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Sample Story


Welcome to My Story Page

Im a 29 year old female who has been in real estate/ecommerce for 8+ years. I jumped into Onlyfans in late 2019 to fill in slow times with work. In 2021 I began doing "hookups" one night stands, fuck buddies, 2 guys at once etc. Oct 2023 I started an open relationship with my photographer to see if that could work towards something more serious like having kids in the future while maintaining our own independence. Weekdays are for work, Fridays for ourselves(dont ask dont tell) and we spend Saturdays/Sundays making content and adventuring together.

* My stories are real. I take proper safety precautions not mentioned. I dont exaggerate or make up content but i do emphasize parts and of course leave out other parts. Do you have questions/comments about my stories? Cool! Keep them to yourself. My stories are as they are and if i wanted to indulge more i would have. Its Free. Enjoy it for what it is.


Life Story & The First 8 Guys


Below you will find my life story mixed into storys about the first 8 guys I was with before I started Onlyfans and began having casual sex. This ranges from losing my virginity, to why I mostly do anal.

Throwback Story Time 1/8 - First Sex Was Anal
So ill trim this as much as I can but as far as details... I still recall well. I didnt have a license yet lets put it that way. Had boyfriends here and there but age and life was only hand stuff prior. Saw this guy for a few months and we essentially discussed having sex. Long story short we had a day alone at his house and we try to have regular sex and I was having an issue with tightening of my vagina way to much with even a finger prior and we tried his dick and it was a no go. After lube and 5+ minutes he just says... wanna try anal? I had honestly never even thought about it. I thought it was a try when you are bored and married thing but... i was super frecking horny and really wanted to just get fucked so i said sure. He used this cheapo lube and i got doggy style and he crammed it in and oouuuchh. He pulled out and it was constantly a difficult task for 6-7 minutes and eventually after a lot of pain he was finally in without actual pain but incredibly uncomfortable slow fucking me and i was just not having a good time. Then finally it started feeling like actual heaven. I remember the absolutes apex was when he soread my ass with both hands and was driving it deep in my ass and i started cumming like no tomorrow. My first real orgasm. I was moaning and just wow. Then i remember it went back to very uncomfortable for a solid minute until he started cumming in my ass. After that i realized what sex was but felt kinda weird about anal. I googled and i guess some girls just like anal. We never spoke of "anal" again. When we had sex we just did anal. He never asked or mentioned my vagina. I think we had anal sex probably like 10 more times over 6 months until we broke up.


Throwback Story Time 2/8 - Schools Out
After mt last breakup i think i gave like 2 different guys blowjobs between. Long time ago i forget my timelines. Then i met a guy with 2 months of school left. Long story short I gave him blowjobs every single day. Sometimes twice. Not kidding at all. Almost felt like a girlfriend was obligated to do this.

We attemped sex but was to tight still and i was to shy to be like "lets do anal" cause i felt like a weirdo still. So eventually summer hits and i lay out everything thinking we were gonna be together. Told him my plans with him, how I did anal before and wanted to try it. He was incredibly eager to try it.

So essentially i just remembwr he came over I took all my clothes off and layed on my back and had lube and he eased his dick in my ass missionary style within like 10 seconds of me being naked..... i knew kinda what i was doing at that point but it had been a while. A little discomfort and about 30 seconds in he cums all in my ass. Legit kinda says that was aqesome and leaves. Is distant the next few days. I even was a desperate teenage idiot and sent him... can I come blow you? texts and hes like oh sorry im busy at my friends etc. Fucker texts me like 6 days later finally says hey sorry apparently i got into Miami and will be leaving in a couple weeks I dont think its a good idea to see each other anymore. I was and wasnt sad at the same time. That same day I got dumped my friend told me she was going into real estate. I started my classes that next Monday online and started looking for an "adult job". 


Throwback Story Time 3/8 - First One Night Stand
Well... after my getting dumped by the short term guy i had become a real estate agent and started working at a hospital. I already had a friends house listing within a few weeks. I worked for a small broker in St Pete. Had a flexible hospital job making $12 an hour at 18. So I was feeling on top of the world but also lost. I knew I was gonna crank and do what I had to do to make it big. So i felt no time for guys and that all guys are assholes. Well i was at a mutual friends party just like always even when in school juat slightly different crowd. Met a guy and got his number. Kissed that night etc. Well he invited me over to smoke(mary jane) i went over smoked and 100% planned to have sex with him. I wanted that "fling" after the way the last guys had been. So we hung in his basement/downstairs thing and hardly talked. He was a rich kid. Boring as hell. Etc. we start getting into it. Making out etc. i end up on my knees sucking his dick. He eventually pulled me off his average sized dick and mounted me doggy style and I asked if he had a condom. He said no. He said can i fuck you in the ass? I said... umm maybe... i just remember telling him i had never done it before. I straight up lied. No idea why. This was 10ish years ago. Whatever lol. So he says ill go slow. Even though my first bf ass fucked me weekly i just remember it took a while of slow pushing and taking in and out because it kinda hurt etc. I just know it was more of a chore. He cummed all in my ass after like maybe 2 minutes of slow in and out. We hung out for like an hour more after and im like i gotta go lol. So i left. I felt kinda slutty after. Semi embarassed even though we text after but never saw him again after that. That was my first kinda one night stand fling thing. It was that short and fast. After that... i legit felt kinda bad about myself some what when it came to male attention.


Throwback Story Time 4/8 Short Term Boyfriend
at 20 I met an older guy. I think he was 27 at the time that lasted about 3 months. Classic couple dates... kissing to oral to eventually vaginal sex which suddenly didnt hurt anymore. . Well one night he had been drinking and we end up having sex and he said... "can I put it in your ass?" I just remember it being such a relief. I felt like i was in the closet wanting anal and that it might be weird and maybe if i gave regular sex a try id like it more.... well i said.... ok fine... ill do it for you..... LOL. So he pulled his medium sized dick out of my pussy mid sex and started cramming it at my asshole. Little bit of pain but i was to nervous to tell him to go slow. Eventually im just alll glory doggy style getting fucked in the ass and it felt so amazing... i actually remember trying to play it down that i didnt cum immediately. My sex drive at that time was super super high and the new factor of having true freedom as an adult to go stay with him so much led to nothing truly weird or new sexually but just constant sex. We would watch tv and i would just get on my knees and suck his dick until he would eventually pluck me up... doggy style my pussy and then Id hope he would fuck me in the ass. Still a tad shy but things change as you get older and eventually towards the end we kinda routined... he liked vaginal so I really think for the last 2 or 3 weeks we did the exact same thing and made jokes about our routine..... I suck his dick during the show.... he puts me doggy style oral... then pussy then he takes the condom off and puts it in my ass to cum. Towards the end he began getting very possessive and I was more in lust so i broke it off.


Throwback Story Time 5/8* - Sucking Dicks & My First Big Dick
Save the judgement on this one lol. Me and my friend both turned 21 and she had a condo downtown and we did nothing but go to the bars and bring guys back and give them blowjobs. Not together but on multiple occasions we would blow 2 guys sitting in the same couch next to each other. Id say we brought back probably 10ish pairs of guys or individual guys ourselves to blow.  Guys Im sucking their dicks they say nothing or ask for sex and i just say no. This one guy took charge. I felt beyond overpowered and helpless. He slowly pushed me naked onto the bed on my back. Full missionary and held my legs back as he aimed his dick into my pussy and slowly started easing it in. Felt more stretched than ever before and really too a minute or so of slow pushing to get it half way in. It was sooo full filling. Hadnt had good vaginal sex like this yet. I do atribute it to the alcohol and the vibe and the new and maybe his big dick but idk lol. After a few minutes hes full slamming my pussy and it felt good but not great... I wanted it my ass and was hoping he would say something and most guys eventually do... then he goes ... are you ok with doggy style? I said yep... I said... need lube? he goes no...... your super wet already do you? I like choked being so embarrassed and said no i meant for my ass....he goes... oh... OHHHHHH. You down for anal? I said yeah. He goes hell yes for sure. I go grab lube... come back. Starts lathering his dick up and before I know it im looking back at him with half his dick already pressed into my ass. It was amazing feeling mentally but was a bit overwhelming and full feeling. After a few minutes of half in and out he ends up all the way in and is fucking my ass so hard. It felt good but not comfortable LOL. I learned real quick practice would have helped. So he maybe lasted 30 seconds after full fucking me and I feel him pull his dick out which was a relief it was starting to hurt and start moaning and jerking off and i feel cum shooting all over my ass. He runs off to the bathroom... i lay there until hes done.... clean off etc. We end up clothed back in the living room and i remember it was late as hell. I realized i had sobered up and i didnt even really like the guy. I just saw the big dick and went for it and it wasnt worth it at all. Sex was meh and now i had a headache but he couldnt leave because my friend was apparently fucking his friend because we could hear them. So eventually he just had some girl pick him up lol


Throwback Story Time 6/8* - The Husband and why i have instagram
So... met the perfect guy. My future ex-husband LOL. Married for 3 years I was attracted to him, motivated, likes gunns, 4 yeears older than me. Met through a friend of a friend at a party in my friends yard. Well... we hit it off...... We shotgunn wedding it quick. I was 21 about 22. I had started my job in commercial real estate full time and we ended up living together in my townhouse while his house was being built.

Our relationship was absolutely transactional. We both liked the same thing and were both motivated people and had sexual chemistry but didnt really get along. We both worked so much we lived together but saw each other like 2 hours a day. Whoever was hone first depended if it was a blowjob or anal. If he got home he got a shower i gave him a blowjob. If i did id shower and be in lingerie on the couch he would ass fuck me and that was it. See you at bedtime. This was the first year or so nonstop exciting sex stuff. Public, at the beach, every room etc. eventually he wanted to take pictures and that led to an instragam. First it was no face photos and PG then it got to where it was just bikini stuff. We had a bikini biz that was doing well  we sold the guts to eventually. Etc. At that point we had talks about how it simply wasnt gonna work out between us and its purely phsyical and we were totally different people. Long story short. Divorced 100% ok.... we even divorced and I put my ass out for him while he hunted for a house in Pheonix. We are 100% on good terms and never were on bad terms. We split. Our finances were 100% separate so that was super easy. No regrets about it. Then a few months later I moved to another townhouse closer to the beach where im still at now. My ex husbands friend was a gay man that was a photographer i had known and had him start doing pictures for me and decided to give the onlyfans thing a try. My photographer retired in 2021ish and I went to all cell phone content shot in the mirror or by my male actor/fwb.


Throwback Story Time 7/8 - The Rebound
Needed a rebound. It was about 2 weeks after my ex husband moved out of my townhouse. Me and like 3 of my friends went out with full intent of them getting me laid.... luckily stayed the night at my one wild friends condo I had hooked up in a past event i wrote about here before. Long story short these taller muscular latin or hispanic... ... so i just grabbed his shirt and pulled him into my room. Making out intensely and this was one of my more aggressive stunts... I just kinda sat him on the bed and dropped to my knees and started working at his belt.... he was like DAMNNN didnt expect this so fast. So a big cock flops out. Uncircumsized... was a first for me LOL. Was 7 inches and super meaty. So i start sucking on it best i can... little bit big and awkward... wasnt used to the uncircumsized thing lol. So this was all within maybe 1-2 minutes... i was struggling with the dick size so i just stood up lol... he stands up to starts taking my shirt off.... then sucks on my titties for a little bit then lays me on the bed at the corner and starts pulling at my pants... i start working them off and as Im doing that hes pulling his pants off and i see him already fumbling a condom LOL. Im fully naked on the edge with my legs fully spread while he kind squats down and straddles the bed corner with his knees and lines his dick up and starts easing it into my pussy... well it fucking HURT. Took like a minut of slow pulsing half way in.. the condom was dry and no lube. Then finally still painful but is kinda full pulsing and pumping all the way in and it was feeling good then boom my door swings open... one of my dumbass friends didnt get the memo. We kinda try to cover and she screams and says sorry!!!!..... so the mood is kinda lost. I we were both heart attack status like wooooo. It startled us bad. So i flip up on my knees for doggy style.... he eases back up and starts pushing his dick in again and my pussy is already sore and its burning and kinda lubed and feels good some what... i just troop it out for like 5 minutes this guy is just beating my pussy up slamming it home and its hitting my cerrvix and im maybe 5 seconds from calling it quits then suddenly the mood, me getting wet or something happened and it started feeling orgasmicly good.... It was smooth and full and still slamming my cerrvix and feeling stretched with just enough pain it was a turn on.... then i start cumming like the point it got to tight and squeezed his dick out... he said... im about to cum just in time and then i remember this vividly....he says "get on your knees Im gonna cum all over that face".... so i flipped around and slid off the corner of the bed... tipped my head back and opened wide and i remember just a warm feeling and it was more cum than i had ever experienced.... he was full jacking himself off all over my eyes, mouth, chin, hair and frecking EVERYWHERE. Normally im not one to take facials from strangers... its a bit messy lol... it was hardly 9. They all ended up hanging till like 1am with us drinking and talking etc. Just had a grand ole time. He even gave me a kiss goodnight. I didnt call him though lol.


Throwback Story Time 8/8 - My Male Actor
Sadly the throwbacks have come to a close... the 8 guys I slept with before my dry spell....... So.... I started my onlyfans in 2019 Septemberish.... well... i was new to it. I just started doing nudes... money was rolling in actually from this new onlyfans veture so I had to work logistics of photos shotos etc... it was inefficeint. Didnt really plan ahead.. had a shitty camera, my photographer was kinda rusty on batch editing etc. Getting my footing. Seeing and asking you all what you liked etc. Well.... my photographer was sick.... maybe the vid? LOL it was early January and he had a friend he had known a while. My current actor. Well hes an actor, photographer, etc. Hes more of the type of person to travel and go biking or hiking for 2 weeks etc. Major adventurer. Week long fishing trips etc. My photographer also said hey... yall should "hang" also. So we did some minor stuff and made it a date.... He took pics of me cell phone style and it was nerve wrecking. I just started doing nudes for the first time... then in front of a stranger who i was on a date kinda with? LOL. Well anyway.. we hit it off just having fun over the course of a week or 2. Eventually... he fucked me in the ass.... then we planned a trip together... to the other coast. He took pictures of me... anal in the hotel room for the 2nd time.... noticed our personailities were different and saw him more as a friend. He had been asking if i wanted to travel with him etc.. I was like... no thanks LOL. So we end up doing that kayak set... im sure yall remember wayyy back. It went well... but we had a talk and pretty much he was about to go to California for a few months. With covid and all that shit he just decided to stay and was up in the woods in northern california etc. He came back a few times for months at a time but was gone here and there.... we hung once with me and my photographer actually... we all had drinks and no boy/girl or sex happened.... So fast forward to about February of 2021..... He was apparently back... for good. Got an awesome job in a kinda of rural town in Ocala Florida. Well... I had been considering Boy/Girl content and I trusted him so i reached out... he said absolutely. Hes now my primary paid actor. I of course want to add new guys but you have no idea how hard it is. Guys can be creeps, filming with a stranger is not safe generally, people who are qualified are about 1 in a million. Its not about "looking good" but sometimes a specific "look" is needed, certain dynamic, someone with an onlyfans etc. Its just easier to stick with him for now. With Boy/Girl.... Guys only got one shot usually LOL. So that means we try to do a cock related shoot and my ass related in the same day etc. There is a lot of dynamics. So.... this wasnt as sex related but wanted that info out there. My actor and me are purely professional and hes more like a really good friend. He did fuck me in the ass twice and I blew him a couple times over about a month period before we called it quits 2 years ago. After that... with my onlyfans and covid and life getting so immensely busy..... i really wasnt the one nigtht stand type and didnt want a boyfriend so i just stayed off the dating situation until my stories started in May when I got back into it.

My Storys by the year. I write them on the sunday after my encounters.

No sign up required for these. Please be aware I have been busy this past few years so there are easily 100 stories at these links.

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