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Amateur Contet

Every Monday I post cell phone shot content ranging from friends taking to selfies naked out and about or simply at home playing video games.


Full Professional Sets

30 second to 10 minute videos along side 10-100 photos per set.

1st Friday - XXX Series

This consists of my BOY/GIRL content and occasional Girl/Girl content.

2nd Friday - Home Series
Shot around my house and others homes where I can dress goofy etc... 

3rd Friday - Webcam Series
Webcam style with full amateur shot photos and long videos with wild kink oriented outfits and dildos.

4th Friday Outdoor Series
📸 Professional
Pool, beach, woods etc. just good ole nudes in nature.


Story Time

This is exclusively on my FREE Onlyfans. I pretty much didnt date ever since I started my Onlyfans somewhat because of this "job". I moralistically didnt really like "casual hookups" either. Getting into Boy/Girl content kinda sparked the thinking if Im going to be with guys on camera casual I should enjoy myself dating casual. So story time is me writing about my occasional dating endeavors. Varying from tinder dates gone wrong and me not getting lucky to seeing a guy a few times before cutting ties. This just started and people loved it when I told about getting laid for the first time and over a year so now its a thing.

How I Got Here & Where My Content is Going

I started Onlyfans roughly 24+ months ago. It started as non-nude, after a few months I moved to nude, then to ass spreading, then to fetish stuff, then to butt plugs and eventually to dildos and now April 2nd 2021 for my first Boy/Girl Handjob set.

It took off even more since I moved into Boy/Girl so I decided to shake up my content a little bit with TROPICGUN 2.0 starting Oct 1st 2021 with my first XXX Girl/Girl Scene

Original TROPICGUN Content

I have well over 100+ Full Professional sets. Originally I had Nature Series which was just outdoors based, SOLO Series was more of my kink and fingering series, Plugged Series was my butt plug series and special editions were Boy/Girl and dildo series.

Signing up gets you all of these past sets and my Monday content which was generally just amateur stuff. TROPICGUN 2.0 was more of a logistical change to create seperate series for dildos and boy/girl content.



All of my content to the FULLEST
100+ Full Professional Sets & Even More Amateur Cell Phone Shot Content
& Weekly Sex/Dating Stories


Sneak Peaks and uncensored cover photos along with my Story Time which are dating/sex storys.