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Sample Story


2021 Part 2 

Oct 7th - Netflix With a Bodybuilder & His Big Dick
- He fucked my in the ass on my couch.

Well if you have kept up with my instagram and even on here. The big 33 yo bodybuilder that fucked my pussy in front of people a few months back finally had a free schedule along with mine. Been planned like a week or so. Told him lets legit cuddle. Been texting about doing "anal practice" for months it feels like. Its definitly up there in size. Its 7.5 inches he claims and its thick. So i told him bring some fried chicken and lets watch some movies and ill dress up. Well.. I did my preparation for anal and he showed about noon yesterday. Food and flowers. Im like Awwwww do you always bring girls flowers that say they will do anal? He laughed it off. So Im in my short soft shorts and a tank top. Him in gym shorts and a t shirt. Hes big. I didnt realize how big until my door way. So hes like do you want to actually watch a movie? Im like yeah i actually do if thats fine.... i was like dont panic though... i was serious about you putting it in my ass. Guy lit up... seems like all guys do when I mention how serious I am about anal. Hes like omg thats awesome i really wasnt sure. So we sit on my couch and start up The Do Over with adam sandler. We start chicken wing chowing down. Talking for like an hour on and off with the movie going. I realized hes nice, but not to bright lol. I know thats fucked up but idk if its ego, roid based or what but just seemed a little airheaded. So we are acting like teenagers and cuddling and kissing. Laying on our sides with him behind me. Felt like a giant wrapping his arms around me. So I he reaches in my shirt and starts rubbing my boobs. Hes like damn your tits are so nice. I kinda laughed and was like im flat lol. He said no hes into small tits. So eventually i end up taking my shirt off. Readadjust our spooning and I back my ass up... oh the memorys came back quick. It felt like a whole regular sized water bottle was in his pants. Hard as a rock. It really was so big it was between my ass cheeks but it still kept my ass from connecting with his pelvis/stomach/legs etc. I was like ohhh damn what did i get myself into LOL. I knew i was gonna make him wear a condom. Ive made all guys wear a condom other than the Sarasota guy and the IG guy because they had recent tests. So i knew I was in for some serious soreness tomorrow. So I start grinding my ass up and down on his dick as we spooned. Eventually i reached back and put my hand down his pants. OMG at that point I was like this might be the biggest. Average is about 5.5 inches. Ive had a vast majority between 5-6. Out of my 18ish guys ive been with the guy from Nashville, this guy and an ex like 10 yeears ago had big.... 6.5+ inches. When i was "18" we measured a BFs together and his was 7 on the dot. it was a challenge for sure. The nasvhille guys was 7+ish but thinner. So im grabbing the guys huge dick and the thickness... wow. So thick! lol. I was stunned and seriously almost scared. Hes been texting how he can last for 30 minutes etc. So at this point we start pulling his pants down then start pulling my pants down. Still laying down spooning. He puts his dick between my legs against my pussy and I didnt realize how wet i was. He starts kind of fucking in between my legs and it actually felt good. Im full arch backed sticking my ass out while curling back kissing him and my asshole is aching so bad because im so horny. I mean aching. My whole sexual being i felt empty and just ready for his dick to fill me up. So.... as were kissing he pulls his dick out of between my legs and shoves the tip into my ass. It felt so good. he just maybe had 1/2 of an inch in my asshole and just slow pulsed in and out. Then he said do you have a condom? I said yes but its upstairs fuck that just fuck me in the ass without one. He just says... ok. So he slowly eased it about 2 inches in. Wow did it fill me up. I legit felt like i was taking an entire dick. The thickness was intense but it felt amazing. So i kept my body arched and he reaches around and starts rubbing my pussy. This was about 4 minutes in. I leaned back and was like you def have done this before havent you? He said yeah tons of girlfriends and i know my dicks big so i learned real fast to take my time or you will majorly hurt. I was like thank you LOL So He finally after 5 or 6 minutes gets it most of the way in. Then slowly pulls it out to the tip then pushes it all the way back in. It was an overhwlming dominated feeling. I really felt truly helpless and care free. This huge guy had me in his grip and was using his big dick to take control of me. I just stuck my ass out as he slowly and i mean 1 pump per 2 seconds in and out. It was still very very full feeling. Uncomfortable is a bad word for it because it felt good but was kinda rough.... not even rough full body wise but my actual hole was having a hard time accomadating. Felt stretched. I normally warm up before big toys for content... i should have this time for this but it was plenty fun. It was a challenge lol. So we are about 10 minutes and hes pumping my asshole and grabbing my tits just solid paced of 1 pump a second. Then he starts going decently fast and I could feel the gliding feeling of my asshole finally adjusting 100%. Once that point hits it feels super smooth and amazing with no "rough anymore". This time it felt like gliding but still stretched and rough so the slight discomfort was mentally a turn on more than anything. So hes fucking me super fast on his side and we are hitting like 15 minutes. No condom. My asshole. Im wondering how he can keep going without cumming. I said... are you close? hes like yeah a few minutes. So i was like cool i am free to get myself off. Im rubbing myself and hes fucking me then he stops adjusts and still spooning and kinda grabs my ass and hips and starts fully taking my whole body/ass and starts pushing me and slamming me back onto his dick. It was the best feeling in the world. Hes slamming me onto his dick super fast and it felt so good i stopped rubbing myself and couldnt help but start moaning like crazy and i started cumming like crazy. Felt absolutely amazing. So i said slow it down my assholes hurting. He said do i need to stop? i asked how close he was. Hes like 30 seconds. So i kinda bent over and spread my ass.... and said "fuck my tight ass till you cum" he starts going HOME on my poor little asshole LOL. It was aching and felt like total beat down. It didnt hurt but owe it was uncomfortable LOL. So about 20 seconds he pulls his huge dick out and jerks it until he cums all down the side of my ass. I rant to the bathroom. Showered. he hit my other bathroom. I was like wowwwww That was amazing you have to come by weekly. He was like yeah that was awesome sorry we only did 1 position. I was like well now im prepared for next time. We can try a new position every week lol. He was like im def down. So he was spreading my asshole for the duration of that movie and another we watched. We laughed how my ass is out of order for a week. So eventually a kiss and part ways at my door with plans for see each other sooner than later. Its about 24 hours later and my asshole is SORE. Anyway hope you enjoyed. It wasnt too exciting of a story. Just laid there and got fucked. Im sure more interesting stuff is sooner than later.



Oct 24th - 40 Year Old Guy Brought His Friend Camping
- I jerked my guys friend off in a tent.

Im transparent. Very. You probably have known that for years. I read comments, I answer questions and generally post very detailed views and insights on my simple slutty life from my hatred of bitcoin and Tesla to my weird love for 45acp. I dont lie about things but emphasizing certain parts for excitement is something I do. This trip was so odd. I enjoyed it.... but also it was kind of a personal let down as well lol. Slutting it up is tough. I have confidence but consistency of getting off isnt a thing when sleeping with "new guys" often. So Ill make the first part super short. I text a LOT with the guys im seeing. From selfies to cat pics to discussions about politics but id say its 75% sexual. Fantasys etc. Its fun. Im sure a ton of you have done that with a new exciting person at some point so you can relate. Thats also the excitement of hoeing around is the new person excitement with no expectation to spend time with them through out the week. The 40 year old guy picked me up Friday and we went camping in Ginnie Springs with his friend and a bigger group of his friends right next to us.It was a group of about 15. We have discussed how Im down for 2 guys to an extent so he was actually bringing his really good friend of years. This guy was 39... same stature etc and my 40 year old date said his friend is open to be involved but only to whatever extent you are open to. Well I said lets meeet him first. Long story short we end up at ginnie springs at 6am on Friday morning. Well our camp site is like 50 feet in the woods away from the main groups. His friend is super nice and good looking. Introductories etc. So its just us 3. 2 tents small fire, table etc. So 11am rolls around and its a day party and we start doing party stuff(drinking games ) etc. So we are back and forth for an hour to the big groups camp site drinking etc. We end back over at ours and he kinda bends me over behind and spreading my ass(im in my thong of course) and his buddy comes over and i stand up and hes like damn whats going on here. He goes check it out and bends me over and spreads my ass. Im like woeee took by surprise. Expected something but not that exact second. His friend goes NICEEE. Thats hot as hell. I stand up some what embarassed etc. So we go over to the side of the tent to talk and my guy says was that OK? Will you show him more? I said whats the dynamic here? He said he could go hint to his friend that im cool with flashing him and stuff or whatever. His friend was kinda hot so I said yeah tell him im open for him to do anything you do... just dont expect me to fuck him in the tent or something later lol. So over 30 minutes or so we are drinking etc at the big group again and then end up back over and they are sitting in thier chairs and my guy says do you want to sit in his lap? Im like hmmm so this is real lol.... Sure. So i sit in his friends lap. Do a little grinding while we talk and stuff. I try not to cross my main guy because honestly alcohol and no idea if my guy would actually get jealous. So i bounced laps every minute or so. They were both grabbing my ass etc. I was like ok its 1pm we about to tube down the river. The guy kinda is hawking on me... which is fine. Accepted the agreement. People are people lol. As mentioned our site was right next to the main site. Few other branch offs also. Ours just happened to be us 3. So its a huge group and we are walking down to the river with the entire group. We happen to be in front. A line of now probably 20 of our group... clear as day... holding the tube and "the friend" reaches over and grabs my ass and like shakes it. So im like ok... to bold... so i turn and yell at him im like dude cut the shit. We are in front of people. He was like oh shit sorry ive been drinking sorry etc. So no harm no foul. We are joking back and forth and i was like damn do i gotta jerk you 2 horn dogs off when we get back to chill you out? They both laughed and said "damn thats a good idea... You said it... we didnt!" I was like dang caught my on that one LOL. River was an hour or 2 event. So it was probably 4ish when we got back. Everyone stopped at the showers on the way back. Some girl had brought soap in her backpack so the entire group showered... then dirty ass feet walked back on the dirt road to our site. Everyone was so refreshed. Food was being grilled... great time. So we start drinking partying like 6pmish and few ass grabs and light dick rubs later we are in the big group. Some girl had mentioned to my main guy that he should watch out that someone supposedly saw his friend grabbing my ass again when i wasnt around and that we were flirting. So apparently didnt hide to well. So the "3 of us" end up back towards our camp site building a fire and reupping on drinks and my guy says so what about them handjobs? LOL. I said well. Theres tons of people. My guy says behind the tent ill be a watch out. I was like ohhh... one at a time I guess. So me and his friend slip by behind this tent. I was buzzing pretty good so i was just like "ok pull your dick out" So he pulls his swim trunks down instantly. Soft as can be. We are just standing facing each other and i start rubbing his cock and balls. Then he starts getting hard. I start full on pulling his dick. As everyone always asks... it was an average sized lol. Maybe a minute in we hear noise and he pulls up his pants. A couple had walked over and was talking to my guy so me and his friend walk back around and say hello whats up. They said where were you guys? He just goes i was smoking on my bowl. Fast thinking lol. So they invited us for shots. So we all head over and start taking crown shots and hanging around the fire. So 8 rolls around we are covered in bug spray and its dark. I said ok guys if we are gonna do this nows the time. So us 3 head back over to the camp site and Im like how do you want to do this? Woods are way to scary and us 3 in a tent idk.... then my friend goes lets just take turns Ill be the lookout first. So we shrugged and said ok. So me and his friend crawl in the tent. I start pulling at his pants. Im fully clothed. He takes his pants down and i start grabbing at his cock and balls. Soft again but he was buzzing. He got hard fast though. So hes laying down on his back. Im on my knees in between his legs 2 handed one rubbing his balls and the other full stroking his dick. Hes moaning etc i keep telling him to shut up LOL. Like 15 minutes goes by and my main guy was sitting by the fire says hurry up! So i keep jerking him for the like 2 more minutes before he tenses up and cums all over my hand. He was so energized after that. I said ok hurry get out and bring me a towel. So i told my guy to get in here.... then as soon as i was wiping cum off my hand and he was entering the tent like 5+ people were walking over yelling for drinks etc. So I was like yeah were just gonna lay down for a bit. They all kinda plop down in our camp fire area and then a few more people come over and we were in the tent maybe 20 feet from the nearest person and are like damn its loud but not loud enough. Prayers worked because someone walked over with a loud phone playing music. So my guys friend is out there clearly can hear him near us partying with these people. So i told my guy lets do this. He pulls his pants down. Lays in the same spot. I get between his legs and grab his nice big dick and start jerking and pulling on his dick while all those people were RIGHT THERE LOL. They had no idea... other than his friend of course. Record hand job about 5 minutes of solid stroking i hear him tense up. I wasnt gonna suck his dick cause... camping, sweat... no thanks. So I put the tip of his dick in my mouth and jerking him at the same time and i feel cum shoot all into my mouth. So with all the noise i kinda panic sucked and as he shot the cum i sucked it up so fast and hard i instantly swallowed it all as it came lol. So we emerge from the tent. No one thought a fucking thing about it. We partyed for maybe an hour more into the 9:30-10 range. Ended up just us 3 again hanging by our fire. We made some jokes about the handjob situation etc and I said next time... we are doing it together. Cut the time in half. My guy kinda joked and said we should plan a hang time just us 3... at an actual house next time. Of course these joke mentions were back and forth with other conversation as well. Well bed time hit shortly after(yes i just slept with my guy in our tent). Woke up this morning early like 6am(Saturday of writing this) and drove what seemed like forever. Needing a shower, hungover and a tad bit of shame mixed with pride was not a fun 3 hour drive back. We did discuss maybe doing something and how i was comfortable doing stuff but full planned 3way wasnt in my mind yet but maybe something similar. I told him i had a poker fantasy where they could drink and play and i could be naked or in lingerie and maybe blow both of yall while you play. He said hes into stuff like that and wants to pursue stuff like that if im willing. So anyway...he dropped me home and we went our seperate ways. The sexual part was exciting but the actual springs and camping and drinking was actually funner to me lol. Sorry Im semi reserved and no full blown fucking dudes. Its my real life so.... I write about that... even if its not too exciting.




Nov 7th - Pool Party Blowjobs
- Sucked the bodybuilders dick in front of people.

Well its here. Less exciting than expected but also pretty exciting. My wild ass friend who I had sex with the bodybuilder in front of her and her friend invited me to another event at her house. She is an actual swinger but obviously respects others choices and said they are doing a couples thing. Ive been back and forth with the bodybuilder since hes in the loop etc and its all agreed we are down to do another pool day. Well she elaborated she specifically invited us because it isnt swingers as in people hooking up randomly but its her few .couple friends who just hook up in front of people. Honestly if it was a swingers thing i wouldnt go. Im not in a relationship where i feel comfortable and honestly it doesnt appear to be my thing. A bunch of couples hanging out and banging randomly though? Sure why not LOL. So me and the bodybuilder are the couple apparently and there is my gal friend and her same guy she was with prior... a girl is also with them... shes obviously Bi. Then 2 other couples. So anyway.. me and the bodybuilder rode together. Show up noonish. Pool is semi warm whike its cold as fuck out for florida 60ish. music is cranking and of course rocked my Gstring bikini. We were the last ones to arrive and everyone already had a buzz and all the girls were topless. We drank hung etc... the other couples were all married other than me and my gal friend and our guys. It didnt feel weird at all... like a bunch of people drinking in her heated pool some but mostly in the hot tub. Im very nervous. As wild as my events have been crowds is awkward and me and the bodybuilder know each other well now so we talked on and off how we will see if we decide to do anything etc as the day goes on but no pressure. Tops end up off.. all the girls topless including myself... no biggie on that one. Little grind here and grind there...honestly i was backing up to my guys huge dick and being more provocative than anyone else LOL. So 2 -3 hours rolls by and everyone was inside but me and my guy. You could see they were all being normal party people in the kitchen. Me and my guy just go lets go inside. Both dry etc. I walk up to the bar and didnt realize it was the 2 couples standing around and my gal date leaning against the counter but her girlfriend and her were missing. Stepped a tad closer looked over the bar... my gal friend and her friend were both squating down sucking on her guys dick. Like full on pulling it out of one of their mouths and sticking it in the other etc. I kinda gasped and was like oh snap and kinda laughed. The other couple laughed and said LOL first time at a party like this? I said yeah kinda LOL. They start talking about how they do add a girl or guy from time to time but group stuff they stick to their respective partners and like partys like these where theres boundaries etc. We kinda talked about this while the guy full on was getting his dick sucked by my friend and that girl for a few minutes. I was like well im getting back in the pool. The girl said she would join me. So we became buddy buddy quick. She was so nice and explained how shes happy to see im casual in this and glad i didnt get shoved into actual swinging cause its way overwhelming etc. Shes like this is just fun people can have sex and no pressure etc. its fun to watch and be watched also while just having normal friend party convos. So she asked if i was gonna do anyting today etc. I said well i knew what i was getting into 100% but we had no expectations. She was a pro with newbies... we talked a bit and eventually she said honestly giving him a blowjob in front of all these people will be easier than sex etc as far as being comfortable. I told her about when we first met we had sex in front of my gal and her friend and she said thats 1 couple. You have 2 couples and another girl now. Its more of an actual show trust me. She says... honestly we could split the attention. We can entertain the guys when they come out? Im like hmm so what do you mean? She goes we can both blow our guys when they get out here. At this point the kitchen blowjob situation had ended and everyone was still in the kitchen so this girl goes inside and says hey guys to my guy and her husband and says come on out here for blowjobs. I hear everyone go WOOO YEAHHH and laughing. So she tells them both to sit down on these two chairs that were faceing the pool they obliged. I walked over to my guy at that point and my friend and her 2 friends come out and then the girl i was talking to starts getting on her knees in front of her husband and he starts pulling his pants down so im like ok i guess this is going down. He kinda looks at me like do you wanna do this? I was like ok "you too, pants off!" So i get on my knees as hes pulling his pants down and the girl next to me has her hand on her husbands hard dick and is talking etc and is like you ready girl? Im like yeah. My gal friend and her friends jump in the pool with their drinks and are watching about 10 feet away leaned over the pool edge. My guys pants were off and I grab his dick and start sucking on the tip. The girl next to me says wow get it girl. Good luck that things huge! LOL. So i can see out of the corner of my eye her start full hand jerking deepthroating her guy. So i got competitve and start really trying to get at it. Its so big i can barely get 1/4 of the way in. So i full am hand jacking him off while slaming the tip of his dick as deep as i can until it stops as fast as i can. So the 3 in the hot tub are cheering us on. Full 2 blowjobs going down. So about 5 minutes in of sucking people are laughing saying race race race. Laughing etc. Then the girl next to me saying oh wow time for itnermission. I laugh and pull his dick out of my mouth while still jerking him and say THANK YOU. My jaws hurting LOL. So im like wow i need a drink. My gal friend screams from the hot tub" I GOT YOU"... so me and my guy and the 2 start dieing laughing from the joke from last time. She brings us our mixed drinks and i just noticed she was butt naked. So were her girl and guy in the pool. Not sure when or how that happened LOL. We drink a little. Then back to it. Sucking it nonstop for 5 minutes more. Then I hear the guy next to us moaning and her spitting up cum all over his dick. So they get cheers and then end up jumping in the pool. All eyes on us now. I ask how close are you. he just says "30 seconds" and then my gal friend says Facial!!!.... then everyone starts chanting facial facial facial. So i said give me a 5 second warning. He goes now... stands up and on my knees i tilt me head back and he cums all over my face . Cum from my forehead to my eyes to mouth. Then he backs off and sits down and im just sitting there covered in cum and we are all laughing. I said towel please.. my gal friend says just jump in the pool. So he kinda held me by my arm and pulled me over to the pool since i was blinded and we get in. We both rinse off. Everyone just says good job that was awesome etc. I was still a bit nervous. So over the next hour we end up all naked drinking in the hot tub and pool. We all just hung like nothing ever happened and enjoyed our time. When i got out out of the pool 30 minutes later my gal friend goes seriously you should see how nice abigales ass is. I laughed and she said bend over for us. She walks over and kinda puts me doggy style at the edge of the pool with my asshole facing everyone and goes... supposedly shes an anal princess. I start laughing all embarassed and goes can we all see that show one day? I was like yeah maybe next time LOL. So ended up all having a good couple hours till 8 or 9. The cool girl i met really was a very friendly girl helping me through my nervous time doing things and she said hey nothing weird but we should hang sometime. Do the same kind of thing. Its fun right? Im like yeah i really NEVER though id do anything like this. I thought all swingers just bang everyone and thats not really my thing. So we all said our goodbyes and me and my guy have been texting back and forth how fun it was and excited to do it again.



Nov 14th - Story Time - 40 yo BJ and BodyBuilder Anal
-40yo got weird and ran off. Bodybuilder fucked me in the ass the next day.


Story Time - 40 yo BJ and BodyBuilder Anal
So i had plans all week that the bodybuilder guy is coming over for proper porn star anal Friday night. He fucked me in the pussy, then couch spooning anal then blowjob at the party. Ive been aching for that big dick to bend me over and go town on my ass. He lasts forever and I seriously havent gotten laid in it seems like ages! LOL. So the 40 yo guy been bitching there is no consistency and he wants to get his rocks off and i get it... ill happily service a guy im seeing but also at the same time he was being difficult with timing and wanted anal etc. Ive been busy ALL week. So we came to an agreement Thursday evening... which he originally bitched about because he had a work event. Then i told him no anal but id happily blow him.(i didnt tell him the reason i didnt want sex was so i wont be sore for the bodybuilders big dick the next day lol). So he shows up thursday at 6pm all dressed up since his thing was at 7. I said hello how have you been etc I was like hey lets do this i know you are in a hurry. He kinda just walks in my kitchen and pulls his pants down with no words. Im just like ok. I drop to my knees. Grab his dick and start jerking him off. Then slowly put his meaty dick in my mouth and start cramming half of it in my mouth(as deep as i can go on him) gagging, licking back and forth on his dick) Im sucking him for about 5 minutes and he kinda grabs my arm and pulls me up and says "im not gonna be able to cum this way" i said what do yoh want me to do? He says i want anal. I said i already told you no. Im like whats the deal dude you are being weird. He says well if we are seeing each other its odd i get sex every couple weeks at most etc. I said dude this is casual. I told you why im doing my life this way. Im busy and not looking for "consistent". He said well how does a guy not get off at least once a week? Not like im seeing anyone else. I said you should see someone else then. He was kinda shocked by this and said so you expect me to date a girl and see you as what? A booty call? I said sure that actually sounds perfect. He said well i need to rethink things if im wasting my time. I said is getting a blowjob or fucking me in the ass no strings attached every few weeks a waste of your time? Hes like well.. blah blah etc. so he eventually leaves. Was texting how he wasnt sure if he wanted to see me unless we were exclusive. I actually realized i had feelings for him also and elaborated that to him and i elaborated they werent strong enough for me to change my dynamic so we came to the agreement to see if only seeing each other once a month for short periods of time purely sexual. No long campinng trips or full days together like we kinda been doing. I havent seen this guy any other time than the handful of story times ive posted about it other than he dropped my shorts off one time for 5 minutes lol. Hes fun and hopefully it works out as a monthly but not expectations honestly. So anyway. The bodybuilder shows up the next day. He said "wear your sluttiest thing for anal". Idk what that means but i had something perfect. My open butt black lingerie. Covers my pussy but opens up in the back... what i wore for lesbian anal scene and a black crop top with my clear high heels. We discussed anal first when he gets there then netflix lol. So doorbell rings. He walks in. Im in my full pornstar outfit. He just goes wow... simple and black i love it. He didnt see my ass. He walks first into my living room. I say sit down. I turn around and he goes omg wow so sexy. I put my legs ourside of his while hes sitting and full bend over and spread my ass and look back at him. He starts grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them back and forth and says "can i eat your ass?" Yes!!!. He grabs me while standing bent over and sits up and pulls my ass to his face and i spread my ass for him and starts licking my asshole. I was in heaven. I lovvvee getting my ass licked. He licks my asshole for like 5 minutes and my back and legs start cramping so i said are you ready to fuck me in the ass? He goes yeah how do you want to do this? I said pull your pants down and stay seated. He pulls them off and i barely see his dick. While full legs together stabding still i kind of sit down towards his dick and start poking it into my asshole. Using my hands on his legs to hold me up. After a monute or so over only 1/4 of the way in bouncing up and down i realize this isnt my usualy smaller dick situation its huge and do actually need lube. So i stand up and grab my anal lube from under the couch. He puts it on his huge dick. I spin back around and put my legs between his and sit on his dick and holding myself up i slowly up and down eased his huge dick all the way in. I could feel my hole being stretched. Such a fullfilling amazing feeling. Its so big i felt stuck or locked into him just full on sitting on his entire huge dick. I stayed there and kinda grinded back and forth until my asshole got more used to it for a minute. So i use my arms and legs to slowly start going up and down eventually working to fill up to the tip and slamming my ass back down on his dick. I start going at it. It felt so good i cant even explain how good it felt. He was spreading my ass while im slamming it down as hard and fast as i can for 5 minutes and my legs start getting tired and im like ok im done servicing lol. So i. Pulled myself off his dick and stood up and turned around and said my turn for the couch. He goes ok stands up and takes off his shirt. I hop doggy style on my couch. Hands on the back of the couch arched back. He walks right up and slips his dick in. Real is easier than fake dildos and smaller but im in "control" with dildos. With another person its tougher sometimes and easier bur his dick is big so my ass already tightened up enough it took him 10 seconds or so to pump past half way again but then hes grabbing me hips and full slamming my asshole nonstop. It was the most overwhelming powerful good feeling ever. Hes such a big guy too. He says im gonna cum in a minute so i tucked my head down to the bottom of the couch and reach back and spread my ass. He was able to FULLY get his dick all the way to his balls and was slamming my asshole so hard it felt so good And he goes faster and faster and then slams his dick all the way in my ass and holds his dick all the way in me and squeezing me so tight and yelps and juat wuick 1 inch pumps all the way in. Then he slowly slides his dick out of my ass and starts spreading my ass and says wow thats so hot. After that i knew my asshole was gaapeing lol. So i said was that fun? He goes omg yes. I let my ass cheeks go and then flip over to lay across the couch. He says im sorry you didnt get to cum. I said no need. Felt so new and amazing i didnt even need to cum. So we chit chatted some about the past weekend and anal etc. He asked if i was comfortable doing sex stuff in front of people. I was like honestly its kind of a rush but i dont want to have my whole life about it. I would do anal in front of people but its kind of an accomplish it and move on kind of thing. He agreed and we laughed and said well now we have finally done full anal practice and are comfortable with those friends lets give it a whirl. Anyway we watched a movie and he eventually left late. Now my asshole is SOOO sore lol. So this weekend my swinger gal friend and her guy and that couple i really liked where we blew our guys at the same time are available Saturday. I was like yesss couldnt have been more perfect. Jacuuzi and pool again. The theme is all white bikinis this time i guess. Lol



Nov 21st - Fucked a Follower
-I got assfucked by a OF subscriber that was on vacation in clearwater.

So long story short... was supposed to do anal in front of people at the swingers party and my guy said he was still down but had a family thing he forgot about and i said honestly its not my thing in front of people yet. We can do that later on. So that was cancelled Thursday night. Wednesday a guy I actually matched with had messaged me hello... i said hello... then he just said... I have something to tell you that might surprise you. I didnt give a shit. I keep my options open on tinder but unless im fully available Im not lingering on tinder every day. Bodybuilder and I cancelled... so its fucked up but I hoped on tinder. The tinder guy just says...
"full disclosure... I follow you on IG." Threw me off guard lol. Does that mean he follows one page or like all my pages and an onlyfans subscriber for years? LOL. So I said really... elaborate .... hes followed me for ages and even subscribed to my OF and currently reads these stories. He divorced 6 months ago and he is on a family yearly CW beach trip for the first time... single. Tuesday to Tuesday... he has his own room and they do a lot of things separate. So i said full disclosure back at you... anything you say or do... can and will be used against you in my stories. He LOL'd and said it wouldnt be a problem and its my biggest dream to be in one of your stories. Ill meeet you Friday night(tomorrow) for a drink. Then maybe see you Saturday for the beach if things go good. I told him straight up... ive never dated anyone in this dynamic yet thats been an OF subscriber and a reader of my storys so... expect nothing etc. We talk on the phone. Hes super aware the storys emphasize the slutty but not the wrong dates and the safety precautions I take etc and the fact ive never done this before. I told him hes gotta cough up his IG and OF name also. We make the plans. Friday rolls around. Its 5. Meeet at my local bar Toucans in CW Beach. Well... the plan was to leave at 8 no matter what. He respected the decision. Well... by his instagram... i thought he was a semi well off douche.... total IG flexer. Has way more guns then me, has an AMG SUV & a new Supra, travels all the time etc. Yes hes reading this... yes I told him thats what I thought. Nicest guy ever. super polite. We clicked quick. He knows Im writing this and I jokingly asked him for dick size and height weight etc. Italian, 5'10, 190lbs, covered in tattoos and 6 inch dick. We hit it off. I told him i really liked him after an hour of initial talking joking about stuff. We share a hatred for Tesla but love to Elon Musk and the list goes on. So about 7:30 rolls up and I said have you been on the beach yet at night? he said no.... so we start walking and he says I have to respect the 8pm thing... I said no biggie if we are a tad late. Walking on the beach... this fucking guy... start holding my hand walking etc. Was kinda funny. BTW no real buzz... we had maybe 3 beers since 5. So we end up on North Beach sitting down straight up cuddling on the sand dune watching the stars and lit up buildings. Check the time. It was 9!!!! He was like oh shit sorry... I was like wellllll.... i like you so im overidng my rule. He goes what does that mean? I said well you have read the storys... i gotta suck your dick tonight. Its the first date and those are the rules...*jokingly of course.
I said lets hit your hotel. So we walk back... holding hands... We end up kissing in his hotel elevator for the first time. Rip off clothes passionatly kind of thing outside the hotel room door. I start pulling his pants down and he goes... nonono... you can play with it but ive read the storys. Im gonna entertain YOU! I was like woahhh.... you are turning down a blowjob knowing i may not call tomorrow? He said yep... I said well how about we shower.. we are both all sandy. So we both strip down... kissing in the hot shower. Rubbing his dick hes rubbing and soaping my tities and ass etc. We dry off and run to the bed to get in the covers and he kinda grabs me while hes sitting against the head board and pulls me doggy stile to his face and starts licking my asshole. He licks my asshole for probably 5 straight minutes and i said 69? He said no let me work on you. Flips me onto the bed laying down on his pillow on my back. Hands me the remote and says watch whatever. Pushes my legs back and apart and starts licking my pussy for 10-20 minutes before I finally cum. I was like wow that was a first lol. I said you sure you dont want a BJ? You are rock hard. He just said... nope... tomorrow. I kinda teased him and said how do you know Im not busy tomorrow? He just goes... trust me you will be here. So I leave... it was like 11ish. I go home. Texting the next morning He said he was done with family shit by 1pm... so i said... come drink at my house. You gotta uber though and ill drive you in the morning. So I pulled a few guns out. We played with guns. Started drinking on my patio. We end up messing with my car etc. Then couple hours go by and we ordered pizzas. Ate at 4 or 5ish. He said... so with all the texts and story posts you are serious about anal? I said yeah... why are you ready? He said well of course I am. I said since we are gonna be drinking all night lets get that out of the way first. I said... any outfit requests??? He said.. nope.. just naked works for me. I said ok let me go shower and all that. He stayed on my patio. I cleaned up... came down butt naked... he had no idea i even walked outside. I was like Hello!.. butt naked. He kinda startled. Said oh wow already huh? I said yep! You entertained m yesterday so its my turn. Bj or straight to anal? He said... can you really handle straight to anal? I said.... umm yeah... thats 100% true if you mean from my storys LOL. He said ok then. I said ok pull your pants off. So we are on my patio bench. He removes his pants. I put a towel down. He sit with the bench in between his legs. Feet on the ground. I straddle the bench and sit in front of him facing away. Had lube in my hand i forgot to mention. So sitting spooning kinda. I lube up his hard dick. My ass. Since hes sitting it requires pulling his dick kinda straight out but a little bit down. With the towel i can kinda slide as needed so I poke it onto my ass kinda bend over. My feet on the ground bent over kinda so my heads on the bench and slowly work his dick into my ass. Its average so sailed pretty easy. Go in totally within 30 seconds. Going super long stroked slow though. All the way in all the way out to the tip... Hes just drinking his beer and rubbing my ass cheeks. Im sliding on his dick for probably 10 minutes until i needed a break. I said can i stand and do this? he said whatever you like... So he spins around on the bench with his back to the table.. I stand and slightly squat down like im sitting on his lap and spread my ass and sit right on his dick. Into my ass it goes. I use his legs to help me bounce. It was a workout. Another 10 minutes of bouncing. Eventually i was like jesus whats the deal when can you cum? I said im long off anyway... he said a while... let me do some work. Picks me up and puts me on my knees on the bench doggy style bent over the table. He mounts up behind me and eases his cock in... then just starts full slamming my asshole. Hes going to town on my asshole for like another 10 minutes. So he slows down the pace. Im kinda on one elbow looking back at him with my beer in one hand and he has his beer and we cheers and drink our beers while hes just slowly fucking me in the ass LOL. I think we were breaking records of time at this point. I was like umm do you normally last this long? Hes like... yep.... weirdly when im nervous and first time kinda thing usually. LOL. I said well lucky you.. you are super sexy and im not sore yet so enjoy it. I look at the clock and said ok... lets break a record then... Lets see how long we can go.... He just goes... hell why not. I said relube and lets do this. He pulls out... spreads my ass.... and is just admiring i guess LOL. So he relubes. I stay doggy style... this is where the fun begins... he just slowly slowly fucks me in the ass. I mean like 2 seconds in... 2 seconds out. Slow slow... I know cause i have a clock right there... he just slowly in and out of my ass. He at that point started moaning. Normally slow slow is in the begnining but omg this felt the best ever. Every inch... i could feel the meat and texture of his dick. So slow that the first time i could feel the tip/head of his dicks size change as my asshole was gripped around his dick. So im fucking moaning... it felt so overwhelming... going slow was instantly in my head my new favorite thing. So I said can you cum? He goes yes any second... i said wait just a second im about to cum if you can hold off. So he starts rubbing and spreading my ass cheecks and just super slow in and out... until i started cumming like ive never cum before. 20 second orgasm.... So we planned 20 minutes but it lasted maybe 8 more LOL. He said im about to cum can i go fast? i said yes. He grabs my hips and just slams his dick all the way in. Full in and out slams. Till he pulls out. I grab my ass cheeks and spread and i hear and feel him cumming all over my ass cheeks. Best sex ever. OMG. So we end up cuddling all night and drinking wine etc. I took him home the next morning at 9am. Im back now writing at 9:30ish. Plan to see him again when he visits or even fly to see him......



Nov 28th - Tinder Date, Party Boy
-Hooked up with a guy that lives down the road.

Im always on tinder kinda but just dont pursue much. Found a 26 yo guy. Hes super pale white. 200 lbs 6 foot. A year younger. NBD. Says hes a party guy etc. been texting him a few weeks and from what i gather he just drinks and rages and has a Porsche. Idk what kinda yet. So anyway I meeet him at a local bar on the beach down the road from me and hes super super nice. Hes like im just here for fun. Im going to Miami this week , then this place that place etc. Hes a traveler and we kinda already texted details. Well he starts pounding a few shots. Im like Ill pass. Its 2pm. Ill stick to beer. Well his energy was very out there and upbeat. Ended up talking to 5 other people at the bar. All made friends etc. So before I know it im pounding shots and he says hey my friends are at this bar down the road do you wanna go? Im like yeah im in no shape to drive. He had been watering for a while and I said can you drive my truck? He said yes he can. So we get in the truck and his energy and the way he was kissing me in the truck etc. I was buzzing mind you I start rubbing at his crotch and hes like oh wow. So hes driving and i just kinda wiggle his pants around until i pull his dick out and immediately dive in. Full mouth around half his dick. One attempt. Sealed my lips around it and pulled my head back and then ran my mouth all the way down until his pants stopped me. His dick was probably 6 inches and very average. Didnt realize how easy a regular dick is vs a monster dick Ive been used to these past few months. So im full sucking this guys cock for a minute or 2 until we pull up to the bar. I pulled it out of my mouth and said do you want me to finish? He says no it might take a while. I said ok then. Lets go. So we go in and I meeet his friends etc. He knows the owner and half of everyone in there. They asked if we are dating because he normally doesnt bring girls around his friends and local bars unless hes serious. Im like no but these are my local bars also. Its a first date. Apparently it got brought up he lives like 5 blocks away. He comes over and says hey sorry i realized we just met but we have been texting and i felt like i kinda knew you well enough for this. I said no big deal really. Well apparently everyone thought we planned to go to his house. He asked me if that was fine and said he really honestly expected us to hang until 5 or so and not hit this other bar and feels bad dragging me everywhere. Well we leave my truck there(owner said was fine) and we all end up at his place. Maybe 5 or 6 people total. Everyone was frecking litttt by then. Its a nice house on a canal with a pool and jacuzzi. I made some jokes to him about how I had told him i never finished the job from earlier and he said hmm... We been out all day I gotta shower anyway. Lets head upstairs. everyone downstairs(it was 9pmish) was self sustaining. They clearly hang there a lot. So we go upstairs and I hop out of my clothes and we both get in the shower. Im like this is for cleaning purposes. We lather each other butt naked in soap and rubbing each other down. He had me bent over full soap rubbing my pussy and asshole. He tried to mount up on me a few times and I said no. So we dry off and walk into his bedroom and i tell him to sit on the bed. I hop on my knees and do what i do best. One hand grab his dick the other balls and start sucking on the tip of his dick. I was doing the usual jacking the bottom 3/4 of his dick off while i suck the top half trick super heavy and fast ..., the buzz helped me stay focused. Maybe a few minutes in he tenses up and i pull it out of my mouth and jerk him as fast as I can and he cums all over my chest. He says wow thanks can I return the favor? I said nah lets talk later your friends are downstairs. So we clothes back up. Head down and start booming shots and have a grand ole time till like midnight which i do not generally party that late till. Ended up buzzed up sleeping over. Both of us ended up just passing out in his bed. Well the next morning(this morning im writing this) woke up at 9am ish. We both laughed and discussed and hes like are you serious you suck dick as a first date test? I was like well im looking for short term hookups but i dont like wasting a couple dates on some guy ends up going pyshco after sex stuff or gets to attached etc so i dont want to put my ass out for every date i semi like so i middle ground and suck dick lol. He kinda laughed and said honestly that really does make sense. So im like still into this guy the next morning and he invited me to eat breakfast. We make some food in his kitchen and he said honestly I can go get your truck while you shower or anything if you want to. i was like wow please. My feet actually hurt. So he goes and gets my truck. I took another shower and he had brought me some clothes of his to wear home since mine were all fucked up. By this time 10 rolled around and he said come snack with me and watch this funny show if you dont gotta do and I can return the favor. I said what do you mean? He said ill give you oral. So i said hmmm seems fair. So he gets the movie starts and pulls the boxer shorts of his im wearing off while i was on my back. Kissing down my neck, titties and stomach and starts licking my pussy out for a few minutes. Then he goes can you get on your stomach and face the TV so i can watch the show to? I said LOL yeah. I said do you have any condoms? He said lol of course in my drawer why? I said how about i lay on my stomach and you can just fuck me instead? So he rushly grabs a condom puts it on and gets on me with my legs in between his and slowly eases his dick into my pussy. i was already wet so a few pushed and smooth sailing. He is bouncing with the bed fucking me for about 10 minutes and says "i dont want to cum in you where should i cum?" I said my face? he said ok. He starts full on fucking me as hard as he can then pulls out and says ready ready ready. I spin around and lay on my back and he pulls the condom off and jerks and cums all over my face. He just smiles and says oh that was so great. We both head into the bathroom and clean up and he says what happened to no sex on the first date? I laughed and said after all that and sucking you off last night.... this morning is definitely a second date lol. So by then it was close to noon and im like yeah i gotta go. LOL. So we split ways. Went home. Been texting him. He said after... i really like you and respect what you want but we should definitely hang again. Then we got on the anal subject and how we gotta keep it casual so next weekend his available and we planned to hang at his house and cook and do anal and Id leave lol. I usually write these at like 6am... then eat and shower, review it after an then schedule it for 10-12ish to go up. I didnt start writing this till an hour ago since i just got home a few hours ago. Anyway Im just hitting publish and not reviewing and scheduling this since I just got home an hour or so ago so if their are typos to bad. Im taking a nap. Im hungover lol.



Dec 12th - Party Boy & His Friend
-2nd hang session I sucked him and his friends dick.

Party Boy i had sex with last weekend we have been talking all week about sex stuff. Ive been aching for a 2 guy situation and this guy seemed down for anything and he kinda had mentioned... are you down for threesomes? ganngbangs? etc. i said Im straight but honestly meeeting the right guy im comfortable with to bring another guy and me feel safe and also nothing expected is the hold back. He said well what If i said i could make it happen? I was like hmmm... go on.....
he said honestly I have a friend whos super super passive. Not aggressive. Ive known him for years and honestly we have banged a girl together before years ago and my ex GF gave us both blowjobs like 3 different times. We kinda joked back and forth how he really was a partier. I said... ok fuck it... lets do it. I said lets get things first out. Im not having sex with him. Make sure its super super clear. I dont want some stranger ive never met expecting to fuck me. Not safe etc. No absolutely not. Lets lay everything out. I said no expectations and he has to leave by 9pm so its a solid time in stone now awkwardness. I said absolutely no other people. Not playing a group thing. So I seriously vetted the guy and trusted him. Used my instincts. he said Ok we are on. Hows Friday at 5pm? The plan is whatever you want. Tell me your idea. He said ummm can you dress up? I said yep. We came to a maid/schoolgirl/waitress theme and that Id cook for them and bring them drinks for the first portion and then blow them after we all eat. Well the night came. I pulled up. His friend wasnt there yet. I brought my outfit in so i didnt look like a hoooker walking into his house lol. I kissed my party boy and went to change. Well i heard noise downstairs. I came down in my heels, short purple skirt and my black bikini top(you can look back and see the same outfit i did a set in). Hair in a ponytail. Well his friend had arrived. I said hello how are you. Chit chatted for 20 minutes in the kitchen. I could hear him saying wow dude shes hot is she really down for this? I heard my guy said "look what shes wearing, why would she wear the planned outfit if not?" LOL. So I went out there to the patio where its low sitting circular lounge chairs around a table and said want anything to drink? His friend jumps up and says you dont need to get it I can grab something.... I kinda was nervous and said no no Im here to service you guys for the next hour. He like gasps and almost chokes and says oh wow ok. I guess a jack and coke on the rocks and my guy said can you get me one to? I make them drinks walk back sat them in the center and kinda turned and bent over in my skirt so my guy could see everything. He goes "god damn. Will you look at that dude. Spin so he can see." So I obliged and turned and bent over. Im like fuck it im in this then im in this and full bent over and reached back and spread one ass cheek looking back at his friend. Im pretty sure his soul left his body lol. I stood up and was like well im cooking so itll be 20 minutes or so. Water was mid boil and did a cajun chicken pasta. Super easy with onions garlic etc. So I yelled yall ready? I can bring out bowls. They said yes of course. Got 3 bowls. Went out there all ate etc. His friend got up to go to the bathroom and my guy says are you still comfortable doing this? I said yeah whats the dynamic here? I said want to eat and just drink here and when we get to it Ill do it right here? He said yeah sure. So his friend comes back and we start drinking. This is maybe an hour in so 6ish to 7ish we talk about everything from cars to working out to eventually sex. We start open talking about the situation which made it more and less awkward. They both asked me questions and said kinda like have you ever done something like this before? I told them straight up my first time planning something was a month ago on my camping trip and jerked a guy off and obvious reasons as a girl is knowing a guy, safety, guy comfortable wit might get jealous etc. Lots of barriers. His friend goes... but you are comfortable sucking my dick tonight planned? I was like now that I know you absolutely. Its the getting stuck with a weirdo and expected to suck your dick thats nerve wrecking. Now Im excited and just waiting on yalls call to do it. They laughed and said we need more drinks. I said Ok ill go get them. They both said well gotta get their own and use restroom etc. So its super sexually charged at this point. We all end up in the kitchen after a few minutes making drinks. I made all 3 of ours and kinda bend over the counter suggestively in front of my guy and he starts grabbing my ass. Then his friend without hesitation walks over and starts grabbing my ass also. Multiple hands grabbing all over my pussy and ass felt amazing. So I just turned around took my top right off and they were standing legit shoulder to shoulder. I start kissing my guy and rubbing his package with my left hand and reach over with my right hand and start rubbing his friends package. His friend starts reaching in and grabbing my titties and squeezing my ass. I was at this point overwhelmed with sexual passion. My last encounters were nothing like this. Felt more.... romantic and less buzzed and primal. So it was heat of the moment I as still in my heels I squat down slowly while rubbing both their dicks through their shorts while both of them start undoing their pants. They are standing in a V formation shoulder to shoulder and 2 dicks quickly pop out in my face. I grab my guys and start sucking it and slurping fast on it while jerking off his friend and then swap back and forth. Having 2 cocks flopping around on my face and filling both hands felt so amazing. So after about 5 minutes I said how long will you guys take? My guy said im about to pop this is so hot. His friend goes it will be a while. So I said let me work on him till he pops first My legs are starting to hurt. So i kept jerking his friend while I full sucked deep on my guys dick and jerked him at the same time. About 2 minutes in my guy pops and feel him cumming all in my mouth and I swallow it as he cums. He puts his shorts back on as I stand up and said ok intermission. Yall reup our drinks and meeet me outside. So they clothe up and we end up after fumbling dicks and chaos and cleaning and drinks 5 minutes later to the patio. I said ok pull your pants down and sit wherever an he says honestly you dont have to finish me off. It will be forever. i was like well lets all just hang with your dick in my mouth. I turned to my guy casually and said is that ok... i know you already cum i dont want it to be awkward if im over there just suck your friends dick. Hes like no seriously its totally fine. So i layed across the couch chairs laid in his friends lap and sucked on his(regular size, forgot to mention) cock for probably 10 minutes while we all just talked back and forth. Eventually he was like im close. So i turned up on my hands and started jerking and sucking his cock till he started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed it of course. He went to the bathroom then came back out and im like this is so simple and fun. They agreed. I joked and said we should make this a regular thing LOL. My guy goes omfg yes. His friend goes absolutely no problem here. So we had another drink for an hour or so and it was 9 and his friend said i got the message btw. Out by 9 to create boundaries. I said lol in this case its more cause im about to go to bed honestly. Would you care if i went up to bed and yall just do whatever? They talked and said yeah we could party till midnight no problem. I asked my date if its cool if i just slept there instead of ubering. He said feel free. So I stayed up maybe till 9;30 or so and then cleaned the kitchen and said goodnight and went up about 10 and passed out. Woke up the next morning and chatted for a few and left at about 8am. Been texting how they talked last night and said if i want to do it again or more they are both down for it. So ill be thinking this week about it lol!Story Time - Party Boy & His Friend


Dec 26th - BodyBuilder BDSM
-Let him tied me up and fuck me in the ass with his massive dick.

Christmas is over. I already wrote this on the day after. Earlier this month ive been busy with the tinder party guy... then was busy last weekend... well Xmas Eve was Friday and the bodybuilder was leaving for like 3 weeks on the 23rd. So I told him he could make a sex request. Hes a direct human but not a big talker and sharer type with what he wants. I kinda have to pursue him if that makes sense. So I said anything you want for Xmas sex wise. Took a lot of prodding but finally dug it out of him via texts over the course of 2 weeks. He said he knows I like anal and I can handle it but always wanted to tie a girl up and do rough anal. Every other girl has always said hellllllll nooo. Im not gonna lie.... its huge as you all know and i honestly woulda said no but he sold me on it. He explained how he understands its a control thing and safety thing etc. He initially said ball gag etc. I even asked people on IG about the situation. We came to a compromise. I said i just realllyyyy gotta have a safe word etc but im down for the challenge and you have to lick my ass first and go super slow. Ive absolutely done stuff like this before but dick size was vastly smaller. As you all know from my content i kinda do everything so its easy to believe im down for almost anything LOL. I mentioned to him I had one of those bars. 3 feet long it locks your feet and hands onto so your ass is up doggy style. I told him its a leftover from my past relationship... he said he didnt care. LOL. So Tuesday evening rolls around. We hung on my couch for probably an hour. I said give me 20 minutes and meeet me upstairs to tie me in. So i had a schoolgirl outfit on yall saw and then he requested i just be naked upstairs lol. Was naked and waiting on my bed with the bar thing. He cam
e over and kinda nicely but aggessively fliped me over to doggy style and started licking my ass while he was pulling his clothes off. I was kinda already doggy with my head down and just kinda continues to lick my ass while grabbing the bar and slowly locking me ankles to it.... then thats where the nerves started spiking for me when my hands slowly getting latched in. At that point i was at his mercy. He said are you ready? Wheres the lube? LOL. So he grabs it from my drawer. The way my hands were locked were outside over my body along the outside of the bar. Google it lol. On my knees full ass up but reaching hands back to the bar means my heads slammed on the bed and cant really move. Yes im the anal queen but that doesnt mean you can slam a water bottle sized dick in my ass instantly. Normally i control and ease onto it etc accordingly. I already feel him rubbing and spreading my asshole. I was weirdly so nervous. Felt so exposed. He starts easing his dick in. The usual slow 1/4 inch in pumps..... i kept having to say slow slow slow LOL. Eventually slow pumps go from 1/4 to a 1/2 of the way in.... then eventually i feel his pelvis hitting my ass cheeks. Not gonna lie... this is sooo slutty but i had been thinking about my other tinder guy going super super slow at the end and wanted to try it with the bodybuilder... so i told him before he cums just go super super slow. We are maybe 5 minutes of prep/foreplay to this point and he just slow paces my asshole... he knows the game.... anal always feels overhwleming good in a different way but full/uncomfortable for the start to some degree as well. It takes about 5 minutes before you can full sail gliding feeling...where it just feels flat out good and going in easy with 0 discomfort. So 5 minutes hits and he mounts one foot up on the edge of the bed and starts really going home. Like rough. Its feeling good and i love rough but his big dick was just taking a toll on me. I realized position wasnt optimal and he really until this point had never fully driven his dick all the way in to the balls like that. I felt it hitting my insides from the angle i was in. Im at this point still feeling a new kind of discomfort but good at the same time. So this is where it got mehhhh... I said slow it down... he did... 10 second later started just slamming it home and it was bordering over into hurt territory.... id say slow down... he would slow down then start slamming etc. We had a safe word i was ok. I said how long till you cum and he said any second now... I said ok... so he starts slamming again and its hurting where im saying slow down down down,,, owww ... it was hurting but felt good but i knew he was about to cum so i just took it like a champ. His whole massive seriously water bottle sized cock slamming my asshole like ive never had before. it really was hurting from sheer brute force and size and boom... started feeling good.... it was hurting deeeeep but omg i was in exctasy. Pain and pleasure had peaked to the max. It was only about 3-4 minutes from the time he got fucking me fast and he grabs my hair(approved prior i like hair pulling) and starts long stroke full in and out slow out and fast slamming into my ass.... i start cumming like crazy....i could feel my asshole tense up around his dick and then his cock popped out mid way when i was cumming and then my orgasm almost stopped.... took him 3 seconds of fumbling and then shoved it back in and grabbed my hair so hard and was slamming my asshole for 2 seconds and i started cumming again and at that point he was cumming.... He was maoning and i was moaning and ohhhh gawwdd it was amazing. Slow pumps and out of breath. I felt USED AND TRASHY AND SLUTTY and i loved it. Btw... pretty much all girls like feeling that way and like it rough sometimes lol. Im no unicorn on that. So he stands up.... smacks my ass cheek hard as fuck. Says Ill go to the bathroom first. Im like hey um ... untie me. He said no ill do it when i get back. So he just left me there worn out tied up with my asshole gappeing open. I knew what he was doing. Total power move and i kinda digged it. Hes normally not the in charge type so it was a tad surprising but definitely a turn on. So he comes back and just starts spreading my asshole and squeezing my ass cheeks. Then finally unlocks me. I just collapsed on my side. I was destroyed. My knees, neck, ankles, arms and asshole ached like never before. It really was my first rough anal with a big dick like that. ... and it wont be my last LOL. So eventually we cleaned up and he left. Rough is absolutely a different concept for everyone. Im not into super pain but more the demeanor and the actual penetration speed/power of the thrusts are fun to go wild with every few months. Anyway.... as slutty as this sounds I have an even more wild new years eve planned lol.....You guys know the game... sometimes expectations dont happen and plans change. It happens and you have seen it happen but im in prelim talks with my tinder party boy for his new years party and his friend is gonna be there and might do something lol. Im super nervous but also no expectations.

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