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Sample Story


Welcome to my story page.

I started hooking up casually in 2021 and began writing about my sex encounters on Sundays when applicable. I originally dated for long term mostly but decided doing porn and a busy life style i should attempt short term physical relations for sexual gratification for a few years until i meet my personal life goals before settling down. These stories are real and I take the necessary safety precautions. Im an amateur writer and speed write based on memory usually with my sunday morning coffee. Enjoy things but dont overthink them. Just because I left something out or adding something doesnt mean it provides the whole picture of what happened before, after or even during the encounter. I do not exaggerate or add substance to the stories. Purely from memory but I do emphasize the sexual parts because thats what the story is based upon.

Hope you enjoy :)

This section is about the first 8 guys I was with and is kind of my life story as well ranging from losing my virginity, my career to why I do anal and started doing porn etc

My Storys by the year. I write them on the sunday after my encounters.

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All of my 2023 Storys are on my Free Onlyfans

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Below you can see the summarys of my first years of stories. I do not regularly update this section.


June 7th - Broke My Year
Dry Spell With 2 Guys
-2 Yeaars no sex until I let 2 college guys take turns on my ass
July 25th - Sarasota Guy Beach Butt Plug
-Was working out this new casual sex thing with my first date
Aug 1st - Sarasota Guy Aug 1
-Jizzed in my ass twice
Aug 15th - Instagram Guy
-Sucked a guys dick ive known for years from IG
Aug 22nd - Instagram Guy Took Pictures of Me
-Let him assfuck me and take pictures
Sep 5th - A Hoe Friend Got Me Laid
- My friends bodybuilder friend fucked me in front of everyone
Sep 12th - Camp Fire Hookup
-I sucked off a guy at a party
Sept 27th - I Got Fucked by A 40 year old
- First guy over 33 ive ever slept with
Oct 3rd - 2 Guys in Nashville in The Same Day
- The first guy popped quick so I called another guy to finish the job
Oct 10th - 40 Year Old Came by for an Hour
- He came over for only 15 minutes to fuck me and then he left
Oct 7th - Netflix With a Bodybuilder & His Big Dick
- He fucked my in the ass on my couch.
Oct 24th - 40 Year Old Guy Brought His Friend Camping
- I jerked my guys friend off in a tent.
Nov 7th - Pool Party Blowjobs
- Sucked the bodybuilders dick in front of people.
Nov 14th - Story Time - 40 yo BJ and BodyBuilder Anal
-40yo got weird and ran off. Bodybuilder fucked me in the ass the next day.
Nov 21st - Fucked a Follower
-I got assfucked by a OF subscriber that was on vacation in clearwater.
Nov 28th - Tinder Date, Party Boy
-Hooked up with a guy that lives down the road.
Dec 12th - Party Boy & His Friend
-2nd hang session I sucked him and his friends dick.
Dec 26th - BodyBuilder BDSM
-Let him tied me up and fuck me in the ass with his massive dick.

Jan 2nd - New Years Eve Threesome
-Finally did a full threesome again.
Jan 23rd - 2 Guys in 2 Days - BodyBuilder & Party Boy
-Same couch. 2 guys. 2 different days.
Jan 30th - Another Threesome
-Threesome with party boy and his friend again
Feb 6th - Threesome & Some Soul Searching
-Threesome AGAIN
Feb 21st - Guy On vacation
-Guy on vacation fucked me behind a building
Feb 27th - An Old Friend
-Got assfucked by a friend from high school
Mar 13th Fisherman from Tinder
-Sucked his dick on boat. Ended up being a douchebag
Mar 20th - Double Penetration
-A cock in my pussy and my ass at the same time
April 3rd - 5 Minute Party Boy Blowjob
-A quick stop by to get him off.
April 17th - My Swinger Friend and I at a Bar
-Normal bar trip ended up playing with some guys dick.

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