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Sample Story


2022 Part 1 

Welcome! My Stories are and were written generally on the Sunday mornings after my encounters. You may notice some mix ups and missing storys. These were originally written on my Free OF and transferred over. Just ignore and move along. My stories are real and I do not exaggerate but I do emphasize the more exciting parts. Just remember these stories only have so much information. I rarely mentioned the extents i go to for both sexual safety, personal safety and the occasional dead end dates. All of these are about my personnal sex life and in no way reflect what I do and am comfortable doing on camera for my VIP Onlyfans. Enjoy the ride.

Jan 2nd - New Years Eve DP
-Finally did DP with 2 guys.

Ok so over the holidays the party boy says hes throwing a party for new years eve. He said you can come, we can skip the sex if you want but i want you to come. I said oh sex for sure but id love to come. He said well my friend that I had over that i sucked his dick would also be there. He said i know we talk a lot but is that fine if hes there and/or would you want to do another 3 way thing? I said honestly ive been aching for a threesome. Obviously we know the type of girl I am and what im looking for and sucking both your dicks was awesome but Idk if new years is a good idea. Would have to be solid safe gaurds and an "out" if needed. I really liked him as a person though. Your friend was super sexy and super respectful. I also said i need you to be clear on jealousy as well because Im no ones girl but when im with you im yours kind of when it comes to situations like this. So we hashed it out. Plan was we all party with no clear expectations. Ill be my party boys date but if the situation arises at the end of the night he can join us in the bedroom but then he has to leave. All was in agreement. So its a frecking rager. I show up at 5pm. Some of the original party crew i had met were there. They are his close friend group. His friend was also there. We all joke and laugh and have a greay time drinking at 5pm setting stuff up. His friend even jokes and says hopefully we all get lucky later if things work out. So the night rages and probably 30+ people are there. I mingle with people, party boy and his friend until about 10:30. Was shots galore etc. Me and my guy spent a minimal time together. Out of no where in the kitchen my guy said "hes ready and im ready if you are". I had to double take because i forgot. I said yeah. He said ok ill tell him to go up there first. He walked over told him and his friend drifted off up the stairs. I told him you would be up in a minute to not arise suspicion. I said what about you i thought we were sticking together? He said no ill give yall a few minutes to get started. I was taken back a bit and said wait i dont want any weird jealous stuff. He said honestly its a turn on walking in if you were kissing, blowing or fucking him. I said ok whatever you say. Honestly at this point i dont care enough about him if somethinf happened i could walk away kind of thing so whateves. I go upstairs. His friend is just just sitting on the bed. He said hello. I said well im here. He goes where is he at? I said he told me to come up and get started with you. He was like are you sure? I said yeah he was 100% he wanted to "walk in on us". He goes whatever fuck it.. come here. So i went over and straddled him and we started making out for a minute. Rubbing each other etc. I slowly lead to my knees. Hes still sitting on the edge of his bed and Im like this is weird... we are kinda like where the fuck is he? Lol so im super horny at this point and say fuck it lets get your pants down. So he pulls his dick out and i start grabbing his cock and pulling it and then start sucking his dick.... boom door opens. Hes like sorry people kept me. We both are stopped with my hand on his friends cock looking at him frozen. Then hes like oh sorry keep going i gotta clean up. Walks into his bathroom... so i just start sucking his friends dick more. He comes out and says to his friend go ahead and lay up on the bed and you, take your clothes off. Im just like turned me on so much being told what to do. Quickly strip down and his friend says come here and jump on this dick. I was like "its so hot you guys are treating me like a slut but you gotta wear condoms. So he says to his friend says second drawer. He grabs a condom and puts it on. My party boy still dresses kinda walking around so i crawl up butt naked onto his friends dick and he pulls me down and starts kissing me while slowly working his dick into my pussy. I start slowly bouncing on his dick while my party boy had reduced clothing to just his shorts and stands up on the bed on the side of hos friend and pulls his dick out and grabs my head and shoves his dick in my mouth. So im bouncing and sucking at one time. It was overwhelming slutty and felt kinda good but was pure fun. After about a minute of this his friend says do you want a turn? He just says " how about at the same time?" To me and his friend. I said im totally game. You know i like anal. His friend just goes omg are you able to handle anal and actually do dp? I was like dude im a pro at anal. So im still riding his friend cowgirl so i press his dick as deep in me as i can and curl up fettal on him. My party boy gets behind me with a condom putting it on. Im like go super slow at first. Well i can handle big things but one in each hole made it odd. He couldnt get the tip in for like 3 minutes straight. Eventually it pops in. Ive felt 2 dildos before but this was as mentioned the most barbaric slutty fullfilling romantic thing ever. He slowly works it in and i can feel both their cocks more than i could ever feel anything. Once my guy gets going slowly i start loght sliding back and forth on his friends dick. It was feeling good from the very beginning to 2 minutes in when my guh starts full on fucking me super hard. 2 cocks slamming into me seperate felt so amazing omg. I was pretty much orgasming the whole time but didnt actually orgasm and sadly what seems his habitual problem he tensed up and was cumming. He pulls out. Hops off the bed while i was still bouncing on his friends dick. The fun was over. As hes walking to the bathroom he says dude you should take that ass for a spin and looks at me and i said absolutely. My pussy hurts anyway and i want anal. His friend goes ummm ive never done anal. I said so? He goes well do i need to warm you up and i dont want to hurt you. I said todays your lucky day. Im a pro and my asshole just got fucked some im all warmed up. I hoped off him. Went doggy style and he hoped up and i said put it in my ass and fuck me as hard as you want. He obliged. He lines up. Slide his cock in my ass and went semi gentle for about 5 seconds and said are you ok? I said yep fuck me harder. He starts slamming my asshole super hard and within seconds my guy hops on the bed all clothed up just watching me. I just said hello... all bouncing as im getting fucked so hard. After a minute i hear him tense up and he was cumming. He hops up and goes straight to the bathroom. I just talked to my guy about how amazing it was. His friend comes out and is like wow that was crazy. I said ok yall fuck off so i can take a shower. They said ok!! Left and went downstairs. I showered up and got down for the ball drop. No one suspected a thing. I ended up by myself in his bed by 1am and didnt see him till
I woke up. We laughed about the night prior and did our usual morning snackage and i left about 11am. Was the wildest thing ever! Lol



Jan 23rd - 2 Guys in 2 Days - BodyBuilder & Party Boy
-Same couch. 2 guys. 2 different days.

Well... been getting romped with texts from the party boy even though hes been busy also asking if the threesome scarred me away. Honestly i coulda hung with him again but needed space after all that. Was seriously intense and he had mentioned doing it again etc and Im totally open to it but ive just been busy etc. So during this week the bodybuilder has been bugging to see me and so has the party boy. The party boy was having his buddy we threesomed with over saturday but I had plans with the bodybuilder saturday he was coming over in the evening. The party boy thought i was dodging him and Im like hey I get it... but remember its sex only. Casual friends who text kinda situation. He kinda was suprised im so casual about it but im also a year older. We discussed it a few times lol. So I said come on over Friday Ill happily blow you. I can take 20 minutes to have your dick in my mouth. He asked for sex but i said no knowing the bodybuilder was coming the next do. So he shows up at 5pm on the dot. We chit chatted and hung for 5 minutes ish. I said wanna watch tv while i suck your dick? He does sure. So I hand held him and took him to my living room. Sat him on my recliner couch. Got the remot and flipped to netflix and i said go ahead and take your pants off while i flipped through. Put on some random documentary i forgot what it was called after we agreed on it. So he had his pants off sitting in the chair watching tv. I drop to my knees wearing my booty shirts and a regular T shirt. I had my hair in a pony tail already. Im on my knees with my hands on his legs just starring at each other with his hard dick in between our gazes. Hes grinning excited and i plunge at his nuts. No hands start licking all under his balls. Full mouth open half of his balls in my mouth with my tongue sliding below his balls swirling and licking all around. He was having a ball! So i eventually work up to his nice 6 inch smooth dick and full open mouth suck on the side of his dick.... from his balls up to the tip then roll my head shove his dick in my mouth half way.. suck back up... then down the other. I did this for a minute or so.... then started just no hands still deep throating as much and as fast as i could for maybe 2 minutes and boom hes tensed up grabs my should pulses his dick up into my mouth a little rough then i start feeling his cum shooting down my throat. No friction, no texture... just felt it literally blast down my throat and swallowed instantly. I was like dang man havent had a dick in my mouth in a while and you blew so fast LOL. He said he only has had sex with me since we first started seeing each other. So we talking about his freind and i told him i loved DP and loved the situation we had but id be interested doing it again. I said hey I just dont want our hookups to always be based on your friend or expected but if you wanna plan something out honestly I like the vibe and fantasys are just fantasys but if we do a full threesome i kinda want a plan this time.... I like in the moment for most but with 2 guys... its a lot of fumbling and what do we do next kinda vibes. So i said yall come up with a plan... dont gotta do dp... i said honestly id be happy sucking you both off again.... he leaves... but ill continue threesome plan later....
Anyway the bodybuilders shows up the next day at 5ish. So his back and leg were injured from mountain biking or something. Didnt find out till last minute. So we catch up and sit the same recliner and watch netflix. As im cuddled on him I of course end up rubbing he water bottle thick cock in his shorts pretty quick after he got there. I start easing down off the couch pulling at his shorts until his massive dick flops out hard as a rock. When i grab it my whole hand hardly fits around it and its kinda heavy. I know that sounds funny but its got some mass behind it. Multiple moans and groans of pain from his injury and by the time his cock is in my hand I said... You going to be able to have sex? He goes honestly its bad. I said bad enough for my to not be able to be on top? He said that might be even worse than if i was on top. I was a little dissapointed. Couple weeks and no sex now lol. I said no problem. Bit said for me but ill suck you off if you want? He said I didnt have to but i wanted to. I seriously enjoy sucking dick. I end up just slow sucking the tip of his dick while jerking him off. I didnt even both cramming 1/4 of it in my mouth like i usually do. Just light tip licking and sucking while i one and 2 hand full stroked his dick. His dicks so big i can put both my hands around his dick stacked and the tip is still out of my grip. It wasnt a race to the finish so this went on for about 30 minutes he feel him tense up and what felt like more cum than ever just start shooting into my mouth unexpectedly. It was a legit mouthful. I ran to the bathroom and had to spit it out. I was not prepared. He was laughing so hard. It was funny as hell..... he ended up staying the night and i gave him a back and leg massage while we watching netflix. Its always a minimal talking with him. Hes a simple quiet giant thats super nice and has a huge dick lol. So... earlier saturday and even this morning been talking to the party boy and he was hanging with his friends and I told him lets have something planned etc. He said next Saturday lets do this. He said can we do the blowjob thing and then eiffal tower you? So i didnt know what that was and googled it LOL. Its essentially the girl is doggy style and one guyis on his knees in front and one on his knees in back. I said... ok. So we hashed some details... pretty much the same thing is our first night when i sucked their dicks but this time its gonna be blowing them both and they are gonna take turns on my asshole. His buddy been bugging him saying how awesome anal was and wanted to do it again etc. LOL. So thats the plan. Remember... real storys means real problems so that is the plan but plans fall through. Hoping everything goes smooth.


Jan 30th - Another Threesome
-Threesome with party boy and his friend again

So Ive been absolutely aching for dick and I got what i was aching for. I havent been laid but been sucking cock since my last threesome... weird LOL. My aand the party boy spoke all week... hashed out details etc. Planned pretty much the same as the first double blowjob thing went but they would take turns on my ass etc. I get there about 5pm... sun was already setting... this time they actually had cooked for me and were wearing just regular clothes. I brought regular clothes but had my white bra and white G string and white leggings lingerie cause it was fucking freeeeezing for Florida. 47 high. Full porn star attire. I get there and it was aggressive instantly. Super sexually charged. First thing i said in the door with my party boy answering and his friend standing in the kitchen was ... "yall ready for a wild time tonight?" They both were saying hell yes etc. They were almost giggling it was adorable LOL. So they are cooking fried chicken and some type of mashed potatoes. A weird fancy type though it was weird. More his friend cooking and my guy helping. So i said whats the deal... time frames etc? They said lets eat and drink for an hour or so and then get down to it? We all agreed. I still had to get ready etc. So we end up eating and they were waiting on me. A total slutty fantasy EVERY girl has had... 2 dudes waiting on you before they just totally take you for a sexual ride of your life. After i finished my wine i said see yall upstairs in 20? They groaned and said ok. I got upstairs get ready.. get my lube out and my lingerie on. yelled down his stairs and said when yall coming Im ready!!!!! They said 1 minute. I hop on the bed. I hear them literally giggling coming up the stairs. I could tell they were excited. I said so whos getting my ass first? My party boy goes... not me... i cum to quick. We all laughed!!! I said ok yall lay on the bed and get those clothes off and ill suck you both off. They both sit side by side on the bed after they pull their clothes off and I crawl up and kinda spin around and show them my asshole and spread my ass... looking back at it. Little strip teasing kind of thing. I eventually end up on my knees one knee in between ones leg and other knee in between the others and am sitting up and start rubbing their dicks and balls until they get full hard ons. Im slow stroking their hard cocks at the same time and I said to the friend... are you ready? He says yes and they both start getting up and I kinda position in the middle of his bed facing the head board and my party boy makes his way on his knees to my and kinda just guides my head and puts his dick in my mouth. Happened pretty fast. When im taking it in the ass or sucking dick the focus is in one place. Having a cock slamming down your throat and trying to focus on whats going on behind me was very overwhelming LOL. I feel his friend grabbing and spreading my ass cheeks and then he starts rubbing my asshole. I could hear and feel a condom on so i was good there.... I hear a lube bottle pop and i had to grab my party boys dick and pull it out of my mouth and had to say use a LOT of lube. Dont be shy. So i hear him lubing up and my party boy shoves his cock down my throat and then i feel a tip lining up on my asshole and I was trying to focus so i stopped sucking and just held his cock in my mouth while over about 30 seconds he eased his dick slowly but surely all the way into my asshole. Then slow pulls out and slow pushes back in. Its always a lot the first minute or so adjusting and he did great actually but my party boy kept kinda tapping my head wanting me to suck his dick aka move my head up and down since i was still while focusing. Eventually his dick in my ass was a no problem smooth sailing kind of thing. Ive been in this situation before but it was quick and not smooth... this was planned and i was ready but with a guy not sitting and him being on his knees the guy in front holds a lot of control. I felt trapped and helpless in a good way... literally locked in by a cock in front of me down my throat and one behind in my ass. I feel the guy spreading my ass and just going to town on my tight asshole. Full in and out fast and im gagging and slipring my party boys cock... eventually the momentum of them slows down and i pull his cock out of my mouth and said OMG you goes are going to town on me i needed air and they kinda laughed and the guy behind me slows down real real slow.... i gather my breath and put his cock back in my mouth and i start bouncing back and forth. So... doggy style they remain still and i go back on his dick in my ass and the dick in my mouth goes to the tip.... then i pull off his dick in my ass as the dick goes down my throat. I guess with my head being tipped back doggy I was able to almost deep throat 5/6 inches of his dick. It felt amazing. So im just slowly bouncing back and forth and feel so relaxed and crazy good.... then his friend goes... you want a turn? He says yeah... then goes do you need a break? i said fuck no... get back there and fuck my ass its feeling amazing. I said do you wanna take your condom off and ill suck your dick while he fucks my ass? The friend goes honestly i was about to cum.... and says can we just take turns on your ass? I said fuck it why not.... being on my hands is getting tiring. So his friend sits next to me and i keep my ass up by lay my head down on the bed.... then i feel my guy in no time at all lined up eased the tip in my ass and just start slamming my asshole. Im instantly back to that amazing feeling. Was kinda odd but his friend was sitting there and was rubbing my back and spreading my ass ... which sounds strange but it allowed my party boy to get super deep in my ass. I could feel his balls slamming on my pussy every time he pumped... maybe 3 minutes in... his friend just goes.... can I hit it again? Party boy says yeah and as his friends kinda standing up and getting beside him I feel him pull out and spread my ass and party boy says.... damn look at that asshole gaape.... he lets go and not kidding eases over and i feel boom a dick in my ass ... his friend was ready to rock and is fucking my ass so hard for like a minute... I was overwhelming with the situation.. feel good, mental aspect etc i didnt notice party boy must have been standing next to him still... remember i cant see unless i really look back at it... but what i gathered as it happened was in that minute later he pulls out slides to the left and party boy slides behind me and starts fucking me in the ass. Im not gonna lie... i really wasnt expecting that level of comfort between them but hey... it was fun for me... their dicks would just slide right in. They did this probably 3 more times back and forth... 45 seconds here and there and then swap... eventually i hear moaning and im gonna be completely honest and this may be the sluttiest thing ive ever said or ever could do...... so here it goes.... lol..... I legitimately did not know what guy was cumming in my asshole for a few seconds LOL. Both were wearing condoms and it turned out it was my party boy.... so he pulls out... hes covered in sweat and says yall have fun... and walks to his bathroom... before i could blink his friend is mounted up on my ass again.... i said woahhh slow it down... this angle is starting to cramp me up. I said on my stomach? he goes yeah. Pulls it out. I lay on my stomach legs spread... he layed on me supported by his arms and put his cock in my and started pounding my asshole... nonstop probably 5 straight minutes until he starts cumming and just full pressing his dick into my ass. Eventually he rolls off me.... im just laying there... havent cum yet but it was SOOO awesome.
We all laughed and joked after we all got cleaned up. We all agreed planned situations and stuff are WAY better experiences. Super fucking strange and i was caught in the moment and I didnt even notice but for like 20 minutes down in his living room drinking alchy we were talking like this is a normal thing and how "next time" we will do this or that. I even at one point said well yeah i really wanna try DP again planned etc. They joked and kinda were like yeah lets check the schedules and we can all get a plan and shoot ideas back and forth. I actually ended up leaving at like 11pm. I hav absolutely NO regrets and I felt empowered and quite frankly it felt slutty and felt amazing. I loved it. BUT im not sure if a dynamic of having a consistent threesome situation is a moral situation i want to tackle. Being 2 guys kind of slut is a bit dameaning but also i want to do it because its fun but just feel it may end up a mess since they are friends etc. Honest question..... Theres 2500+ of you that read these each week... so you better answer... LOL...

Is having 2 guys fuck me like that regularly passing the experimental threesome phase and crossing over into a negative moral territory... almost even trashy? Or is it just the same as seeing 1 guy purely for sex occasionally like ive been doing? Honesty wont hurt my feelings. I know i push the envelope but this is my maximum trashy edge that id ever teeter on lol I plan for this to eventually end and me just continue living the single life for a few years of tinder dating as i have been lol

Anyway... my asshole is on fire while i write this from the dry condom fucking so hope you enjoyed my adventure. It was sooo much fun.



Feb 6th - Threesome & Some Soul Searching
-Threesome AGAIN

This happened Wed.... I know yall come here for the sex and ill get to that... It finally happened. The bodybuilder hit me with the ultimatum. Called me Wed at lunch and said look... i hateeee to give you an ultimaum but he said he wanted to date me but was fine for literally another year doing our dynamic but he had met someone a few weeks back and wanted to make a decision at that point. I like him as a person and of course the sex with his huge dick but our personalities are opposite. Im semi passive but hes SUPER SUPER passive and it just doesnt click well. We said our goodbyes and i told him to holler if it didnt work out with her LOL. Its not that im sad but... imagine your friend gets rid of their car that you have spent time around and rode in a lot. Its not sad because its not yours but you still had memorys in it LOL. So anyway.... Im trying to figure out the tinder guy situation... The bodybuilder was my friend also. The tinder guy... is not... if that makes sense. Nothing in common. Just sex and a good time. Im not lonely but companionship lack of or sudden changes does change your next plan. So with the threesome stuff its been new, nerving etc. Well.... ive got these calls semi before but havent mentioned them here.... literally a couple hours later i get a call from him... if you are around this evening me and my friend just hanging out. I told him probably not i got a lot of work to do. So 6pm rolls around and i had just got out of the shower and saw.... "Hey come over sexy. We are bored and want that ass". Well.... not very romantic but i at that moment said fuck it.... ill go. I text back... just hopped out of the shower will be there in 45 or so.... yall can fuck me and then im leaving. He text back "Seriously? No way". I said yeah for real. 45 minutes later im knocking on the door and he opens it and said i really until now thought you were messing with us. I said nope... im not here to stay though. Lets get this done. His friend was coming down from taking a shower and said hey ill be down after i grab my bag from a far(its a biggg house) and i responded why? He said... clothes!. I said just come on down you dont need them. I here him chuckle and say Alrighty then! LOL. By that time me and my guy reached the couch.... I said yall are entertaining ME! LOL. I hoped up on the couch doggy style and my guy just started grabbing and rubbing my ass and pussy and immediately started pulling my jeans down with my underwear and he dove right in and started licking my ass. His friend came over and was kinda standing behind me next to my guy and was trying to reach and grab my titties all awkward... I said "go around the couch" hes butt naked and walked around the couch and went OHHHHH. I was doggy style so i was laying on my head on my crossed arms on the back of the couch. The couch is a huge sectional in the middle of the living room. So he just flops his semi hard dick right on my arms and I grab it and start sucking it. Im enjoying the ass and pussy licking more than anything honestly. About 5 minutes of this goes by before i feel him stop and could tell he stood up and then i feel a dick poking at my asshole......LOL. He was struggling a bit so i reached back and spread my ass while his friend was kind of fucking my throat... then i feel his dick slip into my ass and he slow pulses for a minute or so while i jack off his friend until he gets fully in my ass and then starts getting going and is full slamming my asshole. Its feeling absolutely amazing at this point and I hear him groaning and saying spread your ass for me... so ir each back again and spread my asshole while hes full tip to balls slamming his cock into my ass while his friend is fucking my throat pretty rough. It was super super rough and i started chocking and gagging on his friends cock to the point i had to stop spreading my ass to grab his dick and pull it out of my throat. This was over the course of about 5 minutes and knowing my guy really cums quick... im jacking his friend off and sucking his balls while he very very hard slow slams my asshole a few times and then holds his dick in me. He had cum LOL. So he pulls out and I look back he looks like hes about to legit faint and just sits down on the couch and mumbles to his friend... your turn. We kinda laughed and asked if he was ok. He was just worn out. I stay where im at and as his friend walks around and approaches me my guy gets up and says shower time and runs upstairs. His friend says... are you good for anal still? I said... yeah duhhh... he eases up behind me and slides his dick right in and starts fucking my asshole like no tomorrow for a few minutes and he eventually slows down and pulls out and says can we switch positions? I said yeah sit down we can reverse cowgirl... he goes OMFG yes. He sits on the couch and i mount up on him(im on my knees sitting on his lap... i start wiggling into position and reach back and lift his hard dick up and line the tip up into my asshole and then ease down till its all the way in. Hes moaning like crazy as i super slow bounce up and down on it. So im just slowly up and down on his cock for a few minutes and eventually i jokingly say.... what do you want to watch on netflix? He laughes and goes lets watch a nature channel. So we end up turning on a nature channel and just sometimes not even bouncing... just relaxing with his dick in my ass and we are actually talking... hes like are you comfortable still going or do we need to stop? I said nope im good. I probably sat with his dick in my ass for 15 solid minutes or more... eventually we said where the hell did he go??? He says should I call him? I said yeah.... he calls him.... i hear him say... i got the spins after all that and threw up... i got water and crackers.... yall fuck all you want down there im just gonna sleep. We kinda laughed and said ok LOL. I said ok we need a plan at this point... you gonna cum or what? He goes.... how about just a break and we just fuck as we go? I said.... hmmm... I guess ... fuck it lets give it a try. I hop up butt ass naked and hes naked... we go into the kitchen and makes a glass of whiskey and i said whatever ill have one... so we stand and talk for 5 minutes or so ... more than i think just me and him have talked ever.... I said couch or? he laughs kinda grabs my neck and ass and spins me and bends me over mid conversation at the kitchen bar and just puts the tip of his dick in my ass and then slowly pushes it in... I was not expected that to feel so good and so slutty. He just kinda holds my neck and starts pumping my asshole... i guess the sexual tension and vibe i just start moaning and cumming and hes fucking me harder and harder........I ask him if hes gonna cum soon cause im out i cant last much longer after i cum. He says yeah and keeps fucking me for another minute and just as it starts hurting he pulls out and starts moaning and cumming all over my ass cheek. It was super intense and almost romantic and naughty fucking him while "my guy" is upstairs lol. We both used seperate bathrooms and i checked on the tinder guy and he was fine just wore out and druunk LOL. Told him i was leaving. Ended up downstairs talking for his friend for probably 20 minutes. He said he gets bits and pieces from my guy but doesnt know my whole story etc. Told him all the usual... sex with no attachements at this time in my life. He got it and asked about this situation and I said... its not sustainable but i figured my as well enjoy it. I even said i was either gonna slut it up with you guys and be yalls fuck toy a bunch quick or spread it out and only do it on occasion. We discussed how long term is better because less feelings if its only a rare occasion and how we are all having fun etc. So talking to him i kinda reinforced my previous thought. I cant keep doing this regularly. It was fun but maybe on occasion thing. Our fun little secret. I called the tinder guy the next day. We laughed about the night and talked and he agreed as well. He said how him and his friend liked getting their rocks off with me so they didnt have to "chase pussy" constantly but understand it might end bad. So as of now we discussed once a month max but probably less. So that door isnt closed but in my experience it may be. Ive decided with this chaos but fun situation and the bodybuilder situation Im not even doing casual past 2 sex flings.... for a few months until i get my ducks in a row. I want to experience it all and the seeing 1-3 guys consistently has been a bit stressful. Not that bad but there has been some annoyances. Guys wanting more after a couple dates, threesomes, me developing minor feelings etc LOL. So im just gonna fling it and hookup and roll on and see how that goes.
As of now im officially seeing no one so.... tinder is cranking back up LOL.
100 miles from Tampa... maybe ill see you there. I wrote this thursday and scheduled it actually but im not doing anything this weekend. Video games and friend time. Calm before the storm because im going at it next weekend.



Feb 21st - Guy On vacation
-Guy on vacation fucked me behind a building

I went out freshly single single. Not seeing any guys atm. Starting a new system and decided to dive in and see things. Well people always ask how i get laid... well.... do you realllyyyy want me to tell you how my friend met me at a beach bar Thursday for dinner and we ended up talking to some guy that turned out to be a creep? Or before i got lucky how I got another guys number afterwards... he was visiting from virginia and he called me druunk at 3am telling me to come over to his hotel? It woke me up and pissed me off bad. Lots a failed attempts. Normally myself and most girls know pretty quickly when with a guy if we plan to hookup with them or not. Ask any girl. Seriously. If we actually like like a guy nerves normally kick in more and we either give up the ass right away or get shy and want to keep them around more than just one night so dont put out etc. If we medium like a guy... maybe purely looks but kinda annoying etc then we can handle a one nighter kind of thing. Anyway... Saturday(yesterday) after the Thursday failures I went and sat on the beach alone catching up on some phone reading. Was like 60 out so bikini wasnt out for long lol. Yes alone. Some guy walks up to me and just goes... hello. I was like... Hi. He looked like kind of a dorky bradley cooper. Good looking longer surfer hair maybe.... 40(found out he was 40) lol Dude was chokking bad so I just said...Hello Im Abigale and put my hand out. He shook my hand and no lie... said sorry im nervous... havent hit on a girl like this in years... thank god you arent some weirdo about covid.... then goes oops sorry i didnt mean that no offense.... I said... umm.. No i dont care. Like any sickness..... wash your hands and dont go out if you are sick. So the dude starts rambling about hating biden etc. Guy was actually funny... realized by that time we had sat and talking about conspiracys for 20 minutes. He goes oops sorry I gotta get back to my kids.... I was like damnnnn that took a twist. He was kinda goofy in the cute kind of way and fumbled his words saying sorry I know its weird.... He goes I want to hang out while im in town...Im here for a few days. I said... well your kids... i work.... sundays arent good for me. He goes oh well Im actually free tonight. Ok so shit got weird. Im not normally one to get involved in this funk ass situation but he asked if he could explain. I said go right ahead. His wife just cheated on him 2 months ago. Him, his wife and 2 kids and his parents come down to a random beach each year in Florida. Well they continued the trip without the wife. I said... Im so sorry etc... i said but in all honesty Im not gonna be a home wrecker and would love to hang with you but is there some weird way you can prove it.... he goes OMFG yeah easy. Watch this... starts calling someone on speaker phone and some guy answers.... he says hey im gonna come back to the pool soon for a few hours... I met a girl that wants to hangout later were you still planning to take the kids to mini golf and to eat at (wherever he said). His dad goes son... if you are with a girl me and your mother will watch the kids till tomorrow if needed and laughs. He goes funny dad... alright see you in a few. So im sold. Heart broken, guys adorable... i knew i was doing whatever he wanted that night LOL. Ill fast forward. I leave. Go home. Come back and meeet up with him like 2ish hours later to pick him up at his hotel. He said im down here with my mom... i said bring her on out... just no kids that would be awkward. I met his fucking mom LOL. She said wow you are so pretty... dont worry hes not a weirdo... I hope you guys have fun.... he used to be the ladies man and then he got that "devil cunt wife that fucked him over". I could not stop laughing. She was so funny. So it did put my mind at ease. So we end up at a bar as the suns going down. Drink. Conspiracy Theory Debate etc. Maybe an hour in we start walking. Zig zagging buildings etc. First kiss hit on the sidewalk etc. No one was around I kinda rubbed towards his crotch. I joked and said to bad your hotel is occupied. He says oh no i didnt expect anything like that. I said well I did LOL. He said ohhh. Hes like yeah my whole rooms a mess etc... Kids kind of situation. I said no i understand... So we end up down this alley. Creepy? No. If you know our beach area certain times are very empty and well removed and its a very clean city. So we end up in this entry point where there a full fence thing but no access points the other way kissing...... Hes against the wall and i start tugging on his belt and he is tweaking bad nervous as hell going... nooo right here?? right here??? nooo. I was like yeah its fine theres no access point. So i ease to my knees and he opens his belt and un buttons and his average dick litterally flops out and slaps me in the eye lol!!! I was like owe. So i resituated and grabbed his cock and started sucking on the tip etc... he was groaning and kept saying this is amazing... i cant believe this is happening etc. I eventually pulled his cock out of my mouth and said SHUT UP LOL. He was like oops sorry. Maybe a minute of me sucking his dick and he grabs my arm and pulls me up.... took charge which was a surprise and i was so horney at that point... he pushes me against the wall and is gropping my titties and i start ubuttoning my jeans and he slides my jeans down to just below my butt cheeks.. i stick my ass out and he spreads my ass cheecks and slides right into my pussy. Took a few seconds of half strokes to get it lubed up enough till it slowly went in. So its feeling amazing. No condom... i know. Bad girl. He mentioned earlier how his ex wife cheating and he had to go get an std test... so i wasnt to worried.. As hes fucking me I said absolutely do not cum in me. He just said ok.... then kinda hear people like a minute in... so he quickly pulls out and pulls up his pants and i did too... we notice a bunch of people... so kinda got sketched out and we just said lets get moving. So he held my hand and we walked out. Was just a bunch of people walking to their cars but im like lets hit another bar. So we end up drinking more and hanging till 10 or so. I said im sorry i didnt get you off. He said honestly that was more than amazing. Good conversation and ended up parting ways at 10:30 or so before I got into my truck. He was texting me all night afterwards. True gentlemen. Wish I got to spend more time with him but i was so tired and the situation just wasnt doable. He wants to hang today but idk if i should let it lie or what. I told him i am 100% single and just flinging atm etc but i think he may be taking it to another level. Minor mentions like... with my situation and meeting you now i have a reason to finally move to Florida etc. Just a few remarks like that so I probably wont be seeing him again but it was fun. He fucked me for a minute so Ill count this as a guy who ive slept with I guess lol! For everyone who is enjoying these storys please consider at least going on my website or on my profile page here to see my updates on my VIP content. Writing these doesnt get my paid. It only takes an hour to write but it still means i get up on Sunday mornings to write these... sometimes with very sore holes and possibly hungover LOL. Thank you. Full Disclaimer as well. When I drink i do not drive. I know my limits. If im driving my general intake is maybe 3-5 drinks assuming its over a 3-5+ hour event. My storys dont signify how much i drink and may seem like im slamming shots and drinking pitchers of beer. Im responsible. If im sleeping over somewhere then ill drink more past the limit of course. Going forward Im hell bent on short term hookups through the winter.



Feb 27th - An Old Friend
-Got assfucked by a friend from high school

Very ironic another guy that was freshly divorced. Honestly ive been taking a break from tinder. Its hit or miss. I have guys hit on me maybe once a week in public or through facebook etc. Never underestimate facebooks power to connect lol! Had a friend from school I had seen at parties etc. We talked on and off on FB chat over past 8 yeears but he always had a girlfriend... then wife... well they divorced over a year ago but he had just finally moved back with his parents... was looking for a condo back in clearwater area. Not sure if he pickup lined me but we chatted a lot this past few weeks. Friday night he legit is like... "damn the struggle is real being back here... no good fast food near here still" I said welll... there is a popeyes... Hes like no way. He had moved an hour awat with his wife for many years so had no idea a popeyes had opened. He said he was at his parents for the weekend and same house ive been to back in the day. I said ok well if you in the same house ill pick you up. Lets go. Hes like ok really? Yep. Lets do get some popeyes. So I show up. He walks outside. Hops in the truck. Saw him maybe 2 yeears ago at a friends with his now ex wife. Well we end up getting popeyes and go back to my house..... eating etc. Super unplanned... i was like... want a beer? He of course took me up on the offer and 3 hours blows by and its 8pm ish and we were laughing and pretty lit. He jokingly mentioned taking me home once i sobered up and i didnt wanna seem to aggressive but said... I have a couch if you want we can keep drinking? He said fuck it... we laughed how he had to call his parents to tell them he was staying somewhere and it was like the old days etc. Seriously was more awkward than usualy because we were kinda friends but really wasn't expecting anything etc. Hes half hispanic half white tall tall and tattooed up. Works as a financial advisor with his dad etc. Multiple drinks later its 10pm and he kisses me on my patio bench while we were sitting talking. It felt weird but right at the same time. Known him forever. Making out turned to walking upstairs... before i knew it we were making out rolling around in my bed.... eventually on our sides and i kinda rolled to my stomach while he was laying half way on me and was grabbing at my crotch from behind rubbing my pussy..... he starts putting his hands under my stomach and searching for my jeans buttons..... starts undoing my pants and before i know it my pants were at my ankles. I kicked my jeans off laying full leg spread on my stomach and he had already ripped his pants off.... then he goes to start to mount me... well... i was fertile on my chart so i said condom?? he goes no... I said mine are downstairs..... then i said... you want to just put it in my ass? He goes... uhh yeah absolutely.... is that fun for you though? I just said... yeah it feels good. He goes ok.... at this point i had no idea he had a big dick. Not the biggest but absolutely a 7 incher. Bigger than my usual. Thick head on it so he was jamming at my asshole and it wasnt working. Needed lube. So I said... grab the lube from that drawer. He grabs it lubes his dick up... Slid right in. He kinda just started fucking my ass instantly i was like wooahhhhh slow down... gotta go slow. Im guestimating his dick size cause I didnt even see it lol! He was like oh im sorry ive never done anal before. Im like wellll... you cant just instantly slam it home. So over the course of a couple minutes he slow in and outed. He was kinda sitting on my legs with me on my stomach legs closed using his hips to slide his dick in.... so he keeps cranking and its big and im not used to that in a while so I asked for a quick break. He pulls out and then i slide up to grab my water bottle.... he kinda waddles up to me and grabs my head and starts trying to force me down to sucking his dick.. so i smacked the fuck out of his stomach.... I said no.... that was just in my ass you fucking idiot. He kinda mumbles and says oh sorry. At that point i decided i was gonna be selfish also so I said i want missionary. He goes ok. I flip on my back legs kicked back and spread but knees bent... he mounts up on me and i see the huge dick flopping on my stomach and realized quickly it was big and didnt just feel big lol. He slides it in my ass and starts fucking me. That was fun. Missionary isnt super calm but him just going to town for 5 minutes on my asshole... i was so happy and then eventually i hear him full blown moaning and then grabbing me tight while jamming his big cock so far in my ass it was almost hurting I could feel the warm cum shooting deep in my ass. He pulls out and rolls over and says wow anal is amazing. I said it surrrree is. I was kinda not happy he cummed in me but it felt awesome but idk. So we eventually clean up and jump back in bed. He legit instantly fell asleep. It was just a whole night of fun but the awkwardsness from him to the sex made it... less fun lol. Woke up the next morning and it got worse. He was aplogizing like he acted crazy and how he hopes he didnt do anythign wrong cause he had been drinking etc. Im like... dude chill it was a fun night. No one did anything embarrassing. Was kinda fucking annoying. So eventually i drop his dumbass off at like noon and now im here writing
I enjoyed a big dick in my ass but it always goes back to whether you know how to use it or not.



Mar 13th Fisherman from Tinder
-Sucked his dick on boat. Ended up being a douchebag

So I met this guy on Tinder. Date on Thursday. We went to a local marina where his boat was and there is a tiki bar food place. We had been talking a few weeks and thats when we were both available and had mentioned going on the boat Friday since Saturday was supposed to rain and ended up being horrible weather... so i wanted to meeet him first before I would go on a boat with a stranger. Super hit it off. Hung maybe 3-4 hours. Ate and looked at his boat. Hes 38. Tan, well off, 5'9, short hair, oakley fishing glasses. Classic guy. Loves the bucs etc. So ended in a kiss... and then i agreed to go fishing Friday... his best friend and his wife would also be attending. So went out at like 7 am... we drank beer all day and were back by 1pm..... was intercoastal due to safety since an issue arose with his motor. We didnt catch anything but catfish all day lol. So we end up back at the marina and the friends left... they put your boat on massive stands to clean it. I helped clean it... which he was surprised salt water cleaning wasnt a new concept to me even though its not like its rare in a town literally on the water(maybe women are just lazy and never clean their boats?. LOL. So in his large boat its relatively private..... we were already pretty soaked and the innocent "date" began a bit physical... kissing back and forth and a few ass and package grabs. So we are in the cuddy area in his downstairs portion of his boat and he got soap on him.... half of his stomach and on his bathing suit... so i said lets rinse that off... we go up the little stairs.... and i kinda start rinsing at his shorts and the soap slathered in the lining of his skin to his shorts so I said we gotta get that... put my whole hand in his shorts to my wrist and rinsed as I slid my wrist around his waist.... he just went with the flow and started rubbing my chest and it accelarated i reached down and grabbed his cock while rinsing it with the hose LOL. So i was spraying his dick and jerking him off..... good news. Its pretty big LOL. Then he goes... gotta make sure its clean before use... I laughed and said yeah I dont like the taste of salt... he did not expect that. No real sexual exchanges in text or prior because his friends were around so I think he was a little surprised when i said that. So i had my hand still holding his dick in his pants... and i said here turn off this hose.... he turns it off and i start pulling him downstairs while holding his dick..... then kinda sat him down on the cuddy bed/seat.....he sits down and i immediately take my hand off his cock and start untieing his bathing suit... he lifts his butt off and i pull his pants all the way down as i ease onto my knees... its huge. 7+ inches. Im happy with this situation. I actually really like the guy... more than any other guy so far since ive been on tinder lol. It kinda happened so organically. No sexting prior or planned sex... i told him im dating casual etc but thats it. I just liked the guy. Girls like romance, girls like getting fucked by guys they dont 100% like also so you can kinda care less.... be less embarrassed etc. Its a thing. Ask any girl LOL. 95% of girls dont tell a guy in text or in person long before sex... hey i want to fuck you and want you to chokke me and fuck my face lol. Some do but its rare. Then half of girls once the going gets hot in bed... you can open up.... even on a one night stand... once his cock is out... you can say or request anything.... unless of course you are just a super shy girl or the big one.... if you like the guy. If you actually really like a guy its harder to act like a porn star and not care... in this case im more shy because i liked the guy, his friends, his BOAT LOL. He had the whole package.....and a big package LOL. So at this point it was natural flowing but im staring at his cock and slowly grab it and start pulling on it... Im like great.... cant have sex on this boat... im not the best at blowjobs.... his dicks big so deep throating will be tough.... I was kinda dazing worrying about these things for the first time since i think my ex-husband... then he says... are you OK? I was like yeah sorry i dazed off LOL... then i started panicking... which im normally super cool under pressure. Well I squeeze his cock and dive in and start slurping and licking the tip of his dick while light stroking at the base of his dick with one hand.... for maybe a minute... then i stupidly said... "Am i doing a good job?"... WHAT THE FUCK. Idk why i would say that. Situation and nervous i was not on my A game today. He just goes... yeah kinda.....then he said... "just put your mouth over the whole tip... suck and use your full hand all the way up and down....." So i totally respect this guy within a few minutes of our first sexual contact told me what he liked.... It made me kinda mad because thats my signature move... i was just stupid and nervous to do it. So i just doe eyes and played the innocent youung dumb girl and said in my "cute voice" .... "ok.. ill try really hard".... So i fully slobber mouth over the whole tip(its big keep that in mind) and lightly squeezed up his cock and then gripped it hard when stroking it back towards him. I was full sucking and stroking his cock like this for maybe 3 minutes and i could feel constant tensing up in the last minute... I hear him mumble... "where should I cum"... gurggled sucking on his cock full stroking rocking back and forth (anywhere you want) and he said "ok just keep going"... I full full on kept going faster and faster stroking and sucking till his whole body pressed up like the exorcist and he grabs my head and shoves it down on his cock... which big cocks and my throat... it barely went from 2 inches to 3 inches down on it and he was just stiff as a board and his dick is stuck still in my throat and i just feel cum start shooting all into my throat and him just sighing in relief during his orgasm... then I start chokking...... literally chokking with his cock in my throat to where his cum shot back out all over the top half of his dick... normally i wouldnt do this but... nervous and needed to "perform" so I take his cock out of my mouth and its straight up and i start licking his cock up from base to tip and sucking his cock and licking it from the front and sides until i pretty much had sucked his entire dick dry again.... after his orgasm he was still moaning from me doing that. So i knew at that point he was content with our sexual encounter LOL. He said... "wow that was amazing.... was a little worried at first but then it turned into the best blowjob ive ever had." I chalked it up as a win. So we kinda hosed and towel dryed off and ended up finishing cleaning the boat up..... he invited me back to his house...... I knew he liked me cause he invited me 20 minutes after he just got off LOL. BTW i dont condone doing anything anyone tells you outside the bedroom but during sex... speak up on what you want and also LISTEN... as a female ive never got why some girls dont do what makes their man happy as long as the man returns the favor. Maybe im different though... i guess not all girls will use massive dildos on their holes and shoot lesbian anal pornos for onlyfans LOL. Anyway... we went back to his very large suburban house with a pool... swam, grilled out and his other friends came over etc. I slept over but no sex went down. First guy ive actually liked liked that ive hooked up with.... Not sure how this is gonna work. Im not committing to anyone. Im to busy. I dont want that "talk" about what i do for a living LOL. Im gonna text him shortly kinda sexual mention anal and how im looking for a physical relationship short term and see where that convo goes.
Im writing this now Sat at 11am. Just got home and he texted me as i finished the story... said he wanted to see me again and could see himself dating me and how he wanted to take it slow. I told him i really liked him but im purely doing physical right now. He was like well... we can give it a whirl for a few weeks... got on the anal subject. Doesnt like anal. WTF. I can do with it half or less but he said... no thats super weird. "My ex girlfriend loved it and made me do it once a month and im just not into it" so.... im suddenly not liking this guy... I randomly worked in.... how open minded about sex is he... and i said on a scale from missionary and try new things occasionally to dating a girl with an onlyfans? He said middle... he said id never date a girl with an onlyfans. I said why? He said its not a real job. I said back "so what if a girl has a real job.... did it supplement income but put a major amount of work into it to produce her content" He said still doesnt matter. So i legit said.... so you know im real estate.... you know its a major up and down job... working 60 hours one week and 20 the next sometimes.... what if i started an onlyfans to fill in on those 20 hour weeks? He said... "i wouldnt date you then". Im single... i keep it real here... i dont want to date anyone serious outside physical because of my onlyfans and just at this point in my life.... Im having fun while I can. I get not everyone would date a girl with an onlyfans, thats fine.... The onlyfans isnt the sole reason at all that im not dating now... but it is a factor... so when i liked this guy and was like well... things change... maybe he is someone i could attempt to actually date... it pissed me off when he said that and secured my concept of me staying single for a few more years and that i just need to focus on taking dick and making money when and where I want so I am in total "fuck it" mode....fuck this guy. I blocked him. I texted my tinder party boy and said "you and your friend wanna hang this weekend?" Waiting on a reply.

Mar 20th - Double Penetration
-A cock in my pussy and my ass at the same time

Ok... so i rambled on my last one. I was aggravated.... I attempted to consider changing the dynamic of my dating/sex life and that guy just really pissed me off... not that I even want a boyfriend.... It was just kind of annoying seeing a door close in front of me. My gal friend I told about it said I 100% just temporarily got "want what I cant have syndrome" and I also told her about the threesomes recently and she seriously backed me up.... she said I should go fucking wild. I agreed. Ive never been one for outside affirmation of how Im handling my life but being alone but dating for sex a
only can have its affects... i went from sexless for a year and a half to my first threesomes and sleeping around. Its just getting comfortable as a single female is all. Im gonna have fun. So anyway.... I texted my tinder guy last sunday and told him kinda the situation and said flat out... i just want no strings attached to get fucked like crazy by you and your friend.... he said well he will be here all week and weekend. They invited me over this week but i declined so we agreed on Saturday.... through out the week we hashed out details that I would come there Saturday morning and blow them... then we would swim and party all day and they would fuck me all day and night.... so let me tell you. This hands down was the absolute wildest time ive ever ever ever had by far x10 and im in the best mood ever. I gave 0 fucks. I said im yalls to use all day and night. This may be a 2 post kinda story. I end up getting there at noon... they both were drinking already.... said hello, chit chatted rubbed their dicks and kissed them both.... we started drinking beers. His friend was doing something to his car for an hour or so... so me and my party boy ended up in the hot tub.... I wore my white G string bikini of course after everyone voted for it on instagram..... talking, drinking having fun....grinding my ass on his cock tons... like a las vegas day club party but just us 3 are there LOL..... Music and drinks etc. So i end up at some point i dont remember how kinda on my knees on the seat in the hot tub and he was sitting on the side i crawled up putting my head on his crotch... he just pop... unties and unvelcros his bathing suit and pulls his dick out... i just went right at it sucking it like crazy. Full throat full slurping his cock... for about 5 minutes... then his friend comes out and says damn yall started without me LOL. We laughed and said COME ON IN. So he hops in and my tinder boy gets out and goes... im hungry... i gotta crank of the grill.... then he walks over and starts messing with it as his friend sits down on the edge of the hot tub and he says " Ill work on this meat while you work on his meat".... well that was funny. We all start laughing. Its super weird how close they are... thought maybe bisexual at first but if you knew them.... they just enjoying hanging out as friends. They can talk about cars and all typs of stuff like im not even there but also know they will get their dicks sucked i guess LOL. So im floating on over to dock number 2... sitting in between his legs... i grab at his pant leg and had to say... well... pull it out.... he just goes oh damn ok i didnt expect it.... but sure LOL. So he pulls his pants off and I start sucking on his cock.... maybe 2 minutes in... hes grabbing my hair and arm and picking me up to stand up and bends me over the edge of the hot tub and gets behind me.... ok im game... im horney... fuck away.... well... pool water.. anal.... wasnt happening. I was like dude.... not gonna happen... get a condom and fuck my pussy. He says ok... then party boy says noooo i gotta grab the barbacue ill get them... im just bent over the hot tub with his friend behind me laughing waiting. Maybe 30 seconds and he was back. Hands his friend a condom and walks back to the grill... the grill i was facing... maybe 25 feet away at most.... his back turned to us facing the grill against the house. Then his friend has the condom slapped on and starts easing it into my pussy.... little dried from the pool but after a few minutes of slow rubbing and trying it starts working... im bent over getting fucked watching the party boy grill burgers LOL. Hes like how long yall gonna be? His friend said yeah the water sucks im not gonna be able to cum. So we just kinda called it and said... lets eat and come back to this later LOL. SO we got up... I dried off. We drank till probably sunset... i went up and showered up and got cleaned up... came down butt naked to them still in the kitchen....I just straight up asked... are you guys gonna fuck me now or what? They both just laughed and said whenever and wherever just let us know exactly what you want us to do.... I said... I want dp... they laughed and said.... they were down... how should we do this etc? I said well one of you get to lick my ass... So my guy said I will! We went over to his couch... I got on my knees and his friend sat down... wipped his dick right out... and i started sucking it as my guy positoned himself behind me and started licking my ass...... after a few minutes i said get a condom for your friend... he got him one.... put it on and i climbed on his friend and slid it right into my pussy.... then my guy had gotten lube and i hear the bottle... he put some on my asshole while i was slow bouncing on his friends dick... He mounted up so i stopped... kept trying tp push it in and could not get it to work for a few minutes. We were all getting frustrated LOL. So eventually the friend slides down a bit and I can bend over a little more with my head on the side of his shoulder fetaal position.. party boys dick slid right in... no pain nothing... i was SOO horney it was 0 discomfort... i guess because it was already feeling good from his friends dick in my pussy. Im much more "aware" this time and enjoying the slow feeling... I could feel both the cocks rubbing inside each hole back and forth from each other.... they slow fucked me for 5 straight minutes like this. It was probably the best feeling ever... so we get a rhythm down..... hes fucking me pretty fast from behind and its SOOO tight... when you got 1 in each hole... it still is so close together it tighens everything up.....hes pumping my ass so hard the last minute when party boy starts deep pumping into my ass and tighening up and moaning I knew he was cumming deep in my ass... without a condom which isnt new for him... but his friend usually wears a condom.... so he pulls out and doesnt run off this time and just flops on the other couch watching.... then his friend says... this condom is killing me.... i said you gotta put it in my ass though if you take it off... im not getting pregnant doing this lol.... i lift one leg up... he slides out... stands up... gets behind me... i readjust doggy style a little higher... BOOM he slips it right in my ass.... just absolutely goes to town on my asshole for about a minute MAX and hes tensing up and slamming as deep as he can moaning and pulling my hips.... he cummed all in my ass also. So i just collapse over... he falls on the couch and we all just are sweaty and worn out...I was laying half face first and mumbled... i have so much cum in my asshole lol. They both just start laughing. So we end up hanging on the patio and i switched to wine and hung and talked for hours... jokes about my asshole still filled with cum a few times LOL. Not kidding... his friend legit said about 10pm... hey... would you be down to go again? HAHAHA funny guy. Yeah fucking right. One thing i cant do is round 2 like that. So i ended up sleeping in party boys bed by 11ish or so.... I said my usual goodbyes and was gone the next morning by 7am to write my story. Its nice only being like 2 minutes down the road from his house. Im weirdly not sore or anything but it was quick session......Like i said... this isnt forever but fuck it... i got a once in a life time situation. Normally people are weird, bad planning, boring etc. We are all just having fun. Any of the few females reading.... 2 guys is a mental thing thats fun and a turn on but double penetration feels absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it lol.



April 3rd - 5 Minute Party Boy Blowjob
-A quick stop by to get him off.

I am crazy crazy busy with work so I told the party boy that and we still text and discussed obviously not seeing each other to much.... Anyway it was a random ass thursday and I had just headed to the store.
So he had been poking at me saying... let me fuck that ass etc over the past couple hours. Well I happen to be shopping nearby and joked and send him a pic of the parking lot.... he goes... no way please come by real quick etc. I was legit almost walking distance from him. He lives super super close to me. I think its 2 miles. So I jokingly said... if you had your dick out ready i could blow you and leave. I got groceries in the car... he text back and just says "absolutely I will have it ready and you know I cum fast LOL". That joke and reality made me go... well ok fine... be there in 1 minute. I hope you showered. hes like yeah i just showered an hour ago. I pull up. Mom jeans on, hair pulled back, no makeup etc. Knocked on the door. He opens it butt naked. I laugh and walk in and im like... ok now what? He goes... right here fine? Kinda shocked me he said that... i said sure fine by men. He closes the door and we are about 5 feet from the front door. If someone opened it... it would hit me. So I hop right on my knees grab his cock and and start sucking on the tip for a minute. He was already moaning like crazy... I started slow rubbing his balls and working his dick and he just kinda grabs my head maybe 30 seconds in ad pushing it. I slap his hand and he says sorry... just go fast.... so knowing him and his short trigger I just commit and hold his balls and base of his cock with one hand and start slamming his cock down my throat as fast as i can move my head. I can about 2/3rd deep throat him cause its average sized and slamming super fast... holding back chokes and slobbering and gagging and slamming my head on his cock till i feel him tense up and grab my head.... will i pulled a matrix... I yanked back and moved my body to the side of him while continueing to jerk him off with my one hand that was holding his cock. He was completely frozen sputtering from his orgasm and was cumming straight out all over the floor... i kept pulling his dick roughly cause he just kept cumming and orgasming it was the wildest thing ive ever seen. Eventually he stops and catches his breath and is like wow thanks thats amazing. Stood up kissed him and said i gotta go i got groceries in the car and stepped over the cum and slipped out of the door. Im not kidding he was standing dead still and didnt say a word after he had cum. I think i broke him lol. So I get home and about 20 minutes from cumming to this point i get a text.... "that was amazing, thank you".
I just text back "NP. See you next month!"


April 17th - My Swinger Friend and I at a Bar
-Normal bar trip ended up playing with some guys dick.

If you havent read all my stories... get back and start from the begining. I originally met the bodybuilder through my swinger friend. She was the type i rarely see but every few months kind of thing. We happened to be texting this past few weeks and she knows me and the bodybuilder are done and she kinda mentioned her and her guy were not really together anymore and mentioned us "going out and having fun"... aka drinking and hooking up with guys LOL. We end up with a plan to hang that i actually didnt think would happen. She had a couple she was kinda meeeting up with and shes bisexual but i figured she meant meeet them and hangout. OH NOO i was wrong. I went to her house at 6 Friday and picked her up. She lives more rural so the local bar is more of a hole in the wall country bar. We get there and i see They were late 30s attractive both blonde and tall couple...after a few hours shes kinda rubbing on this girl a little .... friendly. After that I got her alone and clarified.... she said it was a potential but wasnt sure about it but she wants to hookup with them etc.. I was like... knock it out of the park! Dont worry about me. Get your threesome LOL. So after an hour or 2 of drinking more shes making out with the guy and the girl on and off. Not stealth either... people very much noticed at the bar LOL. I had been talking to them and they knew I was out hunting guys or just there to have a good time. So its just us girls(the husband or whatever he was was getting drinks) she kinda grabs my butt joking and says my friend said you were super wild but super straight and was wondering if you wanted to come back to our place.... I looked at my friend kinda shocked.... I said... super straight not my thing but thank you! LOL. She kinda turns and just goes... who said anything about having sex with us? My man can fuck your brains out while we keep ourselves entertained. My jaw hit the floor. Like open mouth shocked. I was like woaahhh... I said idk if im comfortable with all that LOL. Maybe if i had a heads up(just being polite). So we joked and kinda talked about maybe down the road. So the guys back and maybe 20 minutes later they were talking and ready to leave to go bang it out i guess LOL. I say by to them and my gal friend leaves with them(she rode with me). (spolier alert... she aready text me this morning and she they all had sex till like 2am LOL.) The sun wast just going down when they left and I was at the bar alone. Sober. Within a few minutes a nice heavier set guy comes over. Plaid shirt boots etc. Super nice. Attractive. He shot his shot. Talked to him like 2 hours. We end up out at my truck with his friends(female and male) for a lighter and a snack LOL. Its a bar next to a hiuge open field kinda i the middle of nowhere. All the friends end up leaving and my trucks backed up to the field and we had been on the tailgate. Its probably 10:30 by then. Started kissing and all the goods. Quickly moved to him rubbing my bombs and a hand in my pants squeezing my ass. I reached and started rubbing his dick. It was huge from what i could tell through his pants LOL. Im off the tailgate after a few minutes standing and his sitting on the tailgate and i kinda grab his belt and the mood is there.. he unbuckles and unzips and pulls it out and its HUGE. Bigger than the bodybuilder status.I just said.. wow its huge. He laughed and said thanks LOL. So i start tugging at this massive cock and eventually full on handjob going on after maybe 2 minutes then..... a bunch of god damn rednecks pull up blaring music and go zipping right into the field in their lifting trucks LOL. Legit... i was almost on my own half acre part of the lot facing a 50 acre field... they ruined it. We got his pants buckled and then we headed back in. It was legit 11:30ish and he mentioned going back to his place. I said im sorry but im fucking tired. Got his number. Kissed and left. I sent him a text after I got home and said had fun hit me up sometime. He text back just a smiley face whatever that fucking means.




Story Time - My Swinger Friend and I(Again)

So the guy from the bar turned out to be a weirdo after a handful of texts so thats not a thing. Party Boy still texts me often. I had a talk with my swinger friend and she said her focus was now on getting me some dick(her words not mine lol) I had a talk with her. No group stuff for me. No other girls. No orgys. Just 2 guys from here out and us 2. We are each others "wing-women".
So she says 2 guys are coming Saturday for a pool day at her place. Friends with both of them but never had sex with either. No photos. She says trust me. I got there at like 1ish and she had to go run errands so I hit Publix and got some work done at her house and the guys and her showed up about 3:30. So.. we both rock matching White G string bikinis and black tops. I was on a work call in the pool and I see 2 jacked 6 foot+ guys. 1 is black and the other is pale as the fucking arctic. The first thing this crazy bitch says in front of everyone when they walk out after I hung up and introduces me to them while im still in the pool is.... "pick the color of dick you want to suck today". My jaw hits the floor and they start dieing laughing. She just stands there and goes... "yall know there deal. We didnt bring you here for your personalities" They start laughing. Everyones laughing. She really says some fucked up stuff sometimes but shes funny. So we are all hanging and drinking in the pool having a blast. We slowly coupled off... the white guy and me kinda hit it off and the black guy I think found my friend more attractive so they slowly paired off. Few kisses back and forth over that next hour. Florida rain popped out of nowhere. Literally showed 1% chance yesterday and it sprinkled for like 7 seconds so we eventually end up inside and we joked about throwing a comedy movie on. Theres a really long couch but the guys ended up sitting down in front of the tv maybe 3 feet apart. Me and my girl were in the kitchen talking and she just said.... its time. How do you wanna handle this? We are both on the same page. I got what she was saying. Vibes were there and I really wanted to suck this guys cock. So I said I kinda lean towards us doing a lap dance and sucking their dicks. She agreed. She goes... ok lets go over and get on our knees doggy style and spread each others asses. I was buzzing and said lets fucking do itttt. So we troll over and stand in front of out respective guys.. maybe 5 feet away and she just rips her top off... so i follow in her foot steps. We kinda strip tease and end up doggy style with our asses facing the guys and she reaches back and is squeezing my ass and then starts spreading my asshole... after a few seconds she flips over and crawls to her guys lap... i just mimic her with my guy. Shes rubbing his crotch and im rubbing my guys crotch and we are all kinda joking and talking back and forth and she goes WOW!!!.... ive heard you had a big dick. I love big black dicks. We all start laughing. He goes yeah.... the rumors are true...LOL. So she starts untieing his swim suit and then this MONSTER pops out. It was HUGE. I was kinda amazed so much i kinda froze and stopped rubbing my guys dick.... So he hadnt gotten hard yet.... and I grab his pants and I can at this time kinda see shes full gripped on his big cock sucking it as Im getting my guys dick out of his pants. It finally pops out and it was certainly on the smaller size of average. I dont mind. Easier for deep throating. So I start putting his cock in my mouth. It was kinda nice having a small one because I was getting like 3/4 of it in my mouth no problem LOL. So he was enjoying it... after about 10 minutes of sucking dick side by side she eventually stands up and says lets go to my room and leave them be here to her guy... she grabs his hand and leads him off down the hall.
Im left there sucking his cock and he just says... you ready for me to fuck that pussy? I said... nah... ill just suck your dick. Pool water, mood etc. So maybe 3 or 4 minutes later im slobbering on his dick still topless and he was fondling my chest on and off and eventually i get the base of his cock with my hand angled out more and had a good deep throat in and out till i feel him tense up and grab my head(dont do that guys) and full slams it in my throat so hes cumming and its gagging me and i just start coughing and chokking on his dick and cum spits back out all over his cock and balls. He finally lets me go.... and im like you were about 1 second away from my hitting your nuts to let me go. He apologizes and offers me a back rub.... i was like... sure LOL. He had to go to the bathroom and rinse off cause there was cum everywhere. So we grab lotion from her counter when he gets back and laid on our towels and he gave me a legit 48 minute back massage. We timed it. LOL. We heard ruckus in the back room still for another hour after that on and off and eventually they came back out. Both the guys end up in the kitchen and we were on the patio and shes was like... i am so beat. She said she had been jealous of me ever since she saw the bodybuilder fuck me in the ass and wanted anal with a big dick.... LOL. She had only done anal with smaller guys like once a year. She said it was oral and normal sex for an hour and then it took them like 30 minutes solid to finally get it in her ass without pain and then he fucked her in the ass for like 20 minutes and she said she legit for the first time orgasmed 3 times from anal and has never had multiple orgasms. She laughed and said she was so thankful she did it and that I talked it up in the past but hated me because her asshole hurt so bad now LOL. Long story short we kinda all awkward talked and she just randomly said to them... dont feel obligated to stay because we are hitting the bed soon. It was only like 8pm. So they eventually left. No phone number exchange. I stayed the night with her and we just talked about random shit. I think we fell asleep at 10 or 11 LOL. I left at like 5am to head home. For the record... i kinda try to stick to sucking dick and not having sex to much with strangers unless i really like them. He was nice but just was a little offput by some things so I kinda ghosted when they were talking about leaving and said I had some work calls LOL. She doesnt feel the same. Shes a legit full on swinger. If you think i sleep around.... she said her record is 50 guys in a single year. LOL. Mines like 15ish. Handful of one nighters and a few i see for a month or 2 on and off.


Story Time - My Swinger Friends Friend - May 1st

Sorry you are probably getting tired of hearing about her. We are on a run together. Its kinda fun not having to hoe it alone sometimes. So we had planned to hang saturday and friday night came... her 2 guys bailed.... so I show up saturday after paddleboarding till like 2 or 3? Idk what time it was. We just knew... pool and beer at her bouse. So i get there and shes like.... well.... i started my period.... i said OHHH.... ok. Well im down to just hang. We dont have to hit up guys to come over and can skip the pool. I was burnt already anyway. She said yeah lets just play it by ear. Well we are drinking beer for an hour or so and she had been texting someone and says.... "I know you wanted dick and Ive been saying I would get you laid and its been weeks for you.... I can have a guy here in an hour to fuck you" As she knows/mentioned. I havent been laid in a while and been aching for dick. I said fuck it. Tell me more. She shows me this guy. Hes a solid 7.5 in the looks. In shape. Supposedly decent sized dick etc. I said ok whats the deal with it. She said... well... she actually used to hookup with him and his girlfriend. They broke up and they see each other every month or so for quick sex. She said hes one of my 3 on call guys. Comes over. Fucks me. Leaves. I absolutely had questions. I was like really? No jealousy? She laughed and said no.... Ive watched him fuck other girls before LOL. So she said hes been bugging her for anal lately and he is texting now legit asking if he could come by for sex. My friend rarely does anal. I mentioned before... she said she does it like once a year. Usually with a longer term partner. She loved anal with the BBC last week but said it was to intense for her to do it often. Just not her thing.
I said Id think about it. 30 minutes later I made sure ground rules etc....
So she shows me the text before she wrote it and it said exactly....
"Hey dude... im on my period. I got a friend here that does anal if you want to be here at 7pm. Same deal as usual. Come fuck her and leave. Shes hot. Gotta wear a rubber. Lemme kno"
I read it and said... fuck it. Send it. She sends the text. He says ok be there then.
I asked her the deal where or how and what shes gonna do etc. She said... first off... im gonna be cooking lol. I asked her how their system normally works... she said... when he texts hes on the way... she unlocks the door and waits for him right on that couch butt naked. I said... ok then i guess ill do that. So ive had my only planned semi stranger encounter with the party boys frend but we hung a while before we even touched. She said 5 words and sex time kind of thing so i was SUPER nervous. Never done anything like this before.
The text comes. i was all showered up so I sat on the couch with Family Guy on and a glass of wine LOL. My friend said... hes here... I can hear his car. My heart was pounding. Knowing some stranger Ive never met was about to just walk in and fuck me. This was 100 times more intense than what I thought would happen today. So he walks in... locks the door behind him... walks kinda around to the kitchen and says hey to my friend... she points over at me and says.... shes ready for you. I just stay seating and he walks right up to me and kinda pushes his crotch right at my face and rubs my hair and says hello... whats your name? I said Abigale. He said Hi Im (blank, for privacy reasons i dont use names). He said is this your first time doing something like this or are you in the lifestyle?(lifestyle means swingers). I said no im not and no i havent but ive had one night stands before etc. He just goes ok. Leans over and starts just rubbing my chest looking into my eyes. He was good. He eventually starts kissing my kneck. Im still naked sitting up right and hes bent over and reaches his hand and starts rubbing my clit. He was very good with his hands etc. Then he stands straight up starts undoing his pants. Im doing nothing. Arms at my side just letting him do what he does. He pulls his dick out. Very well balanced nice shaved balls and cock. He aims it up and puts the tip right on my lips and grabs my head from the back. So i open my mouth. He slowly puts it in my mouth. I wrap my lips around it and he just super slowly in and out is fucking my mouth for a minute or so. My hands on my legs the whole time. Then he pulls it out. Grabs my arm and flips me up doggy style on the couch leaning over the back of the couch. Then i just hear him slowly ask... you good going straight to anal? I said yes.... Then instantly i feel him spread my ass cheecks and start licking my asshole. Then i realize I can see half the kitchen and my friend looks and just says... HI. Having fun? I said yes a ton lol. So im moaning because hes massaging my ass cheecks while licking my asshole like never before for a few minutes. He stands up. Lines his dick up to my asshole and slowly but surely eases his dick in my asshole. Took a good 30 seconds of half way in with no movement before he started going in and out a little. He was a pro. From every aspect. Start to finish. He was spreading my asscheeks and slow fucking me half way just a little.. maybe an inch in and an inch out then started getting going from tip to balls. He put one leg up on the couch and he was absolutely full stroke slamming my asshole... it was so long and so consistent we had to relube after like 10 minutes and he just goes right back to it.... so I tell him im about to cum and I start rubbing myself while hes slamming my asshole still like he has unlimited energy... i start tensing about to cum and he grabs both my arms and locks them behind my back and angles different and i feel hes going in full deep. Pelvis hitting deep in my asshole and I start orgasming like crazy and during that and he just keeps on going and is grabbing my hair at this point... so my back was crazily arched and in and out slamming and I said i wont last much longer. Anal starts hurting a bit after I get off.... so he goes ok... maybe 20 seconds later he pulls it out of my ass and grabs me by the hair and kinda guides me to my knees on the ground... super rough but gentle and super sexy and pulls his condom off and is jacking off super fast and just says open your mouth and stick your tongue out. I did exactly why he told me. Him still full hand grasp of my hair my head tipped back and tongue out and starts cumming all on my face and in my mouth. I just collapsed onto my side against the couch. He just goes... that was awesome. Good job Abigale. He walks butt naked to the bathroom. I see him throw the condom in the trash and wash his hands and he walks back with a wet towel and hands it to me. I wipe off the cum from my face. Half of it I swallowed and he picks up his clothes and starts putting them on... and says... are you ok ? LOL. I said yeah you just destroyed my asshole LOL. He goes we absolutely have to do this again. Walks into the kitchen... kisses my friend and she says how was she? He goes that was amazing... been wanting anal forever now. She says well... maybe if you were good enough Abigale will have you on standby for anal sometimes.... he goes ok im leaving.... says by to my friend and says by Abigale as he walked to the door. I just said "nice meeting you" and he left LOL. So my friend asked me how it was. I said.... wow he knows how to work it. He took control and I said essentially nothing. She says... why do you think I keep him around? He comes here.... you cum... then he cums then he leaves LOL. I was still on the ground just worn out. It was consistent solid 20-25 minutes of nonstop slamming in my asshole. I ended up showering and we just ate spaghetti and watched movies all night and drank wine and we both passed out on her couch lol.
I can tell you that was exilerating. I trust her enough since she knew the guy and I felt it was an incredibly rare situation I could let me gaurd down. I may sleep around sometimes but seriously im on what... maybe 15 guys this entire year? 2 threesomes, 4 or 5 one night stands. Thats 7 right there. Other 7 I was "seeing" for a week to a few months. I keep my wits about me. I keep myself out of sketchy situations and can always remain vigilant about safety. So this was a wild experience and was SO fun and its cool having a friend who kinda does more and is also very very safe. The guys she brings around she has known a while and has even had sex with most lol. Come to find out shes been wanting to hang a lot because normally her "partner in crime" aka someone to do slutty stuff was her boyfriend that they kinda split. She said she does threesome a lot and likes girls but is kinda getting annoyed at the logistics of dealing with couples and wants to just focus on dick for a while and wants to be wing-women for the summer LOL. Im so down. Im normally a solo ranger. Some of my friends dont even know about my onlyfans, some do. Most all are the kind I drink with or hang with them and their kids once eevery 2 weeks or so. Its fun being able to enjoy the single/sex side of things but with a friend.
nice change of pace for sure. I know people have asked if i would threesome with her... As I said im straight but now that im getting to know her and am more comfortable with her... honestly I would consider letting a guy do us both..... consider... not saying id do it. But once again... im straight. Anyway... im burnt as FUCK from paddle boarding and im nursing my asshole back to not being sore and was promoting my first blowjob scene here and IG all morning so sorry for the delay.



Story Time - Tattooed Tinder Guy Cummed Inside Me WTF

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Welp.... tinder is starting to get annoying. It seems like its always short lived or to wild or to weird. Finally have had time and actually went on a Tinder date Wednesday. Long story short guy was a fucking weirdo. Didnt even eat.... which is fine but blew up when I asked for seperate checks and paid for my own chicken fingers. This wasnt a sit down, we both eat situation. Bar. I ordered 2 drinks and and chicken tenders and he ordered 1 drink. Thats fucking stupid. Acted like i was questioning his "super high income and that he could buy this place" Anyway it split quick. So back to back... Thursday... had a date during the day like 3ish. He recommended beach instead of bar. Fine with me. I walk up to him on the beach. Say hello, sit down. Tall. Covered in tattoos. Muscular. Physically... good so far. Big into guuns. Pew pew life majorly. We hit if off. He started joking about instagram etc.... Hes got a big IG following. Like 5000 LOL. So he starts asking me if I have a page etc... I just spilled the beans. I wanted to tell someone and see how it went. I pulled my phone up and showed him my main page and said yep.... got an onlyfans to. I said dont worry though.... been doing it for years and Im not some lazy ass loser who only uses onlyfans for her income. I have a real job. He bombed me with questions....... very curious guy. I elaborated the system etc. Told him everything. I thought... fuck it. Why not. Told him about my storys etc. Well this first 2 hours was interesting. Well it was 6 or 7 and I said welp time to go. Long story short he invited me back to his house. i accepted. He lived close. He had a nice suburbs style house. Had a Corvette Z06 and Chevy Tahoe. He was into cars and guuns. Im not kidding i walked in and on his desk he had pokemon cards. Match made in heaven LOL. Hanging out in his office we end up kissing and he ends up on his office chair and I start easing to my knees to do what I do best. Unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. His dick pops out and its big. Not bodybuilder big but a solid 7 inches. I start twist jerking his cock up and down while i suck the top 1/4 of it. Hes already head back and moaning. I mean Im terrorizing this poor guy. He keeps getting leg twitches and shaking suddenly when I suck super hard on the tip. Full slobbered all over his cock to the point his whole dick is wet for about 5 minutes and I feel him grab me up and kinda ease me doggy style with my clothes still on... i was so horney I just kinda didnt fight it and he slips my pants down just below my butt... my knees were together and he just lines right up and slides right into my pussy. Only got about half way before it got rough but after a few pumps in and out he was full fucking me.... i kinda stopped him after a few seconds and said... Condom? He said yeah in my car.... I said nvm fuck it im not fertile at this part of my cycle. So he starts fucking me for maybe 30 more seconds super hard and fast and it felt awesome and then suddenly hes full driving his cock all the way deep and holding it.... this motherfucker just cummed deep in my pussy. It was feeling so good i couldnt stop it but i legit was just.... wow. I said really? Did you really just fucking do that? He started apologizing etc. So I asked for his shower... rinsed out etc.
That was a first. I know my cycles im good but theres always a chance. So I pretty much spent an hour telling him he was stupid. I said well.... looks like we my as well go on another date. I have a little fertile chart thing on my phone. Mainly to track my time of the month but it says like 1% chance. So i wasnt worried. Anyway... i not to gross you out but my time of month already hit this morn so im good. No story babies were made lol. Someone on IG asked if I liked a guy a ton but bad in bed. This is one of those times lol. Couldnt have been a better day with a terrible ending. I do like the guy a lot. Hes super fun and cool. To be fair im a firm believer in being. Able to train a guy to do what I want in bed. So its almost like a challenge lol.
Honestly i shoulda known better. Anal or blowjobs is better but sometimes cant do anal and sometimes im super horney like i was Thursday. Im super into him thus far so we will see if he ditches or not after that little scare. Hes been texting me non stop and ill break the news he wont be a dad this time in an hour or so. So lets see if he ghosts or not LOL




Story Time - Tattooed Tinder Guy

So... adorable.... the guy texted me every morning until Sunday until i had my "time of the month". I wasnt worried but he was.... with right reason. Knocking some bitch he just met online who has an onlyfans? I could see how that could be cause for concern LOL. So... he kept asking me... hey I know you are in the clear but want you to know I like you and I wasnt just checking on you because of that etc... he bugged me for my address to bring me something. I said no many times but he insisted. I told him I have 0 makeup. Come say hi and fuck off. So he shows up at like 5pm on Monday with a dozen red roses and a bar of chocolate and said how we got off on the wrong foot etc. Very nice gesture. We ended up sitting on my couches for an hour talking. He said he just got a divorce a year ago and hasnt been with anyone since and just wasnt thinking etc. We discussed how I usually do anal. He said hes never done anal... I said welp... not for long! Friday evening rolls around. I told him to come over for anal. He insisted we go out and wants to take me to a beach bar for food and drinks. 2 hours before he comes to pick me up he says.... hey do you wanna do anal before we go? I said sure why not but its your first time and im not making it an event... quick and we leave. He arrives. Small talk for a minute and Im just like... well.... anal or no? I wanna go drink and eat LOL. He just kinda says ok how you wanna do this? I said just bend me over my kitchen counter. He was nervous i guess idk. Real skiddish and kind bends me over. I was wearing jean shorts and a tank top and a black hat. He starts slowly pulling me jeans down to the floor. I hand him the lube and said just use a drop. He goes ok. Puts it on my ass and then I hear him pulling his board shorts down and I reach back and spread my ass and he slowly eases it in. Kept asking me if Im ok etc. I was like come one just start fucking me slowly. So after a minute of fumbling he finally is fucking me in and out for about a minute.... i just hear him mumble..... should i pull out? I said no... cum inside ten boom hes moaning and tensing up and slamming my asshole super super fast. So hes all out of breath im just still bent over with his dick in my ass neither of us moving and hes just like... did you cum? i said... ummm. no. That was max 2 minutes LOL.. it felt good though. I had to push him out of me. I pulled my pants and he pulled his pants up. I said ready? He said yeah.. ummm... you are ready to go with cum in you? i said yeah... ... im used to it. I really only do anal. He was so confused. Ive met guys completely amazed like im a unicorn that i do anal at all.... some guys expect it sometimes or a lot and think its normal. He asked me like 10 times if i actually truly like anal or just do it for the guy. Got annoying. So we walk out the door. He was driving his corvette. We eventually get down to the beach and eat and drink etc. He was just talking about how amazing I am and it got kinda weird. Hes a very interesting nice guy but over the top. So we ate and drank and he joked and said... dang not much to do but round 2. I thought that was funny and I said... well... you mean finish round 1................. LOL. I told him im game. We end up back at my place and kissing etc... I told him showers first and we could either watch TV and then do it or just meeet in the bedroom. No surprise he said no.. TV is fine. I dont want to pressure you. Whatever. I said thats fine. At this point im getting these "too nice" vibes. Kinda weird so i called him out. I told him... its polite at first but at this point stop asking permission to say shit. Then he became normal quickly.. so weird. We both showered seperate and I decided fuck it.... I wipped out my open butt black lingerie everyones seen photos of probably 20 times. It literally is an open butt/back and covers my pussy. Its meant for getting ass fucked. I just came down topless with that on. He was already on the couch and had a movie on. I told him he had to lick my ass first this time. He was so excited. It made me happy that it made him so happy. Said never done that before and always wanted. We made it maybe 5 minutes into the movie and he was sitting on the couch with his legs fully up on the ottoman and i was doggy style on my knees in front of him and brought my ass slowly back to him. He was playing with my ass cheeks for a few and eventually dove in and started licking my asshole for a solid 10 or 15 minutes. eventually I eased his pants down and then just spread my ass and eased back and lined up to his cock and just slowly lowered until it pushed into my ass. I was on my knees with my legs under his sitting upright. I just hold my ass apart while slowly up and down. I could feel my ass clinching a ring around his cock sliding up and down. He was moaning so loud i had to tell him to shut up. I just up and down bounced slowly spreading my ass on and off for about 10 minutes until he says... im about cum. Then I start full bouncing all the way in and out on his cock till i feel him cumming in my ass. I slowly eased off his cock and layed there knees and legs killing me by then. He just said thats amazing and closed his eyes and was just dead to the world LOL. We finished the movie and then he left. Hes been texting me all night how Im his dream girl and how hes always knew his ex-wife wasnt for him and that a girl like me was out there etc. I kinda joked and told him... well dont worry I put out the ass etc. He was wanting to hang the next day and said... no sex just hangout and get to know each other. I hit the switch quick and was direct. I said listen... we get along great but as I said Im very very busy. Im looking for just physical and im often to busy to hang even once a week. He said ok thats fine sorry. Hes perfect 99% of the time but those weird little comments and stuff... idk if ill see him again.


Story Time - Tattoo Tinder Guy Went Weird - June 5th

The required info so you get the ending. Party Boy invited me over to a party and pretty much wanted me to get fucked by him and this new guy. He claims is big, muscular, big dick etc. Idk how he brings the conversation up to his friend but some weird ass way he brings it up. LOL. Anyway the party was Saturday night at like 7pm. I wasn’t sure If I was going yet.

Well... new tattoo guy... i really like. Idk why. Hes weird but just do. He knows everything about me... perfect on paper and in person. So maybe i was overlooking the clingy? Anyway.... I was working Fri and Saturday down in Nokomis. Just got our highest priced home flip ever so been designing the kitchen and planning out stuff. He been texting he really wanted to see me etc. I finally gave in last minute Friday night and I told him he could come over and he could fuck me Saturday night after I got back from Nokomis(about an hour 15 away. I wasn’t sure if I was going to Party Boys house still etc. but told him he had to go right after because I needed to get stuff done and get ready to go to a friends later... plus i knew id be exhausted anyway. So he shows up i think 5pmish....i have no idea what time honestly. Was a chaos day. I decided since i was freshly showered to answer the door naked. Brought like 3 red roses. Nice gesture. We talked. So Im still naked and eventually he kinda pushes me on my counter and starts grouping my pussy etc. before I know it his pants were down and he was trying to slide it in without a condom. Im like duuudee wtf... get a condom. Pulls one out of his pocket and puts it on and slides it right in from behind. Been enjoying the front lately a little more LOL. So hes slow fucking me and is gropping my chest and legs... eventually he starts speeding up... i bend over more and hes leaning back and using his hands to spread my ass while hes slamming my pussy... after a few seconds of that hes tensing up and cumming. Pulls the condom off and tosses it on my trash and we kinda chuckle and end up in my living room and he saw my black 511 tactical backpack half packed...well this bag wasnt actually packed for party boys. Its my bag I take in the truck to work, friends etc. I have my OFF spray to rope to snacks to an extra outfit/swimsuit to small tool kit. He said... sleepover tonight? I said yeah my friends party he has a huge house if I drink to much i sleep over. Then he goes... odd... staying at a guy house? I said yeah... so? He said oh ok. So are you seeing other people? This guy is a personality match, physical perfection and outright amazing but red flags flying AGAIN... I said not really but we arent dating... this is physical only remember? He had the balls to say... "Not sure If thats gonna work for me." I dont have to fuck me again if you dont want to. No ones making you. He kinda laughed and said... "Just let me know when you cut ties with those other guys". At this point... Im pissed.. I didnt say shit and just said... i gotta get ready. So kinda walked him to the door and he left. WTF. I decided that was over the second he left. Liked the guy but not putting up with that crazy shit. I was direct from the start im not here to "date". So I text Party Boy and he said everything was still a go. I was packed. Pissed. Horny. I was more than anxious to have him and his friend ass fuck me like no tomorrow. I had put everything in my car and I got a personal call that needed help so I went over to assist a friend having some love life issues. Long story short I had to cancel since I was there till like 9pm then was to tired to handle a three way LOL. It gets even worse. I got home about 9ish…. Texts start flying in. Tattoo guy continued his looney rants via texts and is trying to manipulate me and is a toxic lunatic who I told Ill do some "soul searching" and hit him up next weekend.... which I wont because I blocked him on IG and cell phone. Anyway... sorry for the boring story lol.



Jun 19th 2022 - Story Time - Friends With Benefits

Welp... as mentioned in my old thing. My old friend from school I hooked up with months ago been texting. Seriously havent seen him since. We Totally texted out an entire relationship. Im having bad luck with weirdos and he keeps jumping in relationships for sex so we kinda joked and he actually brought it up and said we should just have sex for like an hour once a week and split so we can get our needs met, no hang ups or feelings and can live life without having to chase endless shitty dates.... We agreed hour max once every weekend sex meeet ups were planned. Saturday I was going paddleboarding. Sat morning was our only time. He confirmed multiple times about anal etc. The plan was.... walk in. Bend over. Anal. I bring the lube... So i text him when I was on the way at 11ish and said hey... on the way... be ready... lets make this quick etc. I show up at his new condo down the street. Says hello. I say hello. He said... well this is awkward.. do we get right to it? I said yeah I guess thats the plan. He just reaches out and starts rubbing my chest. It felt nice just being an object for once with no drama lol. So he says... do you want to just really bend over? I said yep.....he said where? By that time we had slowly moved into his front "den area" and he had a desk... so I slowly bent over his desk and spread my legs looking back and said "right here... take your pants off". I was reaching down and unbutton mine while i was still bent over....and got the lube out of my pocket and handed it back and he was already up behind me.... I said here use this. I could kinda see behind me a bit his clothes appeared to be totally off and I heard the bottle cap and his dick randomly pokeing into my legs as he worked on getting lube out of the bottle. Eventually I feel his fingers rub lube on my ass and he was lathering his cock up... and he started easing it at my asshole so I reached back 2 hands and spread my ass cheeks and said... remember... SLOWWWWW. Took him a few jerking off and pokes until finally the tip popped in. His dick is a solid 7+ inches and decently thick. Its still super tight and uncomfortable but he was in and out a few top inches at a time super fast pulsing for a few minutes till finally he starts driving it all the way in and I was loving the full feeling I eventually let my ass cheeks go and lay on my hands and just close my eyes and just focus... hes super super slow fucking me... all the way in... stops for a second and all the way out. Feels like every single in and out takes forever and I can feel the pressure and amazing feeling of just getting dominated. I was enjoying it so much I actually said... please keep doing it like that.... this lasted maybe 2-3 minutes.... just slow slow stretching of my asshole and filling me up and then he starts speeding up out of no where and full slamming my asshole and spreading my ass cheecks using them as handles and then just fast fucking me and then pulls his cock out. I wasnt even sure if he was done cumming until he pulled out.... he was out of breath and just stood there then leaned his back on the wall... and said wow... I cummed so much... I had already spun around and had pulled my pants all the way up and was buttoning them up and decided to keep to our system and I went over and kissed him on the cheek while he was panting still naked and said that was fun... gotta go though... next weekend!. He said dang really ok leaving that quick? I said yep that was our agreement. So i walked out the door. He had been fucking me so fast I knew he had cum not only in my ass but all over my asshole, pussy and ass cheecks it was everywhere but I said fuck it and just went to get my paddleboards covered and full of his cum in my ass.
Slutty, fun, etc. I was so turned on and I didnt get off I texted him an hour later and just said... "Im paddleboarding with your cum still in my ass. Im already excited for next weekend". He just sent back smile emoji and said I cant wait!
So... spent a few hours on the water alone shooting solo paddleboard content.... then went home and cleaned up and got this story wrote and then went and hung with some friends. Set to go up Sunday at 8am. :)
Im supremely excited to see how this situation goes in general and with him specifically. Hes not boyfriend material at all and im not opposed to seeing even a 2nd guy on occasion as well but Im gonna try the whole 100% sex only. Seems like everyone ive hooked up with is short lived, ends bad or I actually spend time with them even if its a few hours. So sex and leave may be a good change. No drama, no feelings etc. Wish me luck.

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