Gstring. Then it started rainibg outside and as she was talking and said welp no pool for now but show him what hes working with and I said sure.. rip my shirt and bikini top off and pull my pants off and had my black Gstring bikini on and kinda walk in front of the guy and poke my butt out and look back and said " i heard you want to do anal but never can because its to big" he kinda gasps and my friend just goes OMG abigale i cant beliece you just asked that lol and then everyone laughs and i was kinda embarrassed like i did something wrong and we end up talking about it and he said it was 7 inches and hes tried with girlfriends but always huurt etc. So it was like 10 minutes into the conversation amongst all 4 of us and both guys were against the kitchen bar and me and my friend had both kibda backed up to each guy and were grinding our asses on the guys the same way... i dont remember 100% how the convo went but he kinda made a joke and said so arent pulling ny leg? You might let me put it in your ass because thats something ive wished i could do my entire life etc... i just smoothly said... well I got a bedroom here and its raining so why wait any longer? My friend just goes.... omg Abigale you slut! Then we all laughed and grabbed his hand and guided him back to the bedroom. No kissing nothing I sit on the edge of the bed and said ok lets see how big it is. He pulls it out like 5 feet from me and it was soft. He said sorry. I said no no come on over i start playing with his balls and pulling his soft dick for about 2-3 minutes.... i said nothing? He goes "can I play with you? Then it will get hard" i said yeah dude dont gotta twist my arm and pulled my Gstring off and layed face down on my stomach on the bed and poked my ass up and he dove in. I feel my ass cheeks spread and hes licking my ass for a few minutes and he said hes ready so i said i gotta. Check it out before you put it in my ass. So i slide up the bed and he gets on the bed on his knees and i start stroking his cock and inspexting it. Was kinda funny.... it was maybe 7 inches..... probably a tad under and normal girth. Far from a monster but certainly above average. The way they talked I honestly expected more but was also not disappointed. Was kinda glad it was the perfect size... so i lay him down and hes on the head board and i am on my knees sucking his dick. Perfect girth to get in my mouth and and licking up from his balls to the tip of his dick and eventually I grab my purse and get my booty eaze and a condom and hand it to him and as he puts the condom on i put a dab off booty eaze on my asshole and mount on him cowgirl style and slowly eaze it into my ass. Took a minute or 2 of slow and stopping going up and down to the get the angle right. I think i was on him for a solid 5 minutes bouncing holding onto his shoulders. I said wow my legs are tired... he grabs me in a sexy way kinda plants me on my stomach with my legs hanging off the bed and gets off the bed walks around lines it up and starts pounding my asshole and over the course of a few minutes he slips out a few times and then starts to lose his erection.... eventually the condom falls off and hes pretty much soft and said sorry it happens towards the end of sex for me sometimes... i said well it was fun but dont wanna fumble for 20 minutes of thats fine. He said it was amazing etc. i put my gstring back on walk out and he follws behind me and my friend and her guy were in the pool in the rain so we both rain out and jumped in. They asked how it was and we told them etc. So... keep in mind i had talked to the guy maybe 10 minutes before we had sex and over the course of 20-30 i found him a bit quiet and off. Kind of a dork in a not sexy way.... he was in good shape but was trying to kiss me to much to the point i had to say something.... and then kinda grinded my ass in the pool and was rock hard and said... ready for round 2? I said oh no cant handle that. He kinda got snippy and said somethig like "dang you said you were putting the ass out and wont finish the job"... i made a kinda remark and kinda pulled my friend to the side and she noticed some stuff also but i told her how he was acting and she was like.... ok go to your room lock the door and ill say you drank to much and got sick(even though i had a beer and a shot). So i go to the room and took a shower and i heard a knock and its my friend and said.... hes gone. I said no way that was fast. So essentially her boyfriend said shes not feeling well and to lay off of her you are being pushy. Got defensive and said he wasnt and got mad and left. So the boyfriend said he was his long time friend and is totally harmless but when he drinks he can be snippy. So we ended up just swimming all day on and off and my friend made a few jokes how since he couldnt finish she could call someone to come fuck me in the ass etc.... i said.... no more strangers. Gotta know what fhey look like first and gotta get to know them more over more than just 10 minutes. And no sex promises. With guys via tinder or real life ive found what works best is never promise or have them expecting sex but convo does come up that I prefer anal.... i also usually drag convos over weeks or even months. Meaning i dont swipe on someone at 9am and hit then up that night to hang. I talk on and off so it provides a level of comfort seeing how they are across a longer timeline. Anyway.... we enjoyed the evening hanging and i fell askeep there like 11 i think and woke at 6am and left to come home.

Story Time - Boat Anal New Guy & Handsome Guy Blowjob in 1 Day - June 25h
This is all jumbled to focus.... lol
Ive continued talking to the handsome guy. Didnt see him past weekend or so but just actual schedule conflicts. I still like him a lot... but he was driving from Miami at 4pm saturday so.... probably wasnt gonna happen. So i had a tinder date lined up at 2 on saturday at the beach. Well ironically a guy who i know through friends i had been texting on and off the past few weeks messaged me at 7am sat morning to go on the boat so i impulse said yes cauae the weather has been garbage here and is aw the sun and it sounded awesome so sadly i bailed on my tinder date via text and said next weekend etc. i hate bailing on people and rarely do it for selfish reasons like this. 
So i get on the guys boat via boat ramp at 10am. Hes a little under 6 feet and is dark hair muscles etc... hes greek. Nice center console boat hes alone and said hello and i hop on. Safety was there because hes friend of a friend etc. We get the boat going and nearing the sand bar and we pull up near a bunch of people... with kiidz and i was like ummm can we go away from people? He laughed and said why dont like people? I said.... yes i hate people but also my bathing suit is skimpy. He laughed and said cant be that bad... i pulled my shorts down while on the front seat and flashed my pink gstring bikini kinda in doggy style and he goes oh god damn i did not expext that lol. I said yes.... you can see my asshole in this. Long story short we end up drinking beer in the water further away from people and eventually a few cock rubs and kisses and i hadnt "sexted" him at all so i dont recall how but the sex topic came up and i told him i only do anal etc... he said he loves anal etc.... i pretty much was like well ..... we both love it so we should find somewhere you can fuck me in the ass then. So we end up on the boat driving to some mangrove areas ... i was driving standing in front of him while grinding my ass up and down his cock. We eventually get stopped in a hidden spot and he tosses the anchor and i flop oj my knees and start tugging at his shorts and he pulls out his cock.. maybe 6 inches or less and i start stroking it and start sucking it and about 5 seconds in im like.... oh salty lol. So I said "wanna just get to it and fuck me in the ass" he goes..... "Ok im game" So i reach in my bag and grab my anal eaze and dab some on my asshole and then rip my top off and mount up on the back seat doggy style looking back at it spreading my ass with 1 hand and he starts easing it in and it hurt a little bit to start. Felt really really tight from being in the water. So he gets moving after about a solid minute and just super fast ass fucks me and pulls out and cums all on his boat floor. From dick in ass to end maybe a minute. I kinda chuckled and said wow that was it? He said sorry hadnt had sex in like a year. I said its cool lol. I put my bikinis back on and we moved the boat near the island beachy part and i got out and rinsed off and he asked if wanted to get out of the boat? Ironically i was checking my phone and the handsome guy had messaged.... "hey we got on the road earlier than expected and should be home in 30 or so what u doing tonight?"
I said im on a boat now but i can swing by and blow you in like an hour? He just said "wont turn that down. Ill text u when im home and hop in the shower" so i told the guy i was with... no im getting burnt(which i kinda was) we can call it a day. He kinda poked at what I was looking for and what i mesnt by friends with benefits... i said yeah im down to hang again... essentially this. Boat and fuck me in the ass every weekend or 2. He was like cool im down. So we get to the ramp and i helped him get the boat in etc. i hop up in my truck wnd head to the handsome guy's house he texts me and says still in shower doors open so i go in and he was just stepping out and I said .... drop that towel.... and i go over and drop on my knees and hes got a regular sized cock. Comparing to the guy on the boat... same length but hes normal girth where as the greek boat guy was thinner. So i grab his cock and and start sucking it. Tasted odd because it was still hot and wet from the shower and it starts growing from mid erection to full as im sucking it with my hands on his legs. 45 seconds of sucking he kidna looks down and laughs and i pull his cock out of my mouth and said... whats so funny? He said.. you look like a lobster lol. So i laughed and said oh no... am i that burned? He said not terrible but definitely red. So i stand up and we go to his couch and he sits down and i get on my knees in front if him and start sucking away. Super fast hand stroke and mouth sucking about 4-5 minutes super consistent and he grabs my hair and i committed even though it kinda hurt and as hes cumming its start far enough in my throat it shot straight down my throat. No swallowing needed lol. So contrary to my usual rules of limited time spent he asked if i wanted food. So he ordered some italian food and picked it up while i stayed on his couch and then we ate and watched movies for 2-3 hours while i played with his dick on and off then eventually went home and did some chores and played ps5. Was a gery eventful day. Although chasing 2 guys is fun it really truly is exhausting sometimes but this was situational.

Story Time - Handsome Guy Threesome Again - July 16th
Very very busy weekend. To start off me and my male actor are seeing each other more often now. On a more personal basis since hes moving back soon. He is now coming and staying with me saturday evenings so we can just hang and then shooting content sun mornings. Its like a 1 day a week boyfriend trial thing. We maintain we are an open dating situation 100% so I still see other people. I never write my storys based on my actual content production because.... its just not the same as a personal sex life. Im deciding on if i should write about my personal sex now with kt male actor as we are in a semi open, freind work and personal relationship which is so odd but way more simple than it sounds. Maybe I can just mention what we did for now instead of elaborate further? Anyway... i have him a blowjob sat night while we watched netflix. First personal sexual contact without filming in a long long time(2 years). Hes helping me film 2 anal dildo scenes this morning and then we are grabbing breakfast and doing truck pics then he leaves. Well the handsome guy i kinda cut because i was getting more close(feelings) which with my new situation i dont want. Just hookups and cut it. Well he hit me randomly on Friday at 4pm with a "i miss you text" long story short i told him mt situation with my male actor and why i kinda cut him and he made a joke about it not being intimate if someone else is there and that his friend will be coming over at 5:30ish(the friend we had a threesome with). I bit. I said sure im game. Made plans for 6:30 with a few details in between exchanged. I show up and they were hanging in the kitchen... i had normal jean shorts and a tank on and said how you doing etc. For those that havent read or forgot they are both tall dark handsome and have 6 inch cocks lol. He kinda awkwardly asked if i wanted to hang for a few hours before we jump to it. So i pulled him off to the side and talked to him about the situation again and explained i was getting to close to him and i had another guy situation etc again and how it seemed like he was trying to break my semi rules we talked about which is... me show up.. fuck... leave. Honestly im guilty is well and ive mentioned before im into him more on a personal level than inam with most of my hookups.... but now with mt male actor consistency thing I truly dont have time and dont want the emotional mess of seeing a guy weekly and spending hours and hours with them ans getting attached. I pretty much ended the 2 min convo with.... "lets get to it so i can go".... we walk into the living room and his friend was sitting on the couch and I said....yall ready? They chuckled and said yes. I pulled my tank
Top off and had a black bra and scuttled my shorts off and has just my anal only black lingerie and they were stood up takinf their clothes off and I got doggy style on the wnd of the couch and said.... im not sucking dick today so that means you guys have to take turns. They joked between each other on who was going first and his friend said "you work on it for a bit" withon seconds he was licking my asshole. I had cleeady grabbed my anal eaze lube and said whenever you are ready and handed it back. He licked for about a minute... stood up and dabbed some on my ass and started eazing his dick in half way slow pulses until my ass opened up a bit and then hes just in about 2 minutes and he is slamming balls deep and im moaning and his friend out of no where was standing kinda on the couch and said.... my turn? Then my handsome guy still pounding my ass said something like "give me a couple minutes shouldnt take to long" I laughed and said.... woah... just 1 at a time? You should share. He kinda said oh thats a little weird. I said its weirdo if you finish and then are just watching me and your friend. His friend just made light and said.... im game for whatever.... then my guy says you are right that would he weird lol. He pulls his cock out of my ass and i took my hands off the back of the couch and put my head on it instead reached back and spread my ass and his friend slid his semi erect dick in my ass and it kinda kept slipping out for about 30 seconds till he got hard again and then was pumping my ass while i head my ass spread for a minute or so and his friend goes... so do we need a timer or how does this work? I laughed and said... seriously... 1 minute each? They both kinda laughed to and said thats cool with me. So i said ok set one on the table. Handsome guy put the phone on the table and hit 1 min. Timer went off and instant he pulled his cock up and i was still holding my ass spread and boom my handsome guy was slid in and fucking my ass and seriously it felt like 10 seconds and the timer went off and then he backed up and sat down and his friend was ass fucking me.... so after a few switches i let me ass cheeks go and just held on to the couch back for dear life because normally a guy can fuck super fast only for a min or 2 but with them switching... they both can fuck me super fast each time since they get a break so to me it was like one solid 7-8 minute consistent super hard and fast ass fucking so it was kinda starting to ache.... im focusing more on staying alive than who was behind me... I seriously at that point had no idea who was ass fucking me and i look back at it and it was his friend.... i said "after your done i need a break" they both laughed and said yeah damn i bet.... timer went off and i just flopped on my side took and deep breath while they both stood there over me shoulder to shoulder and said.... ok im good now... flipped on my back and had my knees to my chest legs spread and my guy says.... i guess start the timer and ill get to work and we all laughed and he mount on his knees on the edge of the couch and held my knees to my chest and lined his cock up and started pumping my asshole like crazy and then the timer was going off and i said... timer! He was getting a weird face and started pumping harder and then let out a yelp and was cumming in my ass while fucking me super hard and fast.... then he pulls out and walks to the other couch and flops down and instantly no concern of another guys cum i guess his friend is already ass fucking me before i could blink. My handsome guy i hear just say... "at least you dont gotta worry about a timer now" and he was pumping non stop for probably a solid 5 minutes and then he started moaning and was cumming but had slammed his dick all the way in and just held it while he short pumped then pulled his cock out i juat held my legs back for a minute. Then eventuallt roller and ran to the bathroom. 2 cum loads is a lot... cum was dripping lol. So I hopped in his shower for like 2 minutes. Tossed my jeans on and came out and they were legit both laying naked on the couch across from each other completely wiped out. I just said "well that was fun, see yall later" and legit had grabbed my purse and was half way out the door and i heard my guy go "really leaving already?" And i just closed the door and walked away. Got in my car and headed home with plans for a hot shower and video games lol. He text me and said "so really just sex i guess" i said "Yep I drew a line. Sex only or nothing LMK. Is that gonna be fine?" He said "yeah i guess so"

Story Time - Party Boy - July 23rd
Long story short on this fiest part... i had a tinder date I wont go into 2 much details but we went to this beach bar and he was in line for the bathroom and i found an exit and just left when he was busy. I dusted off to my truck and left. Of course follow up text "sorry i felt your description was a bit decieving and i dont want to start something based on that. Best of luck". He had lied about his looks, was super super bad vibes... said odd things etc. felt not safe. So I texted party boy.... hey whats up etc. come to find out he claims he is no longer doing partys and got into fitness etc. He said he drinks like 3-4 drinks on fri and sats by himself or woth guy friwnds sometimes. He said i actually just got home and was gonna pop a bottle of wine and watch netflix. I just joked and said "i had to ditch a date just now so im all dressed up. Blowjob and wine like the old days?" he just says. "Down. Ill hop in the shower" i said ill be 15 or so. I show up and let myself in. Nothing had changed... just less red cups and stuff lol. So he comes down in a bath robe and i couldnt help but to laugh. We poured some red wine and drank and talked for about 20 minutes. Ended up on his couch and i kinda slid to the ground on my knees in my black sundress between his legs and reached into his robe and grabbed his dick and it was hard as a rock. Same ole 6 inch average sized dick i remember. I start stroking his cock under his robe while hes still kind of telling a story. Then i undo his robe and dive in start sucking his dick with no hands. Up and down super fast for maybe 30 seconds and I instantly start gaging and spitting up cum. I didnt even realize he was cumming at first. It was kinda funny. So i fumbled his cock as cums still blasting out and its slinging all over onto my face, hair, dress etc and i eventually calm it down like a loose fire hose and get it back in my mouth and hea still cumming and im sucking it down as it keeps going. It was like 8 solid seconds it was insane. So Im laughing and he laughs etc and I go and get cleaned up. Sorry it was a long prelude fo the action to be short. So we sat down and i we conversed another 30 about how he was so into fhe whole other guy thing before and i just wasn't comfortable with continuing down that path at that time but since growing as a human and doing it with other guys i told him i likes the idea again. He confided he has always been into it and still is and long story short he said hes down to do what we used to do. The only difference is no more big partys etc. this is super slutty BUT I elaborated i was kinda seeing my male actor on more personal level so i feel its fair and feel better if hooking up woth people is even more physical only. Meaning im not looking to hang with a guy for minths on end and spend "time" with them..... kinda like i hung with party boy. So again... this sounded so slutty but i kinda eluded to us maintaining physical only and hanging not just be us... it always be a 3 guys kind of thing. In short.... hes down to find a friend here and there to fuck me every weekend. Im supremely excited as Its not new to me and im more comfortable with it and already comfortable with him. He said Friday nights like we used to would be perfect and he will send info on guys this week once he finds a prospect.

Story Time - Party Boy Watching - Aug 6th
Ive done a lot of three way stuff with party boy in the past and i kinda stopped talking to him but we kinda reconnected and essentially hes my dick chaperone. Hes into watching and "sharing" with his friends so perfect for me. Dont gotta play date rappe roulette on tinder with weirdos. Way safer for the time being. It was a slow trickle of information over the week about the guy and the "scenerio". I have a lot going on with work and new house so i have been clear i wont be showing up at 5pm and staying the night like i used to. So ill wrap this up. Plan was to show up at 6:30 in a fluffy skirt and a crop top and pigtails(dont ask. Its what party boy requested) and i show up and and hes on the couch and i suck his dick and hop on him bounce until he cums. So... i pull up into his garage(mind you he has a mansion kn the water and is only like 30?)
I out my skirt on in the garage. Walk in and the guy is sitting on the couch butt ass naked which i was not expecting. He was a good looking guy. Full beard rugid and probably 250+ lbs and tall. So party boy is sitting behind the couch on the kitchen counter. Both facing toward the TV. They both say hello and i just walk over and drop on my knees and start sucking this guys soft dick. Totally shaved package with huge balls. Im sloping on his dick for a solid minute or 2 until it gets hard. It was a solid 5 inches and kinda thin. Definitely on the smaller side of average. So hes moaning a little intensly and i sit up kinda and see party boy sitting on his bar still eating an apple. I kinda laughed and the guy said "what?" I just said sorry it was funnyparty boy" was eating an apple. Everyone kinda chuckled and i went back to sucking his dick for maybe a minute and I hopped up on him cowgirl style. He was sitting on the couch slightly laid back and i mount him up and reach back and start easing his cock into my ass and said "party boy" can you go get my lube... he says yep and goes to my purse and legit before i could lean back i felt his hand around my ass and i realized he had a dab on his finger and then i spread my ass and he dabbed it on my asshole and said "i remember the drill". We chuckled and the guy seemed kinda weirdes hy it... i spread my ass while the guy lined it up and it slid right in no problem(size reasons) and i just hold down with it all the way in for a few seconds to warm up to it then start slow bouncing cowgirl style. Working my ass and hips back and forth and it kept slipping out. The angle just was not condusive to his size. I would get bouncing and it would just slip out and this went on for a solid 5 minutes. Eventually i spin around and he spreads his legs apart and im between his legs knees together on the groubd tucked knees to chest and we slip it in and i slide back and forth and it was awesome at that point.... was feeling amazing finally buy then my legs were aching bad and i hop off and said "your turn". He legit goes.... "that wasnt the plan"... i said what? He just goes.... i was informed i kick back on the couch and you work that ass till i cum(or some variation of that)... he was dead serious and I was like.... well the positions arent working to well. He gets up and says fine whatever.... at this point there was an attitude going on and party boy goes "being a little dramatic dude" and then he goes "just bend over"..
So i said bathroom break.... got my stuff walked down the hall and went to the garage and put my stuff on and left. 
Few texts 10 minutes later with party boy... he said idk why he acted that way and sorry etc and that he was leaving his house now also and we immediately knew you left. 
End of story lol. This was one of my few less than stellar weird situations. They happen. Not much time off my life. I was kinda annoyed later on and texted him and said "next time a big dick and nice is required" lol

Story Time - Party Boy & His Big Dick Friend - Aug 13th

As you know from recently ive got a situation with party boy for him to essentially set me up with guys. Hes not really a "cukold" cause its not my boyfriend or anytbing.... idk. Who cares. I have a past with him doing similar when i first tried planned threesome stuff but now im kinda open to it. Having a guy there i trust to get be laid? Hell yeah. So the monster cock guy from our little 3 on 1 thing last year was still a record breaker biggest dick. Solid 7.5+ but was super supee thick. It legit after getting railed for like 30 minutes by the 2 other guys the big dick took me like 10+ minutes to get it in. 
Ill get right into it.... the plan was for me to go over at 7pm(i think might have been 8 but who cares lol) and the plan was for me to walk in... say hello and suck party boys dick while his friend worked on my asshole doggy style. So i get there... pull into his garage per usual. Hop out and walk in and they are both standing in his kitchen. Said hello how are you etc.... party boy goes... i know we had a plan but can I pour you a glass of wine and lick your ass while yall catch up? I said sure. So i take off my clothes and had my open butt lingerie on with a white bra and i start sipping the wine and hes on his knees behind me so i kinda bend over..... and he goes..... oh surprise.... i had a huge red crystal butt plug in and he said this is nice... i said yeah i had to prepare somehow for this guy.... he goes well i guess we can get to it then.... i kinda walk toward the couch and was like hmm.... i said lets use a bed... they both said sure! So we head to this guest bedroom i had never been in and i jump on the bed doggy style in the middle and said ok take off those clothes! Party boy was sat down in front of me within a few seconds and i handed the big cock guy the lube and said use a couple drops... so i am sucking on party boys 6 inch cock and I feel him slowly pulling my butt plug out.... it was my biggest plug by far and dabbed more lube on my asshole and I feel him easing his cock in and i was like woah..... this seriously monnster cock the biggest ive ever had is slid half way in.... no problem..... i was seriously confused and party boy kinda looked and was kinda sat up and leaned out while his cock is in my mojth and spread my ass and he was like wow wtf how are you taking it so easy this time. So he was solid half way in and fully out super slow like 2 second strokes and he asked if I was ok and said yeah im good and he went a bit deeper then i was like woahhhh oweee that was definitely uncomfortable. I said i needed a quick break. So I hadnt seen his cock yet even. He pulls out i flip over and sit on the bed facing him and was looking at it and omg i just said wow i cant believe i got half that in my ass so easily. They both chuckled.... i said ok lets get the whole thing in my ass... i flipped back doggy style and party boy was up on hos knees and my heads tipped back and he starts fucking my mouth a few inches and i feel the big cock slide into my ass and he starts pumping in and out faster and easing in more and more and then owe again so i buck kinda and party noys dick was in my mouth so i kinda cranked my nexk back even more and to tje side and kinda pulled my neck a bit... so i said wooahhh lets slow down guys... party boy just says... about to cum... so i tip my head back and open my mouth and he starts fucking my throat till he fills my mputh with cum and my angle he pulls put and it just goes all over the bed.... i said oops... he said no big deal and flops over on the other side of the bed and the guy is probably 2/3rds in fast pumping so i looked back and said.... im ready!!!! And dropped my head to the bed ass up still and reached back and spread my ass with both hands and he starts easing all the way in.... fully balls deep. I could literally feel my orrgans being like moved around lol. So when he slowly pulls back all the way out and then all the way in about 3 times and it was still aaching but felt sooo intense and then he starts slamming it home 1-2 times and i had to slow him down with my hands and he says im cumming and he fast fucks me with half his cock and pulls his cock out and i could just feel my ass gapping like never before...... i was like wow... im so happy that was amazing but glad we are done lol. We all kinda chuckled and made small talk about taking a little more focus on warming up my ass instead of 2 at at a time. Our conversation was mutually understood that I absolutely love a dick in my ass and one in my mouth at the same time but when warming up with such a huge dick its really really hard to split focus.... not sure how but organically plans were made for next Friday evening for me to be on top and party boy said he can just watch or go after or before. So then i left. Total event was probably 10 minutes if that. Party boy still cums super quick. I put my shorts back on with my ass full of cum and then i went home lol

Story Time - Hurricane Cop Anal - Sept 3rd
We met in a park at like 5pm and then went to my house after 20 minutes since he couldn’t drink at a bar and drive his cruiser…..
So…. We were talking in my kitchen and he legit goes…. We both know why Im here(referencing the little bit of sexting) and walks up behind me and starts kissing my neck. I immediately was thinking holy fuck im opening my ass for him lol. He mentioned he had a “big dick”. He legit starts stripping my shirt off and kissing my back. He spins me around starts sucking my titties and then moves to pulling my pants down. And kinda spun me around and looked at my lingerie and kidna laughed and said “you said anal only but are these actually anal only lingerie?” I laughed and said yeah i wasnt joking. I expected you to fuck me in the ass. We walk over to my couch and he puts me on my back and pushes my legs back as hes getting on his knees and starts licking my asshole like crazy. Im in heaven. Hes holding my knees fo chest just nonstop for like 5 minutes. I then said “pull your cock out and put it in my ass”. He just goes “i cant get a boner” im like… wait what? Lol. He said yeah…. I get nervous, in having fun let me just lick your ass. I said sure no problem. He goes to town licking my asshole for like 5 more minutes. Then i flip and lay on my stomach doggy style off the bed and he licks my asshole from the back for another 5+ minutes. Eventually i was kinda done with it. I said lets have some snacks and watch a movie. I felt bad and didnt wanna kick him out after that amazing experience.
So we end up at ny kitchen bar and he says…. Sorry i just get nervous sometimes and for whatever reason cant keep it up. I said does anything fix it? He said yeah… alcohol. We kinda went back and forth and he was like yeah i can absolutely drink… but i just cant drive my cruiser back to my friends. I said i respext that. He said i could drink at his house if i want if you wanna go there. I said….. why not stay here? He goes…. I guess if you were ok with that. I said sure. Poured 2 shots. We both took them. Both got a beer. I was still just topless with my open back lingerie underwear on. Out of now where hes like…. I have a boner. I almost spit out my drink. I said…. Well lets get to work. This maybe was 45 minutes after he stopped licking my ass. I run over to the couch and hop on doggy style and said…. Oh fuck idk where the lube is while he was undoing his pants.i got up and his pants dropped and it was a solid 6.5 inched. Not huge bur certainly bigger than average. I found my booty eaze. Put a few drops on my asshole and kissed hom and hoped back doggy style on the couch and reached back spread my ass and said “ go slow” he slowly eazed it wll the way in….. seriously from tip to balls deep in one 5 second push. I guess i was warmed up from him licking my ass. Slowly pulled out and slowly pushed in… faster and faster over like 20 seconds and the dude pulls his cock out and starts cumming all over my back. I said well darn… he said “sorry i havent done anal in like 20 years” lol. I woulda normally been aggravated but he licked my ass prior so i was content. It was maybe 7 by this point. He said….. give me 20 and i can go again. I said…. How about this… my ass is here to use all evening when you are ready. So we ended up watching netflix for like 45 minutes sitting on my floor… he had a pillow behind him against my couch and we snuggled and i just rubbed his cock for like the 30ish or so and then it started getting hard(he was naked) and i slid in front of him on my knees facing away and put my legs under his…. Pulled his cock and lined it to my asshole and slid right down it all the way. I slowly slid up and down his dick. He was spreading my ass and spanking it and i was just enjoying watching this nature documentary while i slid up and down on it. Sometiems id just stop and sit all the way with it in my ass for a solid few minutes until he started going soft then id move again. This went on for im not kidding like 20 solid minutes. Only reason my legs could last that lonng was my many mant extended breaks where id just stop bouncing an dleave his whole cock in my ass. Finally i was super slow sliding up and down all the way he finally pulled it out and started jerking off to he was cumming. When he pulled out i kinda went doggy atyle and looked back it. I knew my ass was a full gape. He said can i shower? I said lets do the pool! So we ended up noth jumping in the pool immediately then netflixed and fell asleep at like 10 or so and he left at 8am after i made breakfast.
After this move into my new house it was much much needed.

Story - 2 Guys 1 Weekend - Sept 10th
As mentioned before Im summing up the details leading up to. In short i finished my move into my new house and had actual no plans and no stress etc. I decided to go wild.
Hung with a guy on tinder ive been talking to a while. Solid 230lbs of muscle. 33… had a porsche. Met him down at the beach. Hurricane did way more then i though to this specific area. Sand was pushed up into businesses. So we sit down way later it was like 8ish i think? Hes a total douche. Just stuck up. Didnt listen. Was a bullshitter like crazy. His “911 Turbo” was actually a 10 year old boxter. He didnt think i knew about cars. Really good looking though. I couldnt handle it after an hour i just said…. Want me to suck your dick in the parking lot? He obliged…. We end up in the parking lot and it was way to lit up. So we end up going to his house down the street. Janky old house right near downtown. We slide in the door and i just drop to my knees and start tugging at his belt. His cock pops pit and its a solid solid 5.5 inches at most. I start stroking it trying not to laugh because he was so adamant in messaging about how he had a big cock and “your little asshole is gonna get wrecked” lol. So im sucking for about 3 minutes and he just starts holding ny head and face fucking me and i start chokking and eventually pull it out and hes cumming all in my face and chest. So…..i go to the bathroom with no words. Cleaned up. He goes into the bathroom and i grabbed my purse and left. He never texted me after i left lol. Went home. Went to bed.
Recently ive been thinking about trying for an out of town guy. I kinda was dating for more… multiple encounters so i wrote off tourists but had recently decided with busy life and having my photographer over sat nights now…. i cant have guys expecting me to see them every friday… also rarely guys are available consistently on fridays when it does play out. So this is slutty I know but i went down to the beach and hungout by myself hoping to just enjoy the sun but was 100% open with meeeting a guy and going back to their hotel room and hoping it was 2 guys lol. So i poked at this guy who had been messaging me the past few days when I was on the beach saying yeah ill be down in a bit etc….. so i messages him after an hour on the beach and said “i just got here”. Long story short we meeet up on the beach and hes just a slim tall nice brunette. We hung for like 30 minutes. He had mentioned prior his cock was big. I know its terrible but ive been chasing big dicks lately. I will be talking to 2-5+ guys consistently and kinda cycle them through…. 1 vanishes usually after a week or so and ill match and vet another before continuing communication. This guy was 1 of 2 tourists and the other acted a bit odd. This guy was confident…. Said big dick and he’s patient with anal. Major major green flag right there lol. Anyway… i said…. Opal right? He said yeah. Got your own room… he goes…. Yes…..
I said “lets check it out”. We go up to his room. Super clean….. i run over and hop on his bed ass up and he was like woahh didnt expect that. I said…. We talked about your dick size and i said i take it in the ass so…. Thats why im here. He legit walks up… smacks my ass and pulls me doggy style on the bed and starts grinding my asshole. The guy legit pulls my bikini down(black thong and black sport top) and i can feel his cock is definitely big. Probably 7 inches and regular girth. I had my backack on and slid it off as hes grinding his cock on my asshole and pulled out my booty eaze and said “a few drops” pop. He dabs it on my asshole and then he’s immediately pushing his cock into my asshole…he kept pressure on it and it slid slowly over like 30 seconds one long push and i could feel his pelvis. Then long stroke out and long slow stroke in. It felt insanely good. This lasted for legit 5 straight minutes and as many times as ive had sex i can say Ive never had anyone slowl in and out from the start and continue past a minute or so. It felt like an asshole massage it was insane. He finally pulled it out of my ass slowly. And spread my ass and smacked my ass and flipped me over onto my back. Then he kinda put his knees on the edge of the bed and just pushed my knees back to my chest and slid his big cock into my ass. Still going slow. It was soooo weird ive never had this before but it was amazing. Then we kissed for the first time lol!!!! Making out and hes still slow fucking my asshole. This went on for 2-3 minutes. I legit just suddenly felt like i was going to cum and started moaning and cumming like crazy while he was still slow in and out. I was like wow that was frecking amazing. He pulls his cock out. I asked if he cummed and he just said… nope! I really last like 20+ minutes. Its hard for me to cum any sooner than that. I felt bad and was like…. Well i owe you one! He told me he would be back down in a month so I said ill be ready for a 30 minute session next time.
We kissed and i put my bottoms back on and had my backpack and said ok time for me to go. He insisted walking me to my car. Got down there. Hopped up in my truck and left. Can genuinely say my asshole wont be sore from that thankfully since im doing butt plug scenes at my pool sun morning(in like 45 minutes after i write this) lol

Story Time - 2 Guys(Party Boy) - Sept 24th
This was fun but also annoying. Party boy had a new friend lined up. 6 inch cock. Tall skinny pale guy. So the plan was layed out prior. I show up…. Had my open butt lingerie on under my jeans and a black bra on hnder a tank top. I walk in and they were in the kitchen… i said hello… took my shirt and pants off and walked to the couch and went on doggy style holding the back of the couch faving them and I said “lets get moving i got stuff to do later” they trailed behind me and i they kinda talked back and forth and decided party boy would go first…. I handed them my lube from my purse and he dabbed it on my asshole and within 2 seconds was pushing his cock into my asshole…. Took 20 seconds for his 6 incher to get moving fast and within a minute he pulls out and says “your turn”…. The guy i guess had stripped down also at some point wheb i looked back he was lining up and i feel his cock slide in my ass and he starts super fast pumping by asshole and he started getting soft and is playing with it and trying to cram it back in bu my ass wasnt gaped yet enough. He says you can go ahead while i work on this…. Party boy starts fuckibg me in the ass and it was amazing. Solid 2-3 minutes of pumping my booty and he pulls out and i realized boom his friends in my ass slamming away for about a minute and i could feel something off again….. then i just feel a cock slam into my asshole and realized they had switched and he wasnt able to get it up. So per convo before i went over groubd rules and party boy knows the game plan usually and the guy walks around and goes to jab his cock in my face and in like… chill dude im not sucking your dick after it was in my ass…. He goes damn… i cant get it up. I said just work on it while party boy finishes up. Having a full on convo while my asshole is getting slammed. So party boy after 2 or so more minutes just starts moaning and he had filled my asshole with cum… then the guy gets it in my ass and slams it home for 20 seconds and the same thing happens. So eventually its me holding myself up for 5-10 minutes of him trying to slip it in but it either coming out or him “fuckibg” me with a soft 2 incher lol. After a certain period my ass closed tight back up and he was trying to finger my ass etc so i was like…. Game over guys. It didnt work. I wiped down with a towel and straight up put my jeans on and went straight to a friends house with party boys cum in my ass. The whole ordeal was maybe 15-20 minutes.

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